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  1. Data Centre Efficiency Enhancement by Metrics Oriented Approach to Revamp Green Cloud Computing Concept
  2. An Examination of Drill Rig NOx Emission
  3. Distance Does Not Matter any Longer - India Emerges as a Leader in Telehealth
  4. Characterizing Adaptive Optimizer in CNN by Reverse Mode Differentiation from Full-Scratch
  5. An Overview on Data Mining and Data Fusion
  6. Human Computer Interaction in Education
  7. Modelling Reaeration Coefficient of Stream using Regression Analytical Method - A case of Mmubete Stream, Rivers State Nigeria
  8. Blockchain Technology In Healthcare Services
  9. Genetic Algorithms: A Solution to Fiber Reinforced Composite Drilling Challenges
  10. A Study and Analysis on Waste Fires in India and Their Corresponding Impacts on Environment and Human Health
  11. Improved Data Encryption Standard Algorithm using Zigzag Scan for Secured Data Transmission
  12. On the Results of Coffy and Moli
  13. Algebraizations of Propositional Logic and Monadic Logic
  14. Impact of Substitution of Silica Nanoparticles on Compressive Strength of Concrete
  15. Biot-Savart Law for Determination of Speed of Particle Beyond the Speed of Light
  16. Utilization of Waste Plastic in Tiles
  17. Novel Approach to Synchronize National Knowledge Network (NKN) of National Informatics Centre (NIC) Network with IST Over IoT Framework
  18. Partial Group Representations on Semialgebras
  19. Modified Ordering Policy for Items of Imperfect Quality with Allowable Proportionate Discount using Cross Selling Effects and Datamining Techniques
  20. Digital Marketing and Sublimation User Satisfaction, Piura - Perú
  21. Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Stress on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Mustard (Brassica Campestris L.)
  22. An Efficient LEACH Clustering Protocol to Enhance the QoS of WSN
  23. The Aristotelian Rhetorical Theory: A Framework for Analyzing Pakistani Beauty Products Advertising
  24. From Nehru to Modi: Understanding the History of Indian Television Through a Post-Development Lens
  25. Cybercrime Landscape and Changes During the Pandemic in Division 4 ( West North Central
  26. RC Scrap Collection Bot
  27. Performance Evaluation of Different Topologies of SRAM and SRAM Memory Array Design at 180nm Technology
  28. Technology Adoption in Food Supply Chain Management in Developing Countries: A Review
  29. A Statistic Method for the Prediction of the Succession of Bear and Bull Stock Market
  30. Behavioral Challenges of Humanitarian Supply Chain in the Context of Natural Calamities in India
  31. Impact of Fuzzy Offset Time on Delay and Burst Loss Ratio for Optical Burst Switching Networks
  32. Multi-Biometrics: Survey and Projection of a New Biometric System
  33. A Review on Key Features and Novel Methods for Video Summarization
  34. Home Surveillance and Alert System using Raspberry Pi Zero W and GSM Modem with MQTT Protocol
  35. Multi Wear Response Optimization of Ti-6Al-7Nb Biomedical Alloy
  36. Examining Natural Language Processing Techniques in the Education and Healthcare Fields
  37. Haritha Cinema: Exploring Themes of Nature and Ecology in Malayalam Cinema
  38. Prototype Implementation of a Smart Locker
  39. Journey of Broadcast Journalism in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects
  40. Assessment of Sago Wastewater Treatment Process in an Aerobic Bio-Reactor with the Support of Chemisorbent
  41. Climate Vulnerability of Photovoltaic Energy Systems using GIS: Case of the Plateau Department
  42. Influence of Digital Fluctuations on Behavior of Neural Networks
  43. Agriculture Crop Yield Analysis and Prediction using Feature Selection based Machine Learning Techniques
  44. Natural Language Processing for Data Science Workforce Analysis
  45. Low Fuel or Energy Alert System for Automobiles using Accelerometer Data
  46. Surgeon–Anesthesiologist Relationship for Patient Safety: Prospective study
  47. Design and Integration of NAND Flash Memory Controller for Open Power-based Fabless SoC
  48. Potentials of Polymeric Nanocarriers Loaded with Clarithromycin for Antibacterial Activity
  49. Covid-19 Paralyzing the Backbone of Indian Economy
  50. Remittances and Economic Growth: A Causality Analysis for Nepal
  51. Green Finance: A Key to Fight with Climate Change
  52. Comparison of Rainfall and GDP: A Feasibility Study on Introducing Rainfall Derivatives in the Indian Weather Risk Market
  53. Implementation of Optimized Filter Order to the PSD Analysis of QRS Detected ECG Signal
  54. Industry 5.0 in Industrial and Academic Applications
  55. Uptake of Ruthenium Bearing Waste by Co Precipitation using Lead Sulfide as Scavenger
  56. Respiratory Response and Hemolymph Sugar Level of The Crab Barytelphusa Gureini Exposed To Heavy Metals
  57. Cyanotis Ceylanica Hassk. (Commelinaceae), First Record to India from Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India
  58. An Operational Efficiency Assessment of E-Trike and Motorized Tricycles as Public Utility Vehicles
  59. Fighter Aircraft Detection using CNN and Transfer Learning
  60. Phenotypic and Biochemical Characterization of Rhizobia Associated with Medicagopolymorpha Growing in Rajasthan
  61. Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Oxadiazole and Thiazolidine Derivatives
  62. A Study on Air Traveller’s Satisfaction of Service Quality for Jaipur International Airport (JIA)
  63. Microwave Photonics Advancements in Radar Application
  64. Morphometric Analysis of Karkala Micro Watershed, Karkala Taluk Udupi District, Karnataka India
  65. A Study on Speculative Behaviour of Gold Metal Commodity
  66. Review of Literature on the Media Uses and Gratifications Derived By Students of Higher Education in India
  67. Enhanced Energy Aware Geographic Routing (EEGR) Algorithm for MANET
  68. Heat Transfer Analysis of Advanced Solar Collector
  69. Symmetric Encryption using Artificial Neural Network, Binary Tree Traversal, and Interleaving Salting
  70. Enhancing AES with Key Dependent S-Box and Transpose MDS Matrix
  71. A Comparative Analysis of Diabetes Prediction using Different Machine Learning Algorithms
  72. Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Robotic Manipulator Tracking Control with Fuzzy Design
  73. Role of Cloud Computing for Improvement in Healthcare Services
  74. Displaying the Human’s Struggle Against Oppression: An Examination of Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape
  75. Estimation of Photovoltaic Cell Parameters using the Honey Badger Algorithm
  76. Stock Price Prediction using LSTM
  77. Health Monitoring System using Gsm Modem
  78. The Place of Computer Science in the Processing of Master’s Theses of Students of the National Higher Institute of Popular Education and Sport (N.H.I.P.E.)
  79. Cost and Productivity of Employees in Commercial Banks of India: A Comparative Study of State Bank of India and HDFC Bank Limited
  80. The Cinematic Depiction of Media’s Social Responsibility: An Analysis of Journalism Films
  81. Feasibility of Solar Power Plant in Kathua District, J&K
  82. Scope of Solar Energy and Wind Energy in District Raebareli (Uttar Pradesh)
  83. Impacts of Limestone Exploitation on the Socio-economic Development of Okpella, Nigeria
  84. Raga Classification Based on Novel Method of Pitch Co-Occurrence
  85. A Practical Research Methodology for Implementation of the Ems in Iraqi Enterprises
  86. Image Captioning using Convolutional Neural Networks and Long Short Term Memory Cells
  87. Causality Study of Trade and Economic Growth of Nepal
  88. State-of-the Art Review on Seismic Design of Retaining Wall
  89. Fiscal Consolidation: The Indian Experience
  90. Reliability of Trust Management Systems in Cloud Computing
  91. Investigation of Doubling Heat Capacity of Storage Fluids through Nanomaterials
  92. Performance Comparison of LCL Half bridge and LCL Push Pull Resonant Converter for 5G Communication
  93. Livestock Monitoring: Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities
  94. DNA Based Molecular Detection Methods of Biological Adulterations in Commercial Teas: Successes and Obstacles
  95. Deep Learning Approaches for Detection of COVID 19 from CT Image: A Review
  96. Job of Working Capital the Board in Productivity Thinking About the Association Among Bookkeeping and Money
  97. Community Documentary Move Towards Digital Inclusion
  98. A Framework for the Development of iJuanaBeSafe: a Web Based Platform A gainst Gender Based Violence
  99. Bactericidal Disinfection of Activated Carbon from Aerobic Microorganisms, Yeasts and Molds
  100. Ala-ul Mulk: A Political Genius and Confidant of Alauddin Khalji
  101. The Effect of Bleach on T he Linen Fabrics
  102. Black Hole Attacks on MANETs: Analysis and Prevention
  103. Analysis of Fracture and Toughness of a Denture Base with Polyvinyl Fibers
  104. Hemoglobin Levels Estimation using Aspen Hb Meter
  105. Investigation of Various Parameters in Magneto-Rheological Dampers
  106. DSP TMS320C6678 Based SHVC Encoder Implementation and its Optimization
  107. Housing Price Prediction with Machine Learning
  108. Music Player u sing Emotion Recognition
  109. Air gap Eccentricity Analysis in Induction Motor using Decision tree Algorithm
  110. Social Distancing Detector using Deep Learning
  111. Flexible Active Power Control Strategy for Photovoltaic System Based on Current Limiting Control Method
  112. Cost Estimation Process of Remote Sensing Satellites
  113. Effective Text Processing utilizing NLP
  114. Some Haematological Observations in Columba Livia Due to Haemoproteus Infection
  115. Approaches for Hyperspectral Image Classification Detailed Review
  116. Implementation of Linear and Nonlinear circuits using Operational Transconductance Amplifier
  117. Performance of Adder Architectures on Encrypted Integers
  118. Analysis of Associative Relationship of Allelic and Genotypical Variants of Polymorphism Rs 2010963 of the VEGFA Gene with Formation and Development of Ronchopathy
  119. Assessment of Urban Domestic Water Demand and Supply in Edo North, Nigeria
  120. Cop Enhancement of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System
  121. Bio-Oil Extraction from the Shells of Cocos Nucifera – A Source of Generating Renewable Energy and Its Analysis
  122. Modeling the Filling Rate of Faeces in Ordinary Pit Latrines
  123. Fourteenth Addenda to Criticism of the Current Science in the World
  124. Modified Moments and Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Parameters of Erlang Truncated Exponential Distribution
  125. A Robust Irrigation System with a Flow Sensor
  126. Modeling & Performance Scrutiny of Maximum Power Extraction Strategy in PMSG based Wind Energy Transformation System
  127. A Modified Cylinder Block – Ic Engine Experimentation
  128. Identification and Traceability of Spiritous Drinks based on UV-spectrometry and Conductometry
  129. Expression Analysis System
  130. Design and Development of High-Performance Intelligent Disaster Management System in IoT Paradigm – A Novel Architecture and Review on Challenges in real time Hazards Monitoring
  131. Computation of Odd Geo-Domination Number of a Graph
  132. Impact of the Welding Parameters on the Width of the Welding beat in TIG Carbon Steel Welding
  133. Integrated CCTV Surveillance System for Public Transportation
  134. Real-Time Lime-Storage Tracking Model in SteelMaking Plant
  135. Building ML Based Intelligent System to Analyze Production LSI (Live Site Incidents)
  136. Estimation of the Influence of the N, P and K Fertilizer Nutrients Consumption on the Tur Yield in India using Data Mining Techniques
  137. Cloud Oriented Integrated Composite Services over SOA in Distributed Computing
  138. Generation of Periodic Sequences in the Sieve of Eratosthenes
