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  1. “Golden”: Embracing Silence to Foster Deeper Connections in Psychiatry
  2. “Lighthouse” - Celebrating Anesthesiologists as Sources of Reassurance and Shelter
  3. Real Magic
  4. Factors of transurethral incision effectiveness for ureteroceles in pediatric patients: A 28-year, single-institution retrospective review
  5. Sunsets
  6. Treading Through Twilight
  7. “That Was Terrible”: Public Humiliation in Preclinical Education
  8. Annals Graphic Medicine - Preparing for a Genomic Future
  9. In Line
  10. Annals Graphic Medicine - Dependence
  11. Celebrating synergy
  12. Matter
  13. Lost and found in the ER
  14. Five visits with Diane.
  15. My first day in the ER: Should I be worried about.
  16. Bonfire Abecedarian
  17. Greener Health Care Is a Necessity
  18. Indelible
  19. Limbo
  20. Keeping UpToDate
  21. Growth mindset
  22. Rheumatology’s Animal Kingdom: A Digital Art Series
  23. Side effects acrostic
  24. Sunrise, Sunset
  25. Moments That Matter
  26. Captive
  27. Bearer of bad news
  28. Rusty and Wooden
  29. Pulchritudo ex machina: Beauty from the machine
  30. Worth Bearing in Mind
  31. Heavy hangs the coat
  32. Deluge
  33. Safety net
  34. From books to bedsides
  35. Falling apart
  36. Bedbound
  37. Code
  38. On a scale from one to ten
  39. Induction
  40. Letter from a medical oncology scribe
  41. On Diction
  42. High-parametric evaluation of human invariant natural killer T cells to delineate heterogeneity in allo- and autoimmunity