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  1. Amino-functionalized MIL-101(Cr) photodegradation enhancement by sulfur-enriched copper sulfide nanoparticles: An experimental and DFT study
  2. An innovative and eco-friendly modality for synthesis of highly fluorinated graphene by an acidic ionic liquid: Making of an efficacious vehicle for anti-cancer drug delivery
  3. Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide functionalized with methyl red dye and its role in enhancing photoactivity in TiO2–IL/WO3 composite for toluene degradation
  4. Theranostic α-Lactalbumin-Polymer-Based Nanocomposite as a Drug Delivery Carrier for Cancer Therapy
  5. RGO-α-Fe2O3/β-FeOOH ternary heterostructure with urchin-like morphology for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
  6. Gold-capped mesoporous silica nanoparticles as an excellent enzyme-responsive nanocarrier for controlled doxorubicin delivery
  7. Hydrogen from sun
  8. Synthesis of rose-like ZnO hierarchical nanostructures in the presence of ionic liquid/Mg2+ for air purification and their shape-dependent photodegradation of SO2, NOx, and CO