  139. Review on Accelerated Carbonation on the Properties of Concrete
  140. A Simulation Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) for Agarwood using COMSOL Multiphysics
  141. Object Detection Based on Faster R-Cnn
  142. Improving Joint Attention in Children with Autism: A VR-AR Enabled Game Approach
  143. Analysis of Unmet Healthcare Needs in Ireland: A Data Mining Approach
  144. Ltspice Simulation of Non Linear Technique SSHI Serial and SSHI Parallel of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting
  145. Characterization of liver Disease Based on Ultrasound Imaging System
  146. Mechanical Behaviour of Normal Concrete using Fibre of Pine Tree Needle Leaves
  147. Novel Approach for Robotic Process Automation with Increasing Productivity and Improving Product Quality using Machine Learning
  148. Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Performance in Nepalese Life Insurance Companies
  149. The Integration of the MDA Approach in Document-Oriented NoSQL Databases, the case of Mongo DB
  150. Application of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and IR Spectroscopy for the Detection of Drugs and Toxins
  151. Traffic sign Detection using CNN
  152. Explainable AI in Internet of Control System Distributed at Edge-Cloud Architecture
  153. A Geospatial Morphometric Analysis of Kulbera and Daurighara River Basins in Western Part of Purulia District of West Bengal, India
  154. Production, Measurement and Applications of Vacuum Systems
  155. Exploratory Designing a Magnetic Induction Tomography Sensor Coil Circuit for Agarwood
  156. Predicting the Demand for Fmcg using Machine Learning
  157. An AI solution for Soil Fertility and Crop Friendliness Detection and Monitoring
  158. Reduction of Spatial Overhead in Decentralized Cloud Storage using IDA
  159. Impact of Storage Devices with Renewable Integrated Distribution Network for Power Loss Minimization
  160. Distributed Generation Impact on Distribution System Reliability
  161. Design a 900 Hybrid Feed Square Patch Stacked Antenna at 3GHz
  162. Improvising Dynamic Cloud Resource Allocation to Optimise QoS and Cost Effectiveness
  163. Defect Detection Based on Segmentation of Thermographic Images of Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging
  164. Design & Analysis of Dynamic Response in Hydrolic Equipment Working with Heavy Loads
  165. Rebar Corrosion Monitoring and Prevention Techniques
  166. Optimization of Spraying Process in Thermal Power Plant using Robot
  167. Simplified and Precise Design of Crossflow Turbine Power Transmission Components
  168. Energy Efficient of IDS Using Fuzzy Logic for Lifetime Improvement in Wireless Sensor Network
  169. Climatic Envelope as an Urban Planning Tool to Configure Urban Fabric of Guwahati City to Support Daylight and Natural Ventilation
  170. Multi-layer Laser Mirrors for Optical Sensors Deposited by Electron Beam Deposition and Ion Assisted Electron Beam Deposition
  171. Performance Based Machine Learning Model to Enhance Performance of Students
  172. Hand Side Recognition and Authentication System based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  173. A New Image Completion Method Inserting an Image Generated by Sketch Image
  174. Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis using Prewitt Edge Detection & Color Mapping from Fundus Imaging
  175. Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Loop Antenna for 5MHz
  176. Modelling and CFD Simulation of Temperature and Airflow Distribution Inside a Forced Convection Mixed-Mode Solar Grain Dryer with a Preheater
  177. Design and Development of Soil Moisture Sensor
  178. Performance Evaluation of a Forced Convection Mixed-Mode Solar Grain Dryer with a Preheater
  179. Use of Sodium Silicate in Combination with Cement for Improving Peat Soil in Mekong River Delta - Vietnam
  180. Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Hydraulic Barrier Bottom Plug for Deep Excavations: A Case Study
  181. Cost Effective Analysis of Hybrid Energy System with Pumped Hydro Storage using HOMER Pro
  182. Implementing Facial Recognition by Interfacing MATLAB Along with Arduino
  183. Eco Friendly Dye Extraction From Cyanophyta for Textiles
  184. Analysis Working Environment Among of Malaysian Seafarer's
  185. Collaborative Business Intelligence: A Case Study of the Dubai Smart City Strategy
  186. Liver Cancer Key Genes Identification
  187. Modelling and Design of an Electric Vehicle Fed with Dual Drive Motors using Hybrid Energy Storage System
  188. A Crop Recommendation System to Improve Crop Productivity using Ensemble Technique
  189. Studies to Understand The Importance of Risk Management in a Construction Project Procurement During Unprecedented Times
  190. Towards an E-journalism Based on Semantic Web Technologies
  191. Thoracic Electric Bio-Impedance Artifacts Removal by Block Related Adaptive Eliminators for Remote Health Care
  192. Design a Low Power and High Speed Parity Checker using Exclusive–or Gates
  193. Treatment of Waste-Water of Educational Institution and Estimating the Cost of the Wwtp
  194. Human Tracking Mechanism for Institutions using RFID and Facial Recognition
  195. Electric Field and Potential Distribution of Porcelain Insulator using FEM Method
  196. Nominal Inflection of the Tutsa Language
  197. Impact of Ethical Behavior on Employees’ Performance in the Nepalese Commercial Banks
  198. Even-odd Harmonious Labeling of Some Graphs
  199. An Improved LSA Model for Electronic Assessment of Free Text Document
  200. A Secret data sharing Model for Agriculture Experts in Federated Cloud based on Polynomial based Encrypted Scheme
  201. Study of Denial of Service (DoS) Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks with Power Constraints
  202. A Social Network Scrum Framework for Software Development under COVID-19 Pandemic
  203. A Practical Approach of Image Categorization
  204. The Indian Automotive Supply Chain: Impact due to COVID-19 and Strategies to Re-Emerge
  205. Influence of using Micropiles as Retrofitting Method for Bridge Shallow Footing: Numerical Study
  206. Design and Implementation of Secure Smart Shopping System using Arduino
  207. A Scientific Analysis to Observe Uniqueness in Lip Print Pattern
  208. Non-State Education in Uzbekistan: Formation and Development Prospects
  209. A Survey on Computer Ethics (w.r.t. Artificial Intelligence, Robot Weaponry, Fuzzy Systems, Autonomous Vehicles)
  210. Learning Rate Optimization in CNN for Accurate Ophthalmic Classification
  211. Influence of UV Radiation on Physical and Biological Properties of Rapeseed in Pre-Sowing Treatment
  212. EFURMS: An Efficient Scheme for File Upload and Ranked Multi-Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud
  213. A Novel Three phase Three Wire UPQC (Unified Power Quality Conditioner) Configuration using Ten Switch Topology for linear RL loads
  214. A New Approach for Effective Biomedical Waste Segregation and Disposal
  215. Millimeter-Wave Channel Estimation using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
  216. Strength Characteristic of Recycled Aggregate with Silica Fume As Admixture
  217. Less Discussed Aspects of DBS India- LVB Merger
  218. The Development of the Productuve Creative-Based Choreography Learning Model in Padang State University
  219. The Developing Conflict-Based Learning Models To Improve Students 'Critical Thinking Skills'
  220. The Role of Hr Managers During Crisis Time - Covid-19 Perspective
  221. Supply Chain Management and Organizational Performance: an Empirical Investigation with Special to E-Commerce Organizations in India
  222. Role of Human Resources Information System (Hris) in Accelerating Organizational Effectiveness– It Companies Perspective
  223. More on Diophantine Equations
  224. A Study on Impact of Disposable Face Mask Market on Small Scale Industries in Selected Cities of Andhra Pradesh
  225. Present to Future Antennas for Wireless Communication
  226. Impact on Development of ZnS Nanoparticles Thin Film Deposited by Chemical Bath Deposition and Spin Coating
  227. Deconstructivism in Philosophy, Architecture, and Reusability Contribution
  228. Enhanced Attendance Monitoring System using Biometric Fingerprint Recognition
  229. Modelling, Simulation and Control of Robotic Hand using Virtual Prototyping Technology
  230. Performance Analysis of LDPC Decoding Techniques
  231. Limitations and Advantages in Implementing MALL in the Tertiary ESL Classrooms: A Review
  232. Hybridization of Machine Learning Techniques to Optimize Portfolio of Stock Market: Review of Literature from the Period 2005 to 2018
  233. IoT Based Sensor for Humidity and Temperature Measurement in Smart HVAC Systems
  234. Harmonics Reduction using a Modified Controller for Doubly Fed Induction Generator
  235. The Significance of Predictive Analysis in Predicting the Performance of Members in the Organizations
  236. Remaining Useful Life Prediction on Wind Turbine Gearbox
  237. Osi Model: The Basics Structure of Network Communication
  238. Applying Government Schemes in Rural Sectors Prediction System for Evaluation of Data Science Algorithm
  239. Stock Market (NIFTY) Forecasting using Machine Learning Analysis on Option Chain
  240. On Moving Target Techniques for Network Defense Security
  241. Stabilization of Black cotton soil using Fly ash
  242. Processing and Characterization of Graphene Reinforced Al2O3 Composite
  243. Preventing Visual Plagiarism in Design Programs in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Ahlia University
  244. Violence Content Detection Based on Audio using Extreme Learning Machine
  245. Techno-Stress Scale of Teacher Educators: Construction of the Tool
  246. A Framework for Forecasting Outbreak of Infectious Diseases Based on Climate Variability and Social Media Content
  247. Feature Based Method for Predicting Pharmacological Interaction
  248. Optimal Predictive Model for Large Scale Classification
  249. Dynamic Path Finding using Ant Colony Optimization
  250. Descriptive Answer Script Grading System using CNN-BiLSTM Network
  251. DDoS Attack Detection and Classification using Machine Learning Models with Real-Time Dataset Created
  252. Giddy Ion Reloaded: Desktop Manager, Optimizer with Multi Utility Tool
  253. Fuzzy Multi Criterion Decision Making Method to Analyze Performance of Banking Sector
  254. Strength and Durability of Polystyrene Concrete
  255. An Intelligent Method for Bandwidth Utilization in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LAN
  256. Impact of Corporate Citizenship Activities on the Financial Performance of the Nepalese Life Insurance Companies
  257. Classification of Building Images using Fractal Features
  258. A Novel Method for Drug Repositioning Based on Heterogeneous Network
  259. Students Query Classification System
  260. COVID-19 Infodemic: Analysis of the Spread and Reach of Misinformation
  261. Poisson Shifted Gompertz Distribution: Properties and Applications
  262. Machine Learning for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection using Image Processing
  263. A Cloud Database based on AES 256 GCM Encryption Through Devolving Web application of Accounting Information System
  264. Maximum Power Point Tracking using Light Dependent Resistor and DC motor for Solar Photovoltaic System in Kuwait
  265. Flexural and Shear Behavior of Beams Reinforced with GFRP Rebars
  266. TGANs with Machine Learning Models in Automobile Insurance Fraud Detection and Comparative Study with Other Data Imbalance Techniques
  267. Review on Deep Learning Handwritten Digit Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
  268. Effect of Admixing Fly Ash on Cementing Characteristics of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement
