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  1. Regulatory Effect of Thyroxine on Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism in Tissues of Common Indian Toad
  2. Impact of Silica Fume on Fly Ash Based Concrete Material
  3. Fabrication of Hydrophobic Particle Board from Waste Coir Pith and Rice Husk Ash
  4. Impact of Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature on the Physico-Chemical Property of Laterite Soil
  5. Preparation of Fly Ash Based Zeolite for Fluoride Removal
  6. Use of Coir Pith as a Soil Amendment Material
  7. A Study on the Water Absorption Efficiency of Porous Silica Gel Prepared from Rice Husk Ash
  8. Variation on the Physical Parameters of Rice Husk Depending on the Texture of Quality of Different Types of Soil on Odisha