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  1. “Hot Chicks on Board” – Gender, Meat, and Violence in Food Marketing in, and from, South Africa
  2. Politics, migrant labour, and ascribing blame in the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa.
  3. Removed from Context and Complexity: Women in Early AIDS Research in the South African Medical Journal, 1980–1995
  4. How the new field of medical and health humanities is growing across the African continent.
  5. Walking up hills, through history and in-between disciplines: MHH and Health Sciences Education at the tip of Africa
  6. Epistemic generosity, not epistemic violence - ethics, feminist research, and MHH
  7. Time travelling through an epidemic - AIDS, history, and knowledge hierarchies in SA
  8. Choas, Complexity, and Contexts
  9. How ideas about gender shaped the disciplining of slaves and how womyn slaves resisted.
  10. How ideas about 'race' shaped early AIDS research in South Africa
  11. How two 'white' gay men experienced the early years of AIDS in apartheid South Africa
  12. Men with AIDS and HIV in the media - rethinking and retelling stories.
  13. Sexual and reproductive health concerns of ANC comrades in exile at the start of the AIDS epidemic.
  14. Homophobia and heterosexism in early AIDS research in South Africa.