  269. Screening of chest X-Rays for Tuberculosis using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
  270. Multiple Detection and Tracking of Multi Class Vehicles using Locality Sensitive Histogram.
  271. The Role of Social Networks in the Formation of Social Lifestyle Changes Caused by the Covid-19
  272. From Prediction of the Improvement of the Quality towards an Equitable Sharing of the Cost of the Improvement between Business Processes
  273. Multi-Kernel Learning based Sugar Industry Load Forecasting
  274. Dynamic Alumni Monitoring with Decision Support System
  275. FEM Based Electric Potential Distribution Analysis of Porcelain Insulator using MATLAB PDE tool
  276. Land use and Land Cover Characteristics using Bhuvan and MODIS Satellite Data
  277. The Influence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) towards Employee Acceptance
  278. Mechanical Properties and Durability of PET waste Aggregates in Roof Tiles Production.
  279. Experimental Analysis of Solar Assisted Refrigerating Electric Vehicle
  280. Comparative Analysis of a Performance of Metaheuristic Algorithms in Solving Optimal Power Flow Problems with UPFC Device in the Transmission System
  281. How COVID-19 Brought Indian Wedding Industry to a Halt?
  282. Effect of E-Marketing on Purchase Decision Musicool Product of PT. Pertamina (Persero) RU III Palembang
  283. Analysis of Factors Affecting the Quality of Service Toward Inpatient Patient Satisfaction BPJS DIRSU Bandung
  284. The Influence of Leadership, Competence and Job Satisfaction on the Performance of Nagari Employees in Sintoga Sub-District
  285. An Experimental Investigation of Sustainable Concrete by using Paper Pulp and Crusher Dust
  286. Contrast Enhancement Technique using Discrete Wavelet Transform with Just Noticeable Difference Model for 3D Stereoscopic Degraded Video
  287. Survey on Interpretable Semantic Textual Similarity, and its Applications
  288. Blockchain Covid-19 Tracker for Educational Institutions
  289. Investigation Misbehavior Configuration Nodes with Secure Neighborhood on Energy Consumption for DYMO Routing Protocol in MANETS
  290. Automated Snake Bite Prevention System
  291. Mathematical Modelling of Single Glazed and Double Glazed Solar Air Heater
  292. An Islanded Microgrid Droop Control using Henry Gas Solubility Optimization
  293. Hybrid Machine Learning Classifiers for Indoor User Localization Problem
  294. Optimization of the Mechanical Formulation of Typha Concrete
  295. An Efficient DDoS Attack Detecting System using Levenberg-Marquardt Based Deep Artificial Neural Network Approach for IOT
  296. Application of Rough Sets to Predict the Breast Cancer Risk Association with Routine Blood Analyses
  297. A Phishing URL Classification Technique using Machine Learning Approach
  298. Priority Based Hybrid Renewable Energy Model for J&K
  299. Image Caption Generator
  300. Performance Comparison of Al2O3 Cutting Tool with and without Reinforcement of Graphene Nanoplatelets
  301. Geosynthetics Stabilizers and Fly Ash for Soil Subgrade Improvement – A State of the Art Review
  302. High Accurate and a Variant of k-fold Cross Validation Technique for Predicting the Decision Tree Classifier Accuracy
  303. A generation of a Multi-Layered Application by Applying the MDA Approach for Online Learning Platforms
  304. Adaptive Hyperparameter for Face Recognition
  305. Using ANP to Evaluate Factors Affecting Construction Project’s Performance
  306. Blockchain Technology-based Supply Chain: State-of-the-art and Future Prospects
  307. Predict Health Insurance Cost by using Machine Learning and DNN Regression Models
  308. Wind Load Analysis on A Multistoreyed Building Curved in Plan
  309. Enhancing Financial Transactions using Blockchain Technology
  310. Perception of Autism Spectrum Disorder Children by Envisaging Emotions from the Facial Images
  311. Affective Design of Food Delivery Order Packaging
  312. Performance Comparison of Cryogenic Treated Tool Vs Untreated Tool using an Accelerometer Sensor
  313. Design and Implementation of Concrete Thermal Storage Stove
  314. A Nonparametric Algorithm for Data Preprocessing and Modeling Multidimensional Objects with Delay
  315. Analysis and Prediction of Breast Cancer using Machine Learning Techniques
  316. Study of Mechanical Performance Affecting Factors in Split Casing Pump
  317. Engineering Practices and their Role in Post Adoption of Scrum at an Enterprise
  318. Recommended System for Enhancing Tag Popularity in a Question Answering Community through Splay-net Techniques
  319. Development of a Road Condition Information System using Augmented Reality Technology on Smartphones
  320. A Survey of Bio Inspired Algorithms for Web Information Extraction and Optimization for Big Data Analytics
  321. Design and Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) for Non Linear and Unbalanced Loads
  322. The Impact of Mobile DIS and Rank-Decreased Attacks in Internet of Things Networks
  323. Development of High Strength Geopolymer Concrete using Nano Silica
  324. Characteristics of Thin Candy from Green Seaweed Caulerpa sp
  325. Passengers Perception on Trans Jogja Service Performance by using Structural Equation Modeling
  326. Stock Market Prediction and Investment using Deep Reinforcement Learning- a Continuous Training Pipeline
  327. Use of Lemongrass Leaf Ethanol Extract for Developing Alginate Based Antibacterial Edible Films
  328. Real Time Efficient Accident Predictor System using Machine Learning Techniques (kNN, RF, LR, DT)
  329. Performance Evaluation of Internet of Things Prototype for Preeclampsia Monitoring in Antenatal Care
  330. Design and Analysis of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna for 5G Application
  331. Upgrading the Northern Coast Residential Building Performance by using Affordable Methods(Marsa Matrouh Case of Study)
  332. Dermatological Disease Classification utilizing Image Processing and Neural Networks
  333. Design of Full-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter with Low Energy Storage Requirements for HVdc Transmission System with Fuzzy Inference System
  334. Performance Improvement of the Grid Connected PV Inverter System with ANN Controller
  335. Control & Design for FOPID Based Line-Side Converter of the Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generator
  336. 2D Propagation Simulation of Variation Parameters of U-shape Fiber Optic
  337. Linear Congruential Pseudorandom Numbered Hybrid Crypto-System with Genetic Algorithms
  338. Bayesian Estimation and Prediction of Three-Parameter Complementary Exponential Power Distribution using MCMC Technique
  339. Review of CMOS Amplifiers for High Frequency Applications
  340. Study of Additive Manufacturing for the Aircraft Industry
  341. Cryptography Protection of Digital Signals using Fibonacci - Pell Transformation via Golden Matrix
  342. Generation of an E-learning Application Through Model Programming
  343. Development of Soft-Switching PWM Full Bridge DC–DC Converter with Charging Applications
  344. Financial Modeling for Modular and Offsite Construction
  345. Performance Based Seismic Assessment of Masonry Infilled RCC Building with Diaphragm Discontinuity
  346. The Variation of Factor of Enhancement in Nucleation Rate with Electric Field for Water Vapour and Ice
  347. An Approach to Efficient Dictionary Utilization and Improved Data Compression Technique for LZW Algorithm
  348. Dynamic Behaviour of Raft Foundation for Tall building with Variable Subsoil
  349. Critical Aspects in Design and Construction of Open Type Shallow Highway Girders Across Railways.
  350. Voltage Regulation of Hydro Standalone 1-Φ Micro Grid using Fuzzy Logic Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control Algorithm
  351. Performance Study of Air Driven Engine Being Modified From Conventional Four Stroke Engine without Cam Modification
  352. Anonymization Framework for IoT Resource Discovery based on Edge Centric Privacy Model
  353. Adaptiveness of Traditional Judicial Systems to Digital Forms of Evidence
  354. Digital Technology for Assessing the Color of Textile Materials
  355. Iris Segmentation Based on Black Hole Algorithm for Biometric System
  356. Parametric Study and Simulation of Horizontal Split Casing Pump by using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  357. Applying Deep Learning Neural Networks in Predicting Students' Cumulative Grades
  358. Integrated Hand Cleaner and Dryer Product Design using QFD as a Solution for New Normal Era
  359. Natural Sciences Teaching By using of ICTs to Individuals with Special Educational Needs
  360. Marketing Implications of Information Processing: Literature Review and Directions for Future Research
  361. Market Reactions of the PharmaceuticalSub-Sector to the Announcement of the Covid - 19 Incident in Indonesia
  362. Institutional Methods Used for Organizational Processes within Public Relations in Light of Standards for Developing Institutional Work
