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  1. A fracture study of slanted cracks using the stress dead‐zone hypothesis
  2. A railway tunnel structural monitoring methodology proposal for predictive maintenance
  3. Stress intensity factor evaluation for central oriented cracks by stress dead‐zone concept
  4. Material characterization and damage assessment of an AA5352 aluminium alloy using digital image correlation
  5. A coupled 3D laser scanning and digital image correlation system for geometry acquisition and deformation monitoring of a railway tunnel
  6. Concept of stress dead zone in cracked plates: Theoretical, experimental, and computational studies
  7. Geometry Acquisition and 3D Modelling of a Wind Tower using a 3D Laser Scanning Technology
  8. Fracture Analysis of Semi-circular Bend (SCB) Specimen: A Numerical Study
  9. A Stress Intensity Factor Study for a Pressure Vessel CT Specimen Using Finite Element Method
  10. Elastoplastic response and failure assessment of steel alloys: Empirical and computational analyses
  11. A nonlinear simulation of a bi-failure specimen through improved discretisation methods: A validation study
  12. A digital image correlation analysis on a sheet AA6061-T6 bi-failure specimen to predict static failure
  13. Fatigue behaviour evaluation of dissimilar polymer joints: Friction stir welded, single and double-rivets
  14. Fracture mechanics
  15. Extending radial point interpolating meshless methods to the elasto-plastic analysis of aluminium alloys
  16. Advanced image based methods for structural integrity monitoring: Review and prospects
  17. On the optimal shape parameters of distinct versions of RBF meshless methods for the bending analysis of plates
  18. Stress intensity factor calculation through thermoelastic stress analysis, finite element and RPIM meshless method
  19. A meshless approach to non-local damage modelling of concrete
  20. A radial point interpolation meshless method extended with an elastic rate-independent continuum damage model for concrete materials
  21. An Optimized RBF Analysis of an Isotropic Mindlin Plate in Bending
  22. A Fracture Mechanics Study of a Compact Tension Specimen: Digital Image Correlation, Finite Element and Meshless Methods
  23. On the Non-linear Elasto-Plastic Behavior of AA6061-T6: Experimental and Numerical Implementations
  24. An Elasto-plastic Analysis of a DP600 Bi-Failure Specimen: Digital Image Correlation, Finite Element and Meshless Methods
  25. A GTN Failure Analysis of an AA6061-T6 Bi-Failure Specimen
  26. Extending a radial point interpolation meshless method to non-local constitutive damage models
  27. SIF Determination with Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
  28. A meshless method in the non-local constitutive damage models
  29. The Axisymmetric Analysis of Circular Plates Using the Radial Point Interpolation Method