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  1. Local sensitivity informed anisotropic sparse grid method for uncertainty quantification of chemical kinetics
  2. A spectral MUSCL scheme for gPC-Galerkin method to uncertain hyperbolic equations
  3. A multi-autoencoder fusion network for fast image prediction of aircraft ice accretion
  4. Two-stage growth mode for lift-off mechanism in oblique shock-wave/jet interaction
  5. Role of chemical reactions in the stagnation point heat flux of rarefied hypersonic cylinder flows
  6. On the particle discretization in hypersonic nonequilibrium flows with the direct simulation Monte Carlo method
  7. On the shock/step-interface interaction in microscale conditions
  8. Microscale Shock-Taylor vortex interaction with DSMC and NS simulation
  9. Uncertainty quantification of the surface properties in hypersonic rarefied cylinder flows
  10. DSMC study of the real gas effect on lateral jet interaction of THAAD-like missile
  11. Scaling vortex breakdown mechanism based on viscous effect in shock cylindrical bubble interaction
  12. Effects of Mach Number on Non-Rankine–Hugoniot Shock Zone of Mach Reflection
  13. Asymptotic-Preserving Monte Carlo Method for Large Cylinder Hypersonic Flows
  14. An Approach to Obtain the Correct Shock Speed for Euler Equations with Stiff Detonation
  15. Non-Rankine–Hugoniot Shock Zone of Mach Reflection in Hypersonic Rarefied Flows