  363. Conative Meanings of Covid-19 Hate Speech on Social Media in the Perspective of Substantive Arguments
  364. The Development of Problem-Based Stad Model to Improve the Writing Ability of Students in University
  365. Synesthesia and the Color-light Keyboards
  366. Reality on Parents’ Awareness of Vocational Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Vietnam
  367. Microsoft Mathematics as a Teaching and Learning Tool for Mathematics
  368. The Development of a Drawing Skills Training Model for Early Childhood Teachers
  369. Does Control Self-Assessment Influence Financial Reporting Quality?
  370. Analysis of Project Management Practices in Public Sector in Al-Salt Greater Municipality
  371. Enhancement of Power Quality for 15 Level Inverter using Phase Disposition-PWM Technique
  372. Remote Control, Protection and Monitoring of Pump for Agricultural Purposes
  373. Feature-Based Stereo Vision Relative Positioning Strategy for Formation Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  374. Characterization of Search and Rescue Aircraft
  375. Health Care Architectural and Urban Planning Systems in the United States of America and France
  376. The using Infrared Radiation on the Freeze-Drying of Cherry
  377. Understanding the Empathy in the Design Thinking Process
  378. Numerical Solution of the Flow of the Upper Convicted Maxwell Fluid in Boundary Layer of Stretching Sheet in the Presence of MHD
  379. Power Quality Improvement by Reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) using PWM Inverter
  380. Development of the Crimean Agriculture
  381. Performance of Concrete with Waste Plastics and M-Sand as Replacement for Fine Aggregate
  382. Concrete Subjected to spiral steel Fibre
  383. Testing and Diagnosis of Delay Faults in Finfet VLSI Circuits using Non-Incremental Genetic Algorithm
  384. Identifying High Significance Input Factors in Strawberry Production using Linear Model
  385. Om Prakash Valmiki‟s “Joothan”: An Authentic Depiction of Dalit‟s Communal Space in the Artistic Endeavors of Autobiography
  386. Innovative and Efficient Electric Braking System in High-Speed Trains using Proportional Resonant Controller
  387. Reinforcement based Multi-Model Deep Learning Algorithm for Classification
  388. Gold Price Prediction using Eight Neighborhood Non Linear Cellular Automata
  389. Design and Simulation of Enhanced Adaptive Perturbation and Observe MPPT Algorithm for PV Fed DC to DC Boost Converter System
  390. A Hybrid System to Improve the Performance of Diabetes Disease Prediction using Genetic Algorithm
  391. Robust Controllers for Grid-Interactive Inverters with Renewable Power Injection and Power Quality Improvement
  392. Dimensionality Reduction using Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies
  393. Loss Minimization by Reconfiguration in Radial Distribution Network using Whale Optimization Technique
  394. Direct Coupled PV Panel with ĆUK Converter for DC Load Applications
  395. Fault Clearance in Nine-Bus system using Custom Power Devices
  396. Design and Implementation of Dual Mode Compressor Based 32 Bitdadda Multiplier using Modified Carry Select Adder
  397. Affect Analysis of Multilingual Tweets for Predicting Voting Behavior
  398. Multi Objective Multi Mode Project Management Problem in Triangular Fuzzy Environment
  399. Simulation and Experimental Substantiation of Beam Deflection under Guided End Conditions
  400. Modeling the Heating in a High Temperature Superconducting Current Carrying Element in Fault Current Limiters
  401. Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Micro Grid Employing DG, PV, Wind and Fuel cell
  402. Efficient and Convenient Application to Determine the Functions and Analysis of the Reliability of the Device
  403. Improved Proportional Fair Algorithm for Transportation of 5G Signals in Internet of Medical Things
  404. Non Linear Control System Based Modeling of Cardiac Muscle using Describing Function and Lyapnuov Stability.
  405. Development of Specialized Method for Increasing the Level of Security on Information and Communication Systems
  406. Sound Absorption Measurements of Bio-Sourced Esparto-Fibres : Effect of the Compression
  407. Wormhole Detection Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks
  408. Implementation of Secure Health Care Monitoring System using Atmega 328
  409. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System using Raspberry Pi
  410. Improvement in Ignition Delay Characteristics of Diesel Engine Combustion by Varying Combustion Chamber Air Pressure
  411. Oversize Yield in Underground Mine Development
  412. A Computational System for Disease Diagnosis and Prescription Generation
  413. Computer Linguodidactics in the System of Innovative Language Education
  414. Interactive 360-Degree Virtual Reality into eLearning Content Design
  415. Development of Corrosion Resistant Laser Sintered Inconel 718 Material using Salt Spray Test
  416. IoT in Safety and Security of Automobiles
  417. Solar Equipment Based Micro Grid in Hilly Terrains of Rural India - A Broad Perspective
  418. Classification and Severity Measurement of Epileptic Seizure using Intracranial Electroencephalogram (iEEG)
  419. Hypervisor Vulnerabilities and Some Defense Mechanisms, in Cloud Computing Environment
  420. Design Thinking as the Answer to the Question of Relevance in Engineering Education in Africa
  421. Corporate Social Responsibility as Contextual Responsiveness for Engineering Education in Africa
  422. Performance of Naïve Bayes in Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews Online
  423. An Anatomization of Language Detection and Translation using NLP Techniques
  424. A Generator Based Polynomial with Secret Encryption Scheme for Secure Data Sharing and Privacy in Multi-Party/Federated-Cloud Computation
  425. Maintainability Metrics for Object-Oriented Software System Modifiability
  426. Experimental and Theoretical Performance Analysis of Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engine using Bio Diesel as an Alternate Fuel
  427. Optimization of IDS using Filter-Based Feature Selection and Machine Learning Algorithms
  428. Performance Tuning Techniques for Face Detection Algorithms on GPGPU
  429. SIFCON-A High Performance Concrete - Experimental Investigations
  430. Relationship between B40 Household Income and Demographic Factors in Malaysia
  431. Performance Analysis of Solar Stills with Different Absorbing Materials
  432. Exploratory Study of the Hcci Engine Employing Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  433. Optimizing MRI Registration using Software/Hardware Co-Design Model on FPGA
  434. Homograph Attack Warning System
  435. Ecg Heartbeat Classification: Conceptual Understanding through Cnn & Rnn – A Machine Learning Approach
  436. Enhancing Software Development Teams‟ Client Awareness: An Empirical Study of Its Impact on Productivity
  437. The Culture of Wireless Access Technology Learning Communication in the Covid19 Pandemic
  438. Effect of Nano-additive on the Bonding Strength and Formaldehyde Emission of the Plywood Adhesive during Manufacturing of Wood Based Panel Products
  439. The Variation of Atmospheric Electrical Conductivity as the Function of Altitude
  440. Optimal Design of Integrated Chiller Capacity with Ice Thermal Storage for Commercial Buildings through Cooling System Cascade Analysis
  441. The Effects of Prostaglandin Analogs on Intraocular Pressure in Human Eye for Open Angle Glaucoma
  442. Data mining and Statistical Review of Optimization Techniques of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
  443. Towards Describing Visual Explanation using Machine Learning
  444. New Lindley Half Cauchy Distribution: Theory and Applications
  445. Consumer Awareness and Consumer Perception towards Green Buying Decisions: An Empirical Study in Bangalore
  446. Assessment of Safety Risk for Signalized and Un-signalized Intersection in a Road Network
  447. Evaluation of Road Safety for Roundabout and Signalized Intersection
  448. Information and Digital Technologies in the Field of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Biological Resources During the Pandemic
  449. Information Technology Spillover and Organizational Performance
  450. Blockchain-based Secure Big Data Storage on Cloud
  451. Biosurfactan Injection of “U-Champ” on Heavy Oil Sample in Laboratory for Preliminary to Pilot Project
  452. Designing A Cloud-Based Framework using Data Mining for Healthcare Services in Remote Areas
  453. Multiobjective Discrete Spectral and Spatial Optimized Representation for Land-Cover Classification using Landsat Hyperspectral Images
  454. Simulation of lead Antimony Alloy Solidification and its Experimental Validation
  455. Quality Improvements of Camera Captured Pictures using Blind and Non-blind Deconvolution Algorithms
  456. Review on Counter Measures for Scouring Around the Bridge Pier
  457. Design of Piezoelectric Based Power Generation System for Electric Vehicle
  458. Artificial Intelligence– Electronic Medical Records Framework to predict COVID-19 by using Wearable IoT Devices
  459. Discovering Periodic Patterns in Time Series from Twitter Data Set
  460. Study on the Transportation System in the East Coast of Sabah
  461. An Efficient Ensemble Classifier for Heart Disease Diagnosis and early Prediction
  462. Advertisement Recommendation Engine – Improving YouTube Advertisement Services
  463. Assessment of Persuasive Design Principles in E-Commerce Applications Based on Users’ Reviews
  464. AI Technology and Biological Research Use in Cultural Practices
  465. Design and Simulation of Electric Vehicle
  466. Singer Identification using Autocorrelation Method
  467. Variance Reduction in Low Light Image Enhancement Model
  468. Creating Conditions for the Industrial Application of Basalt-Plastic Reinforcement in Manufacturing Precast Concrete Structures
  469. Adaptation of Digital and Physical Innovation in Agriculture with Special Reference to Academicians
  470. Chatbot Designed for Graduate Students’s Guidance Service
  471. Defects and Problems of the Asphalt Paved Roads in Al-Salt City "Reasons and treatment Methods"
  472. Power Quality Analysis of Distribution System Integrated with Multiple PVs
  473. Women‟s Wearable Security and Safety Device
  474. Comparison between Frequency Response of Pulsating Partially Premixed and Diffusion Flame
  475. An Enhanced Multiview Test Case Generation Technique for Object-oriented Software using Class and Activity Diagrams
  476. Identification and Modelling of a Stock Level by Parametric Models
  477. Internal Control as a Catalyst for Clean Audit Outcomes in the Local Government: The Moderating Role of Information Technology
  478. HAMM: A Hybrid Algorithm of Min-Min and Max-Min Task Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing
  479. Hybrid Sentiment Analyzer for Opinion Mining: Indian Admission Scenario
  480. Wireless Communication Management in Dance Skill Learning
  481. Data mining Application of Data Reduction and Clustering Domain of Textile Database
  482. Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in India
  483. Effect of CNTs Parameter Variation on the Performance of Analog Device
  484. Internet-of-Things (IoT) based Smart Farming: Towards Making the Precision Farming in Agriculture
  485. Addressing Security Requirements through Onshore Agile Development When Packaging Software in the Distributed Development Domain: An empirical study
  486. Potato Leaf Disease Diagnosis and Detection System Based on Convolution Neural Network
