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  1. Nanoscale Heat Transfer in Carbon Nanotubes - Sugar Alcohol Composite as Heat Storage Materials
  2. Evaluating the Thermal and Electrical Performance of Several Uncovered PVT Collectors with a Field Test
  3. An experimentally validated numerical model of interface advance of the lithium sulfate monohydrate dehydration reaction
  4. Reactive force field development for magnesium chloride hydrates and its application for seasonal heat storage
  5. A DFT-based comparative equilibrium study of thermal dehydration and hydrolysis of CaCl2 hydrates and MgCl2 hydrates for seasonal heat storage
  6. Phase Change Materials and Thermochemical Materials for Large-Scale Energy Storage
  7. Cross-plane heat transfer through single-layer carbon structures
  8. Kinetic study of the dehydration reaction of lithium sulfate monohydrate crystals using microscopy and modeling
  9. Modeling thermochemical reactions in thermal energy storage systems
  10. Kinetic Study of Li2SO4.H2O Dehydration Using Microscopy and Modeling
  11. Prediction of Anisotropic Crystal-Melt Interfacial Free Energy of Sugar Alcohols Through Molecular Simulations
  12. Non-Isothermal Kinetics of Zeolite Water Vapor Adsorption Into a Packed Bed Lab Scale Thermochemical Reactor
  13. Molecular dynamics study on thermal dehydration process of epsomite (MgSO4·7H2O)
  14. Effect of Condensable Species on Particulate Fouling
  15. Mode C flow transition behind a circular cylinder with a near-wake wire disturbance
  16. Energy contents and vortex dynamics in Mode-C transition of wired-cylinder wake
  17. Parameterization of a reactive force field using a Monte Carlo algorithm
  18. Collection of experimental data on the behavior of TCM/PCM-materials to benchmark numerical codes
  19. DFT Study on Characterization of Hydrogen Bonds in the Hydrates of MgSO4
  21. Modeling techniques of TCM/PCM-materials on micro-, meso- and macro scales
  22. Influence of the Apex Angle of Cone-Shaped Tubes on Particulate Fouling of Heat Exchangers
  23. Vortex dynamics in a wire-disturbed cylinder wake
  24. Detailed analysis of the energy yield of systems with covered sheet-and-tube PVT collectors
  25. Force propagation speed in a bed of particles due to an incident particle impact
  26. Optimization of Flow Direction to Minimize Particulate Fouling of Heat Exchangers
  27. Removal of gas-side particulate fouling layers by foreign particles as a function of flow direction
  28. Contact time of an incident particle hitting a 2D bed of particles
  29. Near-wake effects of a heat input on the vortex-shedding mechanism
  30. Evolution of mushroom-type structures behind a heated cylinder
  31. Accuracy Comparison of a Standard CFD Code for the Thermal Analysis of Non-Simple Geometries with Baseline Experiments
  32. Three-dimensional transition of a water flow around a heated cylinder at ${{Re\,{=}\,85}}$ and ${{Ri\,{=}\,1.0}}$
  33. Modelling the impaction of a micron particle with a powdery layer
  34. Validated Numerical Analysis of CaSO4 Fouling
  35. Rebound characteristics for 50-μm particles impacting a powdery deposit
  36. Experimental Investigation of CaSO4Crystallization on a Flat Plate
  37. Lift-up process in a heated-cylinder wake flow
  40. Experimental and numerical investigation of the vortex formation process behind a heated cylinder
  41. Flow transition behind a heated cylinder
  42. The application of a 3D PTV algorithm to a mixed convection flow
  43. Heat induced transition of a stable vortex street
  44. Thermocline dynamics in a thermally stratified store
  45. 2D temperature measurements in the wake of a heated cylinder using LIF
  46. Analysis of Fouling in Refuse Waste Incinerators
  47. Analysis of Fouling in Refuse Waste Incinerators
  48. Modelling of Two-Layer Stratified Stores
  49. The wake behaviour behind a heated horizontal cylinder
  50. Modelling of two-layer stratified stores
  51. Experimental analysis of a confined transitional plume with respect to subgrid-scale modelling
  52. Developing mixed convection in a coiled heat exchanger
  53. Unsteady Flow in a Rigid 3-D Model of the Carotid Artery Bifurcation
  54. Large-Eddy Simulation of Buoyant Plane Plumes
  55. Unsteady entrance flow in a 90° curved tube
  56. A numerical analysis of steady flow in a three-dimensional model of the carotid artery bifurcation
  57. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Carotid Artery Blood Flow
  58. An experimental analysis of the flow field in a three-dimensional model of the human carotid artery bifurcation