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  1. Binary Conformational Switches in a Porphyrin Chain: Tautomerization and Stereoisomerization
  2. Experimental and Theoretical Photoemission Study of Indole and Its Derivatives in the Gas Phase
  3. The new FAST module: a portable and transparent add-on module for time-resolved investigations with commercial scanning probe microscopes
  4. On-surface trapping of alkali atoms by crown ethers in ultra high vacuum
  5. CO on Supported Cu Nanoclusters: Coverage and Finite Size Contributions to the Formation of Carbide via the Boudouard Process
  6. Temperature-Driven Changes of the Graphene Edge Structure on Ni(111): Substrate vs Hydrogen Passivation
  7. A competitive amino-carboxylic hydrogen bond on a gold surface
  8. Reactivity of Carbon Dioxide on Nickel: Role of CO in the Competing Interplay between Oxygen and Graphene
  9. NH 3 –NO Coadsorption System on Pt(111). II. Intermolecular Interaction
  10. NH 3 –NO Coadsorption System on Pt(111). I. Structure of the Mixed Layer
  11. Improving the resolution of lock-in measurements by tailoring the modulation
  12. Steering the Chemistry of Carbon Oxides on a NiCu Catalyst
  13. Tailoring Bimetallic Alloy Surface Properties by Kinetic Control of Self-Diffusion Processes at the Nanoscale
  14. Local Electronic Structure and Density of Edge and Facet Atoms at Rh Nanoclusters Self-Assembled on a Graphene Template
  15. How to select fast scanning frequencies for high-resolution fast STM measurements with a conventional microscope
  16. Publisher's Note: “The FAST module: An add-on unit for driving commercial scanning probe microscopes at video rate and beyond” [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 053702 (2011)]
  17. The FAST module: An add-on unit for driving commercial scanning probe microscopes at video rate and beyond
  18. Imaging and characterization of activated CO 2 species on Ni(110)
  19. Effects of Lattice Expansion on the Reactivity of a One-Dimensional Oxide
  20. Spatial periodicity in molecular switching