  487. Automatic Intelligent Movie Sentiment Analysis Model Creation for Box Office Prediction using Multiview Light Semi Supervised Convolution Neural Network
  488. Lean Waste in Construction Industry
  489. Influence of Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Ball-End Milling on the Cutting Performance of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy
  490. Integer Linear Programming with Ant-Colony Optimized Algorithm to Extend MANET Lifetime
  491. Design of Bio-retention Filter Basin for Conservation and Purification of Storm water runoff in Urban Areas
  492. Customer Segmentation and Buyer Targeting Approach
  493. Data Visualization for Accelerated Business Intelligence in the Indian Health Care Sector using Tableau
  494. Interpretation on Breast Cancer Generation in 2D & 3D Images by Skeletonization Algorithm
  495. Analysis of user Awareness for Saudi State Mobile Applications
  496. Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Electromagnetic Induction Injera Mitad Prototype
  497. Measurement of Slice Thickness of a Medical Image using a Wedge Phantom
  498. Cybersecurity Assessments
  499. Indian National Telecom Policies: Evolution, Significance and a Perspective
  500. Conceptual Model of a Variable Cross-Section Brake Master Cylinder with Fuzzy Logic Controller
  501. Technology and Sustainable Solutions: An Approach for Curbing Air Pollution in India: Way Forward Lessons to Learn
  502. Analysis of Monetary Policy and its Impact on Indian Economy
  503. Role of Skeletonization Techniques for Recognition of Odia Off-Line Characters
  504. Network De-materialization in Open Flow Network
  505. Chlorella Vulgaris Surface-Mount Photobioreactor with Vision-Based Growth Signature Prediction Optimized by Electromagnetism-Like Mechanism
  506. Investigation on Durability Properties of Self Compacting Concrete with Mineral Admixtures
  507. Image Watermarking – Hybrid Approach for Embedding Binary Watermark into the Digital Image
  508. Designing Time Series Crime Prediction Model using Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network
  509. Coated Tungsten Carbide Inserts: Effects on Machinability in Turning of AISI 1020 Steel
  510. Artificial Neural Networks Applied to a Wind Energy System
  511. The Impact of Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Commitment
  512. Experimental Study on the Strengthening Properties of Rubber Concrete with Hook End Steel Fibers
  513. Excellence VS Relevance in Engineering Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  514. Engineering Education and Bourdieu: using Field, Capital and Habitus to Enhance Responsiveness
  515. Effects of Jet Flow Pulsation on Diffusion Flame Performance
  516. Sqoop usage in Hadoop Distributed File System and Observations to Handle Common Errors
  517. Success of Knowledge Management Strategies in Manufacturing Companies- A Study with Reference to Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur Districts
  518. Simulation of 28 Element Ultrasound Transducer for Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Applications
  519. Students’ high Failure Rate in Science Education in Nigeria Colleges of Education
  520. The Development of Batik Training Model for Transformation of Minangkabau Carving Into Batik Design Based on Local Culture
  521. An Analysis of Musical Teachers Abilities in Implementing the Authentic Assessment at SMK 7 Padang Indonesia
  522. Performance of Isolated Soft Switching Current Fed Lcc-T Resonant Dc-Dc Converter for Pv/Fuel Cell Applications
  523. Developing Classification Model for Chickpea Types using Machine Learning Algorithms
  524. Structural Design of Wearable Miniaturized Textile Antenna
  525. Epilepsy Prediction using a Combined LSTM - XGBoost System on EEG Signals
  526. Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Irrigation System using an Open-Source Internet of Things Platform
  527. Improved Design Considerations of 8T SRAM Cell to Avoid Data Extraction
  528. The Impact of Heterogenous Ultra-dense Network Technologies on the Performance of 4G and 5GNetworks
  529. Fuzzy Logic Based Hardware Faulty Node Detection And Redundancy Mechanism For Wireless Sensor Networks
  530. Feasibility Study on the Transportation Network in the East Coast of Sabah
  531. A Comparative Study of Pre-Engineered and Conventional Multi-Span Industrial Building
  532. Millimeter Wave Communications with OMA and NOMA Schemes for Future Communication Systems
  533. File Log Server and Application in Server System Privacy
  534. Active Learning Multi-Strategies
  535. Strength Assessment on Geopolymer Concrete using Ceramic Waste Powder and M-Sand
  536. Design of Hybrid Controller for PV sourced Electric Vehicle with Hybrid Energy Storage System using Regenerative braking
  537. A Bit on the Right, A Bit on the Left: Towards Logical Bundle Adjustment
  538. Fake News Detection with Machine Learning
  539. Feature Extraction and Classification Methods for Lung Sounds
  540. Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engine with Novel Juliflora Biodiesel
  541. Visual Detection for Android Malware using Deep Learning
  542. Influence of Lime and Marble powder Waste on the Strength Activity Index of Self Compacting Mortar and Concrete
  543. Stylistic Characteristics of the Gender Based Folkloric Discourse
  544. A Modification of Quadratic Programming Algorithm
  545. The Principle of Architecture First in Software Project Management Minimizes the Cost of Software Development Process: A Review
  546. Security Issues and Risks for Banking Services under Cloud Computing
  547. Digital Image Processing based Surface Area Calculation
  548. A False Positive Decision on the Patient Skin Based on the Statistical Parameters and Visual Quality Measures of Skin Images after Applying Morphological Filters
  549. Bot Net Detection for Network Traffic using Ensemble Machine Learning Method
  550. SVM Implementation for Ddos Attacks in Software Defined Networks
  551. Islanding Detection Scheme of Distributed Generation Systems using Hybrid FAT-SGO Approach
  552. Adaptive Upgradation of Personalized E-Learning Portal using Data Mining
  553. Musical Genre Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks
  554. Behaviour of Polypropylene Fibre on the Mechanical Charateristics of Fibre Reinforced Concrete using Polypropylene Fibers
  555. Corrugated Steel Tunnels – Numerical Study Using Finite Element and Analytical Methods
  556. A Benchmark for Suitability of Alluxio over Spark
  557. An Emergency Portable Ventilator for COVID Patients with Acute Breathing Difficulty
  558. A Pinnacle Technique for Detection of COVID-19 Fake News in Social Media
  559. Deep Fuzzy Multi-Object Categorization in Scene
  560. An Efficient Hybrid Genetic-Grey Wolf Based Neural Network (G2NN) for Breast Cancer Data Classification
  561. IDFML: A Meta Language for Heterogeneous DSMLs Coordination
  562. Prevention of Patch Wall (PW) Formation of Building Surfaces by Making the PW‟s Effects to Below- Awareness-Level of Concern by Making the PW Innovation of Long-Lasting Nature as Attributive Responsibility of the Building‟s Structural Component
  563. Convolutional Neural Network Based Approach to Detect Pedestrians in Real-Time videos
  564. Experimental and Analytical Study of Grouted Sleeve Splice Under Axial Tensile Load
  565. Identification of Various Security Issues, Threats and A Novel Service Model in Cloud Computing
  566. Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR): A Survey of Approaches for Exploring Web Across Languages
  567. A Surveillance System for Air Pollution Monitoring-Warning
  568. IoT Based Smart Home Security System with Face Recognition and Weapon Detection Using Computer Vision
  569. Regional Trends in Financing and Growth of Indian MSMEs
  570. Impact of Doppelganger Brand Image (DBI) on Consumer Behavior
  571. Hybrid Learning Model in the Practic Subject
  572. Dynamics of Heteroscedasticity Modelling and Forecasting of Tax Revenue in a Developing Economy: A Review
  573. Telematic Intervention based on the Play Specialist Approach in the Covid-19 Era: Benefits for Parents of Children with Clinical Conditions
  574. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for Material Movement in Plants & Warehouses
  575. Hybrid News Recommendation System using TF-IDF and Similarity Weight Index
  576. The Effect of Formalin Addition on the Electrical Impedance of White Shrimp
  577. Hybrid Electric Charging Station using Raspberry Pi
  578. Human Task Recognition using CNN
  579. A Generalized Deep Learning Model for Denoising Image Datasets
  580. A Computer Vision Based System for Classification of Chemically and Naturally Ripened Mangoes
  581. Dual Source Self Displaying Water Pumps
  582. Healthy and Unhealthy Leaf Classification using Convolution Neural Network and CSLBP Features
  583. Application of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Enhancing low voltage Ride-through capability of Doubly Fed Induction Generator
  584. Earthquake Analyzer using Prediction Commands
  585. Security Implications for Json web Token Used in MERN Stack for Developing E-Commerce Web Application
  586. SVM and Cross-validation using R Studio
  587. Hierarchical Structure of Active Distribution Network in Power System
  588. Enhancement of Electrical Property of Carbon Nanotube by Silicon Incorporation
  589. Study of Excessive Bureaucracy in Construction Projects – Causes of Low Level of Competition and Lengthy Tendering Process: A Case Study of Afghanistan
  590. Analogy of Isophthalic Polyester Based Bamboo Fabric Mat and E-glass Reinforced Composite
  591. Meta-Analysis of Heuristic Approaches for Optimizing Node Localization and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
  592. Analysis of EEG signals using Machine Learning for the Detection and Diagnosis of Epilepsy
  593. Machine Learning Based Prediction of Suicide Probability
  594. Haptic Structuring Assistive Innovation for Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired
  595. Design, Modeling and Simulation DC/DC Converters with PV Cell Fed Switched Reluctance Motor for Agriculture Field
  596. Importance-weighted Ranking Methods for Preference the Covid-19 Pandemic Social Assistance
  597. Design and Optimisation of a Slat Conveyor for Airport Application
  598. The Optimum Distance of Lift-Off Height on Different Test Material’s Thickness by using Eddy Current Testing Technique
  599. Development and Characterisation of Banana and E-Glass Fiber Reinforced With Isophthalic Resin Based Composites
  600. Advancement, Characterization and Analogy of Jute Fabric and E-Glass Fibre Reinforced with Isophthalic Resin Based Composite
  601. Redefining Engineering Education in Africa through Delivering Total Engineering
  602. Chaos Engineering (Principles of Chaos Engineering) As the Pathway to Excellence and Relevance in Engineering Education in Africa
  603. Establishment, Description and Equivalence of Flax Fabric Reinforced and E-Glass Fabric Reinforced Polyester Based Composite
  604. Feasibility and Durability of Interlocks (Paving stones) from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Wastes
  605. Dual Band Notch, Compact, Low profile, Hybrid Ultra Wideband RDRA
  606. Information Security Risk Analysis Methods for Healthcare Systems
  607. Bluetooth Based Electronic Notice Board
  608. Effect of heat Transfer Through Arbitrary Shaped fins using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  609. Behavioural Study of R/C Natural Draught Cooling Towerunder Gravity Load using Different Support Orientations
