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  1. Finding Confidence in Writing: Doctoral Writing Groups
  2. Doctoral writing and remote supervision: What the literature tells us
  3. Researcher developers traversing the borderlands: credibility and pedagogy in the third space
  4. Tensions for educational developers in the digital university: developing the person, developing the product
  5. Careers for PhD graduates
  6. Digital and distributed: learning and teaching doctoral writing through social media
  7. Research degrees in Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Why so few doctoral students?
  8. Blogging as community of practice: lessons for academic development?
  9. Supervision pedagogies: narratives from the field
  10. Why start a higher degree by research? An exploratory factor analysis of motivations to undertake doctoral studies
  11. Cultural diversity and the imagined community of the global academy
  12. ‘Collaborative critique’ in a supervisor development programme
  13. ‘They’re the bosses’: feedback in team supervision
  14. Diversity in collaborative research communities: a multicultural, multidisciplinary thesis writing group in public health