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  1. Social distancing in São Paulo State: demonstrating the reduction in cases using time series analysis of deaths due to COVID-19
  2. Ganho óptico em nanomateriais de Perovskita
  3. Evidence of Band-Edge Hole Levels Inversion in Spherical CuInS2 Quantum Dots
  4. Two-Photon Absorption and Two-Photon-Induced Gain in Perovskite Quantum Dots
  5. Controlled stacking of graphene monolayer saturable absorbers for ultrashort pulse generation in erbium-doped fiber lasers
  6. Two-photon absorption in a series of 2,6-disubstituted BODIPY dyes
  7. Efficient Biexciton Interaction in Perovskite Quantum Dots Under Weak and Strong Confinement
  8. Effect of high energy physics large collaborations on higher education institutions citations and rankings
  9. Hot electron thermalization in graphene
  10. Bioenergy can provide a tool for social and environmental development across Africa
  11. Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz: Fostering scientific development in Brazil
  12. Biofuels for Transport
  13. International collaborations between research universities: experiences and best practices
  14. ChemComm: onwards and upwards
  15. The São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP
  16. Science and Technology in Brazil
  17. Tópicos sobre ciência e tecnologia no Brasil: apresentação
  18. Vannevar Bush: uma apresentação
  19. A global conversation about energy from biomass: the continental conventions of the global sustainable bioenergy project
  20. Make Way for Ethanol
  21. Luminescence of PbS quantum dots spread on the core surface of a silica microstructured optical fiber
  22. Broadband emission spectra of a PbS-core collodial quantum dots on the core surface of a silica microstructured fiber
  23. Supercontinuum generation using small core photonic crystal fibers
  24. PbTe quantum dots in tellurite glass microstructured optical fiber
  25. Single-design-parameter microstructured optical fiber for chromatic dispersion tailoring and evanescent field enhancement
  26. Towards practical liquid and gas sensing with photonic crystal fibres: side access to the fibre microstructure and single-mode liquid-core fibre
  27. Ciência e tecnologia no Brasil
  28. Frequency degenerate and nondegenerate two-photon absorption spectra of semiconductor quantum dots
  29. Field enhancement within an optical fibre with a subwavelength air core
  30. Liquid-core, liquid-cladding photonic crystal fibers
  31. Boosting Innovation Performance in Brazil
  32. Tellurite photonic crystal fiber made by a stack-and-draw technique
  33. Micro-structured Er3+-Tm3+co-doped tellurite fiber for broadband optical amplifier around 1550nm
  34. Two-photon absorption in direct bandgap semiconductors quantum dots
  35. Analytical results for a Bessel function times Legendre polynomials class integrals
  36. Optics in Brazil
  37. Tellurite photonic crystal fiber with Er3+-Tm3+for broadband optical amplifier in 1550nm
  38. Microstructured-core optical fibre for evanescent sensing applications
  39. Lateral access to the holes of photonic crystal fibers – selective filling and sensing applications
  40. Ultrafast optical switching with CdTe nanocrystals in a glass matrix
  41. Instrumentos para o desenvolvimento: desafios para C&T e inovação em São Paulo
  42. Two-photon absorption in CdTe quantum dots
  43. Two-Photon Absorption in Semiconductor Quantum-Dot
  44. Recombination processes in CdTe quantum-dot-doped glasses
  45. Interplay between direct gap renormalization and intervalley scattering in AlxGa1−xAs near the Γ–X crossover
  46. Temperature dependence of the absorption spectra in CdTe-doped glasses
  47. Coherent acoustic phonons in PbTe quantum dots
  48. Quantum confinement effects on the optical phonons of CdTe quantum dots
  49. CdTe quantum dots by melt heat treatment in borosilicate glasses
  50. Ultrafast processes in semiconductor doped glasses
  51. Size effects on the phonon spectra of quantum dots in CdTe‐doped glasses
  52. Femtosecond dynamics of the optical Stark effect in semiconductor‐doped glass
  53. Improvement of size dispersion in CdTe quantum dots in glass by using double annealing process
  54. Probing of the quantum dot size distribution in CdTe‐doped glasses by photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy
  55. Non-linear optical properties and femtosecond dynamics of CdTe quantum dots
  56. Spectral narrowing in the propagation of chirped pulses in single-mode fibers
  57. Intervalley scattering in indirect gap Al0.48Ga0.52As alloy
  58. Femtosecond response time in a polarization-rotation switch using semiconductor-doped glasses
  59. Generation of tunable femtosecond pulses in the 690–750 nm wavelength region
  60. Application of a linear picosecond streak camera to the investigation of a 1.55 um mode-locked Er3+ fiber laser
  61. Third-order group-velocity dispersion in a colliding-pulse mode-locked dye laser
  62. Resonant excitonic optical Stark effect in GaSe
  63. Femtosecond photon echoes from molecules in solution
  64. Direct observation of the excited‐state cis–trans photoisomerization of bacteriorhodopsin: Multilevel line shape theory for femtosecond dynamic hole burning and its application
  65. Femtosecond intervalley scattering in GaAs
  66. Femtosecond Photon Echoes from Band-to-Band Transitions in GaAs
  67. Effect of laser pulse duration on short wavelength emission from femtosecond and picosecond laser‐produced Ta plasmas
  68. Optical Stark Effect in Organic Dyes Probed with Optical Pulses of 6-fs Duration
  69. Direct observation of the femtosecond excited-state cis-trans isomerization in bacteriorhodopsin
  70. Time-resolved study of laser-induced disorder of Si surfaces
  71. Dynamics of spectral hole burning
  72. Compression of optical pulses to six femtoseconds by using cubic phase compensation
  73. Spectral hole burning in large molecules probed with 10 fs optical pulses
  74. Optical bistability and hysteresis in a colliding pulse mode locked femtosecond dye laser
  75. Positive and negative chirping of laser pulses shorter than 100 fsec in a saturable absorber
  76. Pump power and saturable absorber effect on a colliding pulse-modelocked dye laser emitting pulses with 47 fs
  77. The self-injected nonmode-locked picosecond laser
  78. Two frequency self-injected flashlamp pumped dye laser for nonlinear optics experiments
  79. Self‐injected neodymium‐yttrium aluminum garnet laser with an unstable cavity
  80. Picosecond pulse generation by intracavity nonlinear compression in self-injected Nd-YAG laser
  81. High power subnanosecond pulse generation in Nd YAG lasers
  82. High power short pulse generation in two-frequency flashpumped dye laser
  83. Increasing the efficiency of CO2transverse electric atmospheric lasers by use of low ionization potential additives
  84. High voltage capacitor charge control by low voltage cycle counting
  85. Eigenvalue translation method for mode calculations
  86. CdTe quantum-dot doped glass for 1 Tbit/s all-optical switching