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  1. Experimental and Semiclassical Stark Widths and Shifts of Spectral Lines
  2. Infrared spectral responses of the Ocean Color Instrument (OCI) pre-assembly and integration
  3. Stark broadening parameters of Ar II and Ar III lines: Comparison of semiclassical calculations
  4. Semiclassical calculations of stark broadening parameters of He I lines revisited
  5. Concept of the X-ray Astronomy Recovery Mission
  6. Semiclassical calculations of electron impact Stark widths and shifts of singly ionized atom lines revisited
  7. Self-Raman Nd:YVO4laser and electro-optic technology for space-based sodium lidar instrument
  8. Modeling of Fluorescence Lidar ROC Curves
  9. Direct observation of the ^{2}D_{3∕2}-^{2}D_{5∕2} ground-state splitting in Xe^{9+}
  10. A high efficiency ultrahigh vacuum compatible flat field spectrometer for extreme ultraviolet wavelengths
  11. UTA versus line emission for EUVL: studies on xenon emission at the NIST EBIT
  12. Visible, EUV, and X-ray Spectroscopy at the NIST EBIT Facility
  13. The national spherical torus experiment (NSTX) research programme and progress towards high beta, long pulse operating scenarios
  14. Progress towards high-performance, steady-state spherical torus
  15. Progress Towards High Performance, Steady-state Spherical Torus
  16. Fast x-ray imaging of the National Spherical Tokamak Experiment plasma with a micropattern gas detector based on gas electron multiplier amplifier
  17. Imaging transmission grating spectrometer for magnetic fusion experiments
  18. <title>Spectroscopic and energetic investigation of capillary discharges devoted to EUV production for new lithography generation</title>
  19. Investigation of various capillary discharge schemes for incoherent EUV production
  20. Experimental Study ofLSCoupling Along Isoelectronic Sequences
  21. Stark shifting of analogous spectral lines along isoelectronic sequences of beryllium and boron
  22. Stark line broadening of 3s–3p and 3p–3d transitions of doubly ionized C, N, O, F and Ne
  23. Electron temperature measurements in medium electron density plasmas
  24. Stark Broadening of Spectral Lines of Singly Ionized C, N, O, F and Ne
  26. Systematic experimental study of the Stark broadening of C
  27. Plasma broadening and shifting of analogous spectral lines along isoelectronic sequences
  28. Plasma broadening and shifting of spectral lines along the isoelectronic sequence of boron
  29. Stark broadening of triply ionized oxygen lines: The temperature dependence
  30. Spectroscopic and energetic characterization of capillary discharge plasmas devoted to EUV production for new lithography generation