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  1. Financial battle against climate change – assessing effectiveness using a scorecard
  2. Nexus of Liquidity of Stock Markets
  3. Types of Decision makers
  4. Four Types of Credit Decision-Makers: A Sri Lankan Experience
  5. Bad Buddhists, Good Buddhists and True Buddhists
  6. Bank Credit-Systems As an Exploitation Mechanism in Aggravating Income/Wealth Inequality
  7. The Seven Phases (7Ps) of Social Research Design
  8. Creating and reinforcing discrimination: The controversial role of accounting in bank lending
  9. Cultural Politics of Bank Lending for Development Financing in Sri Lanka
  10. Petty-bourgeois nationalism – a case study
  11. Four Types of Credit-Decisions
  12. Doing Research in Business Management; How to Choose Your Philosophy and Methodology?
  13. Myth of religious beliefs
  14. Enterprise Financing Decisions and Poverty
  15. Bank Capitalists Just Do What They Want to Do: What are Regulators in Sri Lanka Doing?