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  1. The Effect of Predictive Formal Modelling at Runtime on Performance in Human-Swarm Interaction
  2. Modelling Probabilistic Systems with Diagrams
  3. Modelling and verifying BDI agents with bigraphs
  4. A tale of two graph models: a case study in wireless sensor networks
  5. BigraphTalk: Verified Design of IoT Applications
  6. YewPar
  7. Conditional Bigraphs
  8. Implementing YewPar: A Framework for Parallel Tree Search
  9. Sequential and Parallel Solution-Biased Search for Subgraph Algorithms
  10. Functional Baby Talk: Analysis of Code Fragments from Novice Haskell Programmers
  11. Replicable parallel branch and bound search
  12. Towards Generic Scalable Parallel Combinatorial Search