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  1. Species transport in a variable-density turbulent mixing layer considering stratified instability
  2. Spreading and retraction of the concentric impact of a drop with a sessile drop of the same liquid: Effect of surface wettability
  3. Dynamics of mixing flow with double-layer density stratification: Enstrophy and vortical structures
  4. Scaling laws of statistics of wall-bounded turbulence at supercritical pressure: Evaluation and mechanism
  5. Vortical structures and turbulence characteristics in an isothermal channel flow at supercritical pressure
  6. Negative synergistic effects of surfactant and fluid viscoelasticity on hydrodynamic resistance of single droplet in confined microchannel
  7. Effects of surface wettability on contact line motion in liquid–liquid displacement
  8. Bouncing and coalescence dynamics during the impact of a falling drop with a sessile drop on different solid surfaces
  9. Unsynchronized motion of inner and outer membranes of compound capsules in shear flow
  10. Characteristics of Leeward Shear Layer Structure of Hollow-Cone Spray in Gaseous Crossflow
  11. A non-linear turbulence model of supercritical fluid considering local non-equilibrium of Reynolds stress transport
  12. Retardation of droplet transport in confined microchannel by interfacial jamming of nanoparticles
  13. The passage of a bubble or a drop past an obstruction in a channel
  14. Influence of capsule length and width on heat transfer in capsule-type plate heat exchangers
  15. Solute release from an elastic capsule flowing through a microfluidic channel constriction
  16. Effect of soluble surfactant on the motion of a confined droplet in a square microchannel
  17. Influence of pressure-dependent surface viscosity on dynamics of surfactant-laden drops in shear flow
  18. Thermal Transport in Sheared Nanoparticle Suspensions: Effect of Temperature
  19. Dynamics of capsules enclosing viscoelastic fluid in simple shear flow
  20. Temperature Patterns of Air Crossflow with Hollow-Cone Spray Evaporation
  21. Computation of Supersonic Branching Flow with Aerosol Particle Separation
  22. Dynamics of biconcave vesicles in a confined shear flow
  23. Swirl decay in the gas–liquid two-phase swirling flow inside a circular straight pipe
  24. Deformation of spherical compound capsules in simple shear flow
  25. Motion of Submicron Particles in Supersonic Laminar Boundary Layers
  26. A numerical study on helical vortices induced by a short twisted tape in a circular pipe
  27. Motion of Submicron Particles in a Supersonic Laminar Boundary Layer under Hypergravity
  28. Inhibition effect of a non-permeating component on gas permeability of nanoporous graphene membranes
  29. A new correlation for wet gas flow rate measurement with Venturi meter based on two-phase mass flow coefficient
  30. Removal of Hg0 from flue gas using Fe-based ionic liquid
  31. Hg0 removal from flue gas by ionic liquid/H2O2
  32. Influencing Factors on Submicron Particle Movement Patterns in Supersonic Laminar Boundary Layers
  33. Two-Phase Pressure Drop Prediction in Wet Gas Flow Through V-Cone Meter
  34. Two-Phase Flow Patterns and Pressure Drop Inside a Vertical Pipe Containing a Short Helical Tape Insert
  35. A multi-fluid model for non-equilibrium condensation in gaseous carrier flows
  36. An improved liquid film model to predict the CHF based on the influence of churn flow
  37. Mechanisms of Molecular Permeation through Nanoporous Graphene Membranes
  38. Numerical study on annular-mist flow in V-Cone meter for wet gas metering
  40. AN 1-D Model for Species Crossover Through the Membrane in All-Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
  41. Numerical Investigation of Thermal Management for Kilowatt Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
  42. A model for droplet entrainment in churn flow
  43. Huge wave and drop entrainment mechanism in gas–liquid churn flow
  44. Comparative Investigation on Droplet Evaporation Models for Modeling Spray in Cross-Flow
  45. Experimental study of the mixing of two impinging pressure-swirl sprays in crossflow
  46. Shear-rate dependent effective thermal conductivity of H2O+SiO2 nanofluids
  47. Mixing of Hollow-Cone Spray with a Confined Crossflow in Rectangular Duct
  49. Droplet dispersion characteristics of the hollow cone sprays in crossflow
  50. Inertia-dependent dynamics of three-dimensional vesicles and red blood cells in shear flow
  52. Single-jet Spray Mixing with a Confined Crossflow
  53. Thermal Pain in Teeth: Heat Transfer, Thermomechanics and Ion Transport
  54. Antibody-based Blood Bioparticle Capture and Separation Using Microfluidics for Global Health
  55. Numerical investigation of wet gas flow in Venturi meter
  56. A new model for the V-Cone meter in low pressure wet gas metering
  57. Transport properties of Ar–Kr binary mixture in nanochannel Poiseuille flow
  58. Anomalous enhancement in thermal conductivity of nanofluid induced by solid walls in a nanochannel
  59. Correlations for predicting single phase and two-phase flow pressure drop in pebble bed flow channels
  60. Theoretical Study and Case Analysis for a Predried Lignite-Fired Power System
  61. Molecular dynamics simulation of nanofluid’s effective thermal conductivity in high-shear-rate Couette flow
  62. Numerical Study on Turbulent Mixing of Spray Droplets in Crossflow
  63. Convective heat transfer in helical coils for constant-property and variable-property flows with high Reynolds numbers
  64. Multi-Vapor Embryos Nucleation Process and Spinodal Analyses of Expandable Superheated Water System
  65. Vapor Embryo Nucleation in Near-Wall Region Under Pool Boiling Conditions
  66. An Experimental Study on Air-Water Two-Phase Flow Patterns in Pebble Beds
  67. Single Phase and Two-Phase Flow Pressure Drop in Pebble Beds
  68. Innovative Techniques of Multiphase Flow in Pipeline System for Oil-Gas Gathering and Transportation with Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction
  69. Online recognition of the multiphase flow regime and study of slug flow in pipeline
  70. Numerical study on effect of gap width of narrow rectangular channel on critical heat flux enhancement
  71. Flow Regime Classification and Transition of Flow Boiling Through Porous Channel
  72. An Experimental Study on Air-Water Two-Phase Flow in Pebble Beds
  73. Thermosolutal convection and solute segregation during the vertical Bridgman growth of Hg1−xCdxTe single crystals
  74. Online recognition of the multiphase flow regime
  75. Thermosolutal Convection and Solute Segregation of Hg
  76. Experimental Study on Double-Diffusive Convection During Solidification of NH
  77. Numerical gas– liquid stratified flow regime model on evaporation heat transfer in horizontal microfin tubes
  78. Hydrodynamic resistance effect of fluid layer between two immersed approaching particles
  79. Mixed convective heat transfer of water in a pipe under supercritical pressure
  80. A mathematical model and numerical simulation of pressure wave in horizontal gas-liquid bubbly flow*
  81. Convective boiling heat transfer and two-phase flow characteristics inside a small horizontal helically coiled tubing once-through steam generator
  82. Forced Convective Boiling Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Two-Phase Flow Inside a Small Horizontal Helically Coiled Tubing Once-Through Steam Generator
  83. A solution to the two-dimensional inverse heat conduction problem
  84. A solution to the two‐dimensional inverse heat conduction problem
  85. Turbulent heat transfer in a horizontal helically coiled tube
  86. Transient convective heat transfer in a helical coiled tube with pulsatile fully developed turbulent flow
  87. A least-squares solution to nonlinear steady-state multi-dimensional IHCP