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  1. Selection of forage grasses for cultivation under water-limited conditions
  2. Model predictive PESQ-ANFIS/FUZZY C-MEANS for image-based speech signal evaluation
  3. Classification of soybean genotypes during the seedling stage in controlled drought and salt stress
  4. Premature Ventricular Contraction Recognition using a Fuzzy Maximum Approaching Degree
  5. Selection of Soybean Genotypes under Drought and Saline Stress Conditions
  6. Premature ventricular contraction recognition
  7. Early detection of Ventricular Bigeminy/Trigeminy rhythms
  8. Eucalyptus growth recognition using machine learning methods and spectral variables
  9. A tool for the Analytic Hierarchy Process based on Leibniz's formula
  10. Gaussian and Golden Wavelets: A Comparative Study and their Applications
  11. Geometrical features for premature ventricular contraction recognition
  12. A Comparative Study between Mexican and Golden Hat Wavelets
  13. Blind Source Separation by Multiresolution Analysis using AMUSE Algorithm
  14. A wavelet-based method for power-line interference removal in ECG signals