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  1. Tuning transport properties in carbyne-DNA fragments-carbyne devices
  2. Physics Properties of undoped, hydrogenated, doped and rotated pentahexoctite systems
  3. Hydrogenation, width and strain effect in Me-graphene devices
  4. Tuning the transport properties of 1D and 2D ψ-Graphene and its applications.
  5. Electronic and transport properties of new carbon nanoribbons with 5–8–5 carbon rings
  6. Tunneling rules for electronic transport in 1-D systems
  7. Atividade experimental investigativa e e-book no ensino de ciências do ensino fundamental: uma experiência de estágio supervisionado
  8. Anomalous Conductance in Trans-Polyacetylene Chains
  9. Design of Molecular Positive Electronic Transition Device
  10. Stability, edge passivation effect, electronic and transport properties of POPGraphene nanoribbons
  11. Electronic transport in 1D system with coupling atomic-size nickel electrodes and carbon wires
  12. Majorana Field Effect Transistor. Majorana Fermion Detection and Transport Properties
  13. Transitions in electrical behavior of Molecular Devices based on 1-D and 2-D graphene-phagraphene-graphene hybrid heterojunctions
  14. Uma proposta de ensino de eletrodinâmica com o método peer instruction
  15. Electronic transport and its inelastic effects for a doped phagraphene device
  16. Relações da termoquímica via formas diferenciais exterior: aplicação em células galvânicas
  17. Electronic transport in zigzag PhaGraphene NanoRibbon doped with boron and nitrogen
  18. Molecular Electronics Including Temperature Effects Based on Dyes Pigments
  19. Ensinando ciências físicas com experimentos simples no 5º ano do ensino fundamental da educação básica
  20. Numerical Analysis of the Hybrid Photonic Crystal Fiber and Single Mode Fiber/Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Strain
  21. Nanoelectronic Devices based on Phagraphene
  22. Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectra and Dominant Nanoelectronic Transport Process in Organic Molecules
  23. Investigation of electronic transport under mechanical strain in a molecular junction composed of a polyyne bridge connected to SWCNT electrodes
  24. Organic Nano-Devices Composed by CNT/Oligophenylenes/CNT Junctions: TVS, Applications and Chirality
  25. Molecular Electronic Junction Composed by C60 as Spacer and Four Terminals Formed by Acceptors Group: Transition-Voltage Spectroscopy
  26. Electronic transport, TVS, and the Fano effect in CNT zz8-bipheny-CNT zz9
  27. Electronic transport in oligoparaphenylene attached to CNT electrodes: TVS and chirality
  28. Properties of Charged Defects on Unidimensional Polymers
  29. Electronic transport in CNT-biphenyl-CNTs: The Role of molecular conformation and chirality
  30. On the fluorescence of pyrrole derivative oligomer