  610. Orderings on Generalized Regular Interval Valued Fuzzy Matrices
  611. Impact of Land Use Change Study on Reservoir’s Sediment Yield using SWAT Model Platform
  612. Behavior of Steel Plate Girders with Deep Section under Dynamic Effect
  613. Inspection of Centrifugal Blower by Varying Different Blade Configuration using CFD
  614. Future Challenges in State of Charge Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  615. Multi- Response Optimization of Wire EDM Process Parameter on Aluminium Alloy (5086)
  616. Automatic Pre-Processing of Marathi Text for Summarization
  617. Classification of Evaluation Metrics for Project Baseline Schedules
  618. Semantic Network
  619. Dementia Prediction on OASIS Dataset using Supervised and Ensemble Learning Techniques
  620. Design and Evaluation of Residential Building Along with Floating Column
  621. Significant Contribution in Healthcare by using IoT
  622. Automatic Ratings Generation System for Behavior Analysis
  623. Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Rate in Single and Series Cross Flow Heat Exchanger using Matlab Coding
  624. Priority Arbiter for TinyOS: The need of renown OS for WSN and IOT
  625. Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Al 7075 Reinforced with SiC and TiC Particles
  626. The Design of a Land Suitability Model on Rice Production Estimation using Remote Sensing Method in Merauke District Papua
  627. Investigation of the Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases in Terms of Road Traffic Gradients
  628. Strength Assessment of wedges in the Splice Zone of the Column
  629. Analysis of Factor’s Causing Delays in Road Project by Severity Index Method
  630. Faculty Perception, Attitude, and Readiness Towards e-Learning in Ar Rass Dental College A Comparison of Moodle and Blackboard Learning Management Systems
  631. A Comparative Study of Weather Forecasting Simulation Models through Sensors for Accurate Monsoon Predictions in the Indian Ocean
  632. Reference Evapotranspiration Prediction for Smart Irrigation
  633. Automatic Sign Language Gesture Recognition using Prewitt & Morphological Dilation
  634. The Relative Research on Planning, Modelling, and Analysis of G+6 Residential Buildings with and without Multi-level Car Parking Facility
  635. Design of Nested H slot Passive UHF RFID Tag
  636. Stand Alone 1-MW Microgrid for Remote locations of Armed Forces with PV-Battery-Diesel Generator
  637. Smart Meter using Big Data in IoT
  638. Cloud Computing in IoT based Smart Meter
  639. Optimization of Inventory Model-Cost Parameters, Inventory and Lot Size as Fuzzy Numbers
  640. Smart Farm Assist Robot
  641. Estimating Visual Quality in Skin Pictures Obtained by Optical Cameras and Analysis by Morphological Filters
  642. Performance Analysis of 6063 Aluminium Alloy Semi-Circular Two Phase Closed Thermosyphon Tpct using Fe3o4 and Graphene Nano-Fluid
  643. Managing the Triangular Bond of the EBP for SQU Students Through the Proposed Test Model
  644. Sarcasm Detection of Sentiments in Telugu Language
  645. Optimization of Demand Side Management and DG Placement in the Distribution System with Demand Response
  646. A Modified Fused Floating Point Three Term Adder
  647. Global Word Sense Disambiguation of Polysemous Words in Telugu Language
  648. Evaluation of Vibration Characteristics and Theoretical Analysis for In-Wheel Driving Electric Road Vehicle
  649. Early Detection of Parkinson Disease Progression using Gaussian Naïve Bayes Machine Learning Approach by identifying Degeneration in Basal Ganglia Regions
  650. Design and Development of Chilli Seeder
  651. A Knowledge Based Word Sense Disambiguation in Telugu Language
  652. Prediction of the Purchase Intention of Users on ECommerce Platforms using Gradient Boosting
  653. Priority Arbiter for Tiny OS: The need of renown OS for WSN and IoT
  654. An Efficient Functionality Learning Image Compression by Ift Technique
  655. A Low Cost & Efficient Robotic Spraying Machine
  656. Redefining the theory of Engineering for Relevance in the 21st Century in Africa
  657. MIMO Based Cognitive Radio Network with Efficient Spectrum Utilization
  658. Chaos Theory as Relevance for Engineering Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  659. Rebuilding After a Pandemic, the Place of Engineering Education in Nation Building
  660. Women as Canons in Engineering: Theorizing their Experiences and Exploits
  661. Gender and Gender Mainstreaming In Engineering Education in Africa
  662. Game Based Pedagogy System for Assessment using Features Like OCR and Speech-To-Text Recognition
  663. Reflection of Existentialism in Albert Camus’s ‘The Outsider
  664. Spirituality and Quality of Life Among University Students During Covid-19 Pandemic
  665. Pattern Recognition and Stylometry Analysis of Pathittrupathu in Tamil Literature
  666. Developing A Thinking Strategy of Understanding Numeracy Among Students of SDH
  667. Economic Development in Afghanistan
  668. Training Strategy and its Effect on Employees' Performance in Yemen Mobile Company
  669. Study on Ai Performance and Possibilities for Future Wars
  670. Implementation of the Developed Pharmaceutical Indonesian Language Textbooks with Scientific Approach in Indonesian Language Subject in Pharmacy Vocational Schools, Kendal Regency
  671. COVID-19: Its Implications with a Focus on the Aviation Industry and How CRM and BI Can Play A Role
  672. Rise of Crypto Currency-Bitcoin and Impact on the Financial System
  673. Enhancement of Electrical Power Quality for Three phase AC System using fuzzy Logic Based Active Power Filter
  674. Taguchi Design for Wear Behaviour of Al-Si-B4C Composites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy
  675. Dry Sliding Friction of Al-Si-B4C Composites Prepared Through Powder Metallurgy using Taguchi Design
  676. Circularly Polarized Antenna for 5G Devices
  677. An Experimental Technique to Determine the Permissible Warp Tension Variation At the Required Pick Density
  678. Soil Classification and Harvest Proposal Implemented using Machine Learning Techniques
  679. Economical Study on the Use of Hollow Steel Sections in Light Industrial Sheds
  680. Garbage Collection Algorithms in Flash-Based Solid State Drives
  681. Utilization and Durability of PET Waste Aggregate for Floor Tiles Production
  682. DIS-NV Functions for the Recognition of Emotions in Spoken Dialogue
  683. Performance Analysis of ECG Arrhythmia Classification based on Different SVM Methods
  684. Home Automation using Esp-8266
  685. Influences of Earned Value Management on Construction Project’s Performance in Yemen
  686. Globalization and Internationalization in Engineering Education in Africa
  687. Implementing SWOT Analysis in Engineering Education in Africa
  688. Political Capital as the Hallmark of Engineering Education in Africa
  689. Redefining the Principles in Fitness for Purpose and Value for Money in 21st Century Engineering Education
  690. Finite Element Computation of Crown Deflection of Cracked Concrete Gravity Dam under Effect of Creep in Fracture Process Zone
  691. An E-Ornament for Women to Escape the Effects of Date Rape Drugs
  692. Design and Evaluation of a Suspension System with Variable Parameters
  693. Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship Operation near Small Traditional Wooden and Fishing Boat
  694. Deep-Droid: Deep Learning for Android Malware Detection
  695. B40 Group Income Household Trend in Malaysia
  696. Industrial Robotic Arm for Chilli Milling Process
  697. Software Automation Testing using LeanFT Tool
  698. Alignment Modifications for the Link Canal by Adopting Remote Sensing and Verified by using MCDM (TOPSIS) Method
  699. Simulation of the Nanoscale Joint Surrounding Gate SOI MOSFET Characteristics
  700. Software Package Application for Self-consistent Processing of X-ray Measurement Data for Studying Structural Properties and Parameters of Objects
  701. The Reality of using Information Technology in Distance Learning Experience of the United Arab Emirates in the Shadow of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  702. Analysis on Present Mathematical Model for Predicting the Crop Production
  703. Assessment of Various Methods to Measure the Soil Suction
  704. Low Code Coding Approach for ofdm Systems Coded with the Progressive Transmission
  705. Performance of Flywheel Energy Storage System for Fault Ride through Support of Grid Connected Vsc-Hvdc Based Offshore Wind Farms
  706. Fuzzy Logic Controlled Zeta Converter fed DC-Motor Drive System with reduced Steady-State-error
  707. Seismic Analysis of Rcc Structure with Different Types of Dampers
  708. Dynamic Cooperative Model for Ranking Construction Risks using Monte Carlo Simulation
  709. A BIST Methodology to test CLB Resources on an SRAM-Based FPGA using Complementary Gates Configuration
  710. A frame work for Reliability Analysis of Mechanical Systems in a Manufacturing Industry
  711. An Enhanced Queuing Model for Route Optimization in Ad-Hoc Networks Based on Simulation
  712. Effect of Web Inclination on Box Girder Bridges
  713. Block-Chain Based Authorization and Access Control Mechanisms for IoT Environments: Challenges and Opportunities
  714. DeCoSim: A method for Collaborative Simulation of Complex Systems
  715. Role of Emotional Intelligence Dimensions In Stress Detection
  716. Agrocompanion: A Smart Farming Approach Based on Iot and Machine Learning
  717. Movie Sentiment Analysis using Feature Dictionary and Multiview Light Semi Supervised Convolution Neural Network
  718. Ontology-Based Metasearch Engine in Electronics Area
  719. A Study on Crop Disease Detection of Banana Plant using Python and Machine Learning
  721. Optimization of AODV-Routing Parameters ART and DPC for MANETs with Different Speed and Pause Time Scenario
  722. Design and Simulation of High-Efficiency High Gain non Isolated Interleaved DC-DC Converter with Reduced Voltage Stress on the Devices
  723. Battery Charger with Improved Power Quality Cuk Derived Power Factor Correction Converter
  724. Novel Design of Low-Power High-Speed Hybrid Full Adder Design using Gate Diffusion Input (GDI) Technique
  725. Experimental and Cfd Analysis of Heat Transfer Rate in Multi Air Jet Impingement Over A Flat Plate and Pin-Fin Heat Sink
  726. NLP Algorithms Endowed for Automatic Extraction of Information from Unstructured Free-Text Reports of Radiology Monarchy
  727. A Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
  728. Design and Analysis of Hybrid full adder Topology using Regular and Triplet Logic Design
  729. A Transformer less Buck-Boost Converter with Single Switch
  730. Emergence of Educators for Industry 5.0 - An Indological Perspective
  731. Automatic Liver Cancer Detection using Sobel Edge Detection & Morphological Dilation in Digital Image Processing
  732. Neuron Network Prediction Feed-Forwad Wind Speed Network on Mauritania's North Coast: Ballawack Case
  733. Projection of Temperature and Precipitation using Multiple Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network as a Downscaling Methodology for Upper Bhima Basin
  734. SBC-Based Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema Classification System using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
  735. Surveillance FPV Drone with Obstacle Avoidance System
  736. Design and Implementation of an Efficient Rose Leaf Disease Detection using K-Nearest Neighbours
  737. Different Types of Attacks on Block Ciphers
  738. Improving the Legal Framework and Social Policy in the Context of a Pandemic
