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  1. The politics of correctional privatization in the United States
  2. Agency Correlates of Police Militarization: The Case of MRAPs
  3. Does the public sector respond to private competition? An analysis of privatization and prison performance
  4. Contesting market rationality: Discursive struggles over prison privatization
  5. Who is in private prisons? Demographic profiles of prisoners and workers in American private prisons
  6. University Researcher and Law Enforcement Collaboration
  7. Who punishes whom? Bifurcation of private and public responsibilities in criminal punishment
  8. Durkheim, Punishment, and Prison Privatization
  9. Judicial Intervention into Prisons: Comparing Private and Public Prisons from 1990 to 2005
  10. Repeat Police Contacts with Persons With Mental Illness
  11. Private Prisons in Public Discourse: Measuring Moral Legitimacy
  12. Racial composition of private prisons
  13. Child support debt forgiveness
  14. Ideology over strategy: Extending voting rights to felons and ex-felons, 1966–1992
  15. Criminal Punishment, Labor Market Outcomes, and Economic Inequality: Devah Pager's