  739. Multi-Station Automated Hand Washing System (MSAHWS)
  740. Utilization of Grid Neural Network Model and RT-PCR test to detect the COVID-19 Patients and to avoid the Spreading of SARS-CoV-2
  741. Abstraction, the Big Idea, and it’s Significance in Science and Technology Education
  742. FPGA Implementation of Memory Bists using Single Interface
  743. Network Intrusion Detection using a Deep Learning Approach
  744. 5G Evolution: Differences between Basic 4G/LTE with 5G Network
  745. Use of Web 2.0 Social Networking Sites for Collaborative Sharing Research Information by the Social Science Research Scholars at Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
  746. How India and its Neighbors are doing during Covid-19 Pandemics- A Critical Analysis
  747. Techniques for Malignant Melanoma Diagnosis: A Systematic Literature Review
  748. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques, Features and Obstacles in the Cataract Diagnosis
  749. Displacement Analysis of RC Frames and its Seismic Performance Appraisal
  750. Placement of PV Units Considering Uncertainties of Generation and Load in Distribution Systems
  751. Maximizing Machine Capacity by Improving Efficiency using Linear Programming Model
  752. Innovative Way to Decrease the Water Consumption of Direct Evaporative Air-Cooler
  753. Thermal Performance of Composite Roof Structures with Insulating Layers in Non-Conditioned Buildings for Hot-Dry Climate
  754. Techniques for Images Processing, Factors and Results of Colposcopy to Diagnose Cervical Cancer
  755. Switched-Capacitor based Quadruple Boost 9-Level Inverter Topology with Multicarrier PWM Technique
  756. Enriching E-Commerce Fraud Detection by using Machine Learning
  757. Withdrawn
  758. Q- Learning Algorithm with Network Coding in Multi-Path Transfer Protocol for Wireless Mesh Network
  759. Cervical Cancer: Machine Learning Techniques for Detection, Risk Factors and Prevention Measures
  760. Al-Hadba Minaret in the Last 100 Years
  761. V/C Digital Controlled DC-DC Converter
  762. Smart Warehouse Governance using AI and Raspberry Pi
  763. Implementation of an Automated System in the Measurement of Temperature in Broken Dynamic Equipment
  764. Threats and Protection on E-Sim
  765. Evaluation of a Potential Antibacterial, Produced by Streptomyces Cinereoruber Sp. Isolated from Chlika lake
  766. Compression Studies on LoRa Antenna Design for IoT Applications
  767. Design of Compact MIMO Antenna for 5G Mobile Terminal
  768. Health and Housing for Urban Poor in India Post Covid-19
  769. Development of Low Frequency Small Signal Amplifier using BJT-JFET in Sziklai Pair Topology
  770. Deep Transform Learning Vision Accuracy Analysis on GPU using Tensor Flow
  771. Reducing Defects on Cam Shaft by Six Sigma Methodology
  772. “One Tap Shopping”: Impulsive Fashion and Apparel Buying Behaviour
  773. A Machine Learning Approach for Ecg Analysis for Emotions
  774. IoT Based Underground Drainage Monitoring System
  775. Trajectory Based Location Prediction and Enriched Ontological User Profiles for Efficient Website Recommendation
  776. IoT based Patient Health Care for COVID 19 Centre
  777. Voice Controlled Fire Fighting Robot
  778. Fatigue Lifetime Prediction of Laminated Composites, a Review
  779. Implementation of Iterative bilateral filtering for removal of Rician noise in MR images using FPGA
  780. Trends in Development Private Ownership of land and land Parcels in Uzbekistan: Scientific and Theoretical Analysis
  781. RSSI Filtering Methods Applied to Localization using Bluetooth Low Energy
  782. Predictive Analytics for Students‟ Performance Prediction
  783. Water Pollution–Sources, Effects and Control
  784. Enhance Security for Authentication
  785. Analyzing and Solving Stability Problems during the Commissioning of the Steam Turbine
  786. IoT Based Smart Farming
  787. Theory or Practice? the Search for Value for Money in Engineering Education
  788. Social Capital in the Context of Fitness for Purpose: Do Engineering Students in Africa Possesses the Right Capital?
  789. Engineering Education and soft skills in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
  790. Engineering for Survival in Rural Africa in the Era of Covid-19
  791. Ensembled Machine Learning Model for Aviation Incident Risk Prediction
  792. Performance Analysis of a Roundabout and a 3-leg Intersection Under Heterogeneous Traffic
  793. Cloud Data Privacy Preserving Model for Health Information Systems Based on Multi Factor Authentication
  794. Sequential Injection of Carbonated Water: A Possible Process for Coupling CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage
  795. Design of 5g Mimo Antenna with Enhanced Isolation
  796. Robust Watermarking Technique for Sharing Family Photos on Social Media using Aadhar Number and DCT
  797. The Effect of Laser Energy and Nitrogen Flow in Solder Joints Properties of Head Gimbal Assembly
  798. Use of Information and Communication Technology and Product Promotion
  799. Theoretical Framework for the Freight Movements Through a Multicommodity Port
  800. Rheological Behavior of Ordinary Concrete, SCC with and without Glass and Steel Fibers
  801. Social Assistance and Social Services for Citizens during the Quarantine Period from a Pandemic (On the Example of Uzbekistan and International Experience
  802. Additive Manufacturing Technology in Orthodontic Devices Development
  803. Computational Simulation - Design & Analysis Functionality of Grid Connected (GC) Photo Voltaic (PV) System
  804. Factors Influencing Cost Overrun and Delay with Their Risks in Construction Management
  805. Railway Access Control System using Face Recognition
  806. Design and Implementation of PID, GA and Fuzzy logic Controllers for an Electrical Drive with Various Noise Disturbances
  807. The Multi Stage U-net Design for Brain Tumor Segmentation using Deep Learning Architecture
  808. A New Islanding Detection Technique using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
  809. Locating Targets in RFID System in a Sensing Covered Anchor-Free Network
  810. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Mobile Application with Blood Glucose Simulation
  811. Leaf Disease Detection using Labview Imaq Vision
  812. Statistical Downscaling of Maximum Temperature in Hoshangabad District of India
  813. An Investigation on the Impact of Industrial Wastes as A Replacement for Sand In Fiber-Reinforced M20 Grade Concrete
  814. Design Analysis of PV-Wind Energy System with Pumped Hydro Storage using HOMER Pro
  815. Half Logistic Exponential Extension Distribution with Properties and Applications
  816. A Consideration on "Sweetness" by 3D CG with Fruits as an Example
  817. For Colorization using Template Matching Basic Research on
  818. Developing a New CCN Technique for Arabic Handwritten Digits Recognition
  819. Intelligent Music Player Based on Emotions
  820. On Time Document Retrieval using Speech Conversation and Diverse Keyword Clustering During Presentations
  821. Helping Hand for Unsighted People-Acoustic sight
  822. Genderpredictions using Convolution Neural Networks
  823. Characterization, Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Electrospun poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) Containing Aquilaria malaccencis Leaf Extract (ALEX) Nanofibers
  824. Face and Thumb Based Multimodal Bio-Metric Authentication using Harris Feature Extraction and Stenography
  825. Stereo Vision-based Path Finder for Visually Impaired
  826. Efficiency of Probabilistic Network Model for Assessment in E-Learning System
  827. Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Carbon Nanofibers
  828. Cyanide in salt bath Applied to ASTM A-517 Steel: Effects on Hardness, Wear and Microstructure
  829. Bioinformatics Database Query Performance and Optimization
  830. Challenges in Data Quality and Complexity of Managing Data Quality Assessment in Big Data
  831. Public Debt, Current Account Deficit and Economic Growth: A Study on Indian Context
  832. Image Steganography
  833. Design and Simulation of millimeter wave Mylar based flexible Antenna for 5G wireless Applications
  834. Robust Formal Watermarking Model Based on the Hyperbolic Geometry for Image Security
  835. Seismic Assessment of R.C.C Frame Building using Pushover Analysis
  836. Early Detection of Cardiovascular Disease using Machine learning Techniques an Experimental Study
  837. Composite Wear Actions of Glass Fiber Reinforced Titanates Filled Epoxy Resin
  838. Vulca Loc: A Mobile Application for Finding Vulcanizing Shops embedding GPS
  839. Design of NLP Technique Fore-Customer Review
  840. Utilization of Pet Wastes Aggregate in Building Construction - A Review
  841. Multi-Objective Grey Wolf Optimization for Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generators in Distribution Networks
  842. Heptagonal Shaped UWB Antenna with DGS for Wireless LTE with Enhanced Bandwidth
  843. Prediction and Diagnosis of COVID-19 using Machine Learning Algorithms
  844. Research Method of Clustering of COVID-19 with Text-mining
  845. Risk Analysis of BYOD in Afghanistan’s Organization
  846. Implementation of Correlation and Regression Models for Health Insurance Fraud in Covid-19 Environment using Actuarial and Data Science Techniques
  847. Comparative Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols using NS2 Simulator
  848. Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning
  849. Electrical Pole Climbing Robot for Fault Detection using Wi-Fi
  850. Efficient Cognitive Skill Based Learning System using Augmented Reality
  851. Assessing the sustainability of General Insurance Business through Real Time Monitoring of KPIs using Recurrent Neural Network
  852. Healthcare Prediction and Analysis System with Constant Data Polling
  853. Mathematical Models for the Prediction of Coagulation Activity in Patients with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation
  854. My Experience: Science behind Online Teaching Learning
  855. Analyzing and Anticipating the Growth of the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana in the Region, Indore using Regression in Python
  856. Comparative Analysis of Prepaid Payment Before COVID 19 and Now: A Case of India
  857. The Effect of Organizational Culture, Organizational Justice, and Organizational Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
  858. Managing Human Capital as a Strategic Source of Sustainable Enterprise Development and Competitive Advantage
  859. Determinants of Employees Outstanding Performance in Public Corporations: Strategic Human Resource Management Perspectives of Organisational Development and Sustainability
  860. Vietnam’s Scientific Publications in the Period of COVID-19
  861. The Influence of Price, Game Attractiveness, and Audience Preference on the Decision of Purchase Home Match Tickets Persib Bandung in Liga 1 Year 2019
  862. Inclusive Green Development: A Critical Study in the Present Crisis of India
  863. Short-Term Solar Forecasting Model using Artificial Neural Networks
  864. Image Classification and Detection of Insulators using Bag of Visual Words and Speeded up Robust Features
  865. Solution to Economic Load Dispatch Problem of a Distributed Generating System using Pattern Search Algorithm
  866. A Study of Soft Computing Based IoT Device Security System
  867. Neuro-Based Prognosticative Analytics for Parkinson Disease using Random Forest Approach
  868. Assessment of Environmental Changes using GIS Applications
  869. Simulation of Robot Kinematic Motions using Collision Mapping Planner using Robo Dk Solver
  870. A Survey on Deep Learning Architectures and Frameworks for Cancer Detection in Medical Images Analysis
  871. Development of a Wavelet – ANFIS Based Fault Location and Identification System for Underground Power Cables
  872. Incorporation of Non-Fictional Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
  873. Seismic Performance Evaluation of Multi-Storey Building Having Soft Storey With Different Location of Shear Walls
  874. Smart Waste Segregation using ML Techniques
  875. Optimal GPS Satellite Selection using Stochastic Optimization and Volumes of Tetrahedrons for High Precision Positioning
  876. Evolution of Industrial Revolutions: A Review
  877. Emotion Detection on live video using Deep Learning
  878. Flash-Flood Potential Assessment by Integrating the Remote Sensing Data and GIS with Reference to Adam Area, Western Saudi Arabia
  879. Groundwater Quality in Kovilpatti Region and Removal of Fluoride using Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaves as an Adsorbent
  880. Obstacle Detection Challenges of Camera Sensor Designed for ADAS
  881. Performance Analysis of Integrated Bio-Catalyst Microbial Fuel Cell with Different Asian Weather Conditions
  882. Simplified Mathematical Model to Predict Response of Ferrocement-Lgs Composite Wall to In-Plane Loading
  883. Analysis of COVID-19 impact on Cardiovascular using ECG
  884. Seismic Analysis of Multistoried Building on Sloping Ground with Ground, Middle and Top Soft Storey
  885. Energy use in Building Envelope of a Residential Apartment Building in the Warm and Humid Climate of Guwahati, Assam
  886. Sensitivity of Design Parameters on State of Charge of Electric Vehicles
  887. Machine Learning Algorithms for Indian Music Classification Based on Raga Framework
  888. Hybrid Feature based Classification of Images using Supervised Methods for Tag Recommendation
  889. Glass Classification based on Machine Learning Algorithms
  890. Fire Recognition based on Image Processing using Raspberry pi
  891. Robotic Arm Assisted Laser Surgery with LiFi Based Patient Monitoring System
  892. 5V‟s of Big Data Attributes and their Relevance and Importance across Domains
  893. Crop Disease Recognition using Machine Learning Algorithms
  894. Image Description using Encoder and Decoder LSTM Methods: Some Issues
  895. DVR Control System for Voltage Sag/Swell Compensation for Sensitive Loads Protection
  896. Automatic Non-Contact Fever Detector to Prevent COVID-19 Spread in Public Places
  897. Short Literature Review on Diagnosis of CKD using Gas Sensors
  898. Stabilization of MSW by using Cowurine
  899. Network Performance Comparison of Fat-Tree and BCube Data Center Architecture: Case Study on Government Office Network
  900. Experimental Investigation of Sustainable Low-Cost Thermal Energy Storage Materials for Solar Water Heating
  901. Automatic Anaesthesia Regulation System (Aars) With Patient Monitoring Module using Multitask Feedback Network
  902. Palsy Monitoring and Healthcare System
  903. Conceptual Design of a Roller Obstacle Deflector
  904. Big Data an Interesting Tool for Policing and Law Enforcement to Ensure the Safety, Health, Possessions of Citizens, and To Prevent Crime and Civil Disorder
  905. Designing and Implementation of Non Invasive Blood Glucose and Hemoglobin Detection using NIR
  906. Text Preprocessing Method on Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning
  907. Portable Wireless Drowsiness Detector
  908. Minimizing Transmission Energy of Wireless Sensor Network
  909. Towards Automating Clash Management Process in Design-Build Industrialized Projects
  910. SCADA Vulnerabilities and Existing Security Approaches Towards Industrial Protection
  911. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patient’s Heart Beat Monitoring System from Android Smartphone using MQTT Protocol
  912. Spectrum Sensing using Enhanced Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Cognitive Radio Network
  913. Effect of Ginger Hydro Alcoholic Extract on Oxalate Renal Stone in Rats
  914. Transfer learning using AlexNet Convolutional Neural Network for Face Recognition
  915. Conservation of Cement Strength in India
  916. Behaviour of Rectangular Concrete Deep Beams with Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Polymer Reinforcements Considering Web Openings
  917. Battery Lifetime Estimation for LoRaWAN Communications
  918. Student Grade Prediction
  919. Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
  920. Performance Enhancement Method for Machine Learning Algorithm
  921. Multi level Transformer less PV Inverter with Reduced Switching Losses and Elimination of CM leakage Current
  922. Cyber security Network Prevention from DDOS Attack in Healthcare System
  923. A Systematic Review of Network Security Breaches and Solutions
  924. Geotagging: Systematic Anatomization and Conceptual Model for POI Verification
  925. Innovating Fire Detection System Fire using Artificial Intelligence by Image Processing
  926. Lifetime Responsive Depth Based Routing for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network using Hybrid Soft Computing Technique with Optimal Delay
  927. Maximum Power Point Tracking using Grey Wolf Technique Under Fast-Changing Irradiance
  928. Decision Optimization: Internet Data Assistance for Students during Learning from Home
  929. Mathematical Analysis and Simulation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicle Application
  930. Analytical Simulations for Proactive, Reactive and Position based Routing Protocols using OMNeT++ via INet Framework
  931. Development and Analysis of Combinational Pico-Energy Generation Framework
  932. Empirical Analysis of Robust Chaotic Maps for Image Encryption
  933. Optimization of System Framework for Secure Communication and Data Virtualization on Cloud Computing
  934. Weather Prediction for Tourism Application using Time Series Algorithms
  935. A Dynamic Scalable Security Model for Data at Rest in fog Computing Environment
  936. Geometrical Pattern Recognition for Rearranging Chairs
  937. An Investigation to Replace sand with Kunkur Quarry dust as fine Aggregates in Concrete
  938. Evaluating Optimum Strength of Geopolymer Concrete using Quarry Rock Dust with inclusion of natural and hybrid fibers under ambient curing
  939. IoT Based Low Cost and Ageing Healthcare Monitoring System
  940. Forest Fire Detection System using Zig Bee
  941. Morphology and Structural Properties of Undoped and Cobalt Doped Magnetic Iron Oxide Particles for Improving the Environmental Quality
  942. Review on 3D Mapping and Segmentation
  943. Viable System Verilog Assertions(SVA) Praxis in AMBA AHB-Lite Protocol Design
  944. Simulation and Analysis of Protection Issues in Distributed Generation Integrated Systems using Artificial Intelligent Controllers
  945. Ad-Hoc on Android using Wi-Fi Direct
  946. Skin Cancer Detection using CNN Algorithm
  947. Impact of Meteorological Drought in Upper Blue Nile Basin on the Hydrological Drought of Nile River in Egypt
  948. Hydro-geochemical Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in Freshwater Shallow Aquifer in Southeastern Coastal of Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu, India
  949. Evaluating Various Portfolio Optimization Strategies using High-Dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimators
  950. Smart KOT App Generation using an Android Application
  951. Internet of Things Enabled Smart Microgrid
  952. Delayed LMS Algorithm for Ballistocardiogram Biomedical Signal
  953. Combating Digital Academic Dishonesty: A Scoping Review of Approaches
  954. Pothole Detection System
  955. Real–time Sound Level-Based Load Estimation in Distribution Transformer
  956. ABC Project Evaluation using CPM/PERT and Crash Program Methods in PT PAC Engineering
  957. Customer Preferences of Offline Store Atmosphere of Berry Benka with Conjoint Analysis Method
  958. Indoor Omnidirectional Antenna Network Planning using Capacity and Coverage Planning in Gandaria 8 Office Tower Building in PT Artisan Wahyu
  959. Quality Control of Margarine Production by Applying Six Sigma Method in PT. XYZ
  960. The Effect of Integrated Safety Intervention Practices on Applicant Safety Behavior at PT Esa Bumindo
  961. A Bursts Contention Avoidance Scheme Based on Streamline Effect Awareness and Limited Intermediate Node Buffering in the Core Network
  962. Vote Recommendation System using Aspect based Machine Learning Approach
  963. Dual Feeding Antenna for Performance Enhancement of Next-Generation of Mobile Networks against Self–Interference
  964. Early diagnosis and Prediction of Breast Cancer
  965. (3, 3) Visual Cryptography for Online Certificate Authentication
  966. Assessment of Response Reduction Factor of Flat Slab Structures by Pushover Analysis.
  967. Vehicle Surveillance and Tracking using Background Segmentation
  968. Automation of Tester Diagnostics
  969. SMART SHIRT - A New Dimension towards Wearable
  970. Hydrological Simulation of Runoff for a Watershed in Punpun Basin using SWAT
  971. Ransomware Attacks: - Impact, Symptoms, Working, Preventive Measures and Response
  972. Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded SS316 and SS321
  973. Women’s Safety Security System using Raspberry PI
  974. Developing Expert System for Soil Stabilization under Flexible Pavement
  975. Crash Analysis of Aircraft Nose Prototype
  976. Automated Mango Fruit Recognition by Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Networks for Harvest Robot
  977. Improved Fuzzy Modeling of Thyroid Disease Detection using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Techniques
  978. Fundus Image Analysis to Detect Abnormalities in Diabetic Retinopathy using Computer Aided Design Tools - A Review
  979. Experimental Study of Pool Effect of Shear, Flexure and Torsion on SFRC Beams
  980. Intelligent and Effective Intrusion Detection System using Machine Learning Algorithm
  981. Analytical Study of Some Selected Classification Algorithms and Crime Prediction
  982. Parking Assist using Convolution Neural Networks
  983. Application of Rasch to Verify Different Building Competency Sub Constructs for Competency Evaluation of Graduates in Nigeria
  984. Cryptocurrency Frauds
  985. Assess Reliability Parameters of an Electronic Voting Machine using a Neural Network Technique
  986. Identifying Malicious Accounts in Social Media Based on Online Promotions
  987. Secured Biometric Authentication of Iris Image using Visual Cryptography
  988. The Impact of Orang Asli Students’ Learning Styles on Their Achievement of Meaningful Learning
  989. Use of Appropriate Loss Function in Rainfall Prediction using Deep Learning
  990. Reverse Supply Chain for Sustainable Growth – Remanufacturing Perspective
  991. AI Powered Holistic Solution for Travelersduring Pandemic
  992. A Multimodal Learning to Rank model for Web Pages
  993. Electronic Diary: Assessment, Current Condition and Implementation of Application
  994. Fall Detection and Daily Living Activity Recognition using Machine Learning
  995. Experimental Study on Sansevieria Cylindrica Paver Blocks
  996. A Detailed Study of Distributed Indexed Search Techniques using SOLR
  997. E-PAP: Enhanced Priority Aware Protocol for Reliable Communication in Wireless Body Area Network
  998. Configure Routing Path Algorithms for Ethernet Topology
  999. Hybrid Technique on Image Clustering
  1000. To Explore the Relationship of Factors in the Third-Party Logistics Industry using DEMATEL

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