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  1. Application of a Line Laser Scanner for Bed Form Tracking in a Laboratory Flume
  2. Prerequisites for Accurate Monitoring of River Discharge Based on Fixed-Location Velocity Measurements
  3. Tidal controls on river delta morphology
  4. Distributary channels in the fluvial to tidal transition zone
  5. Multiscale structure of meanders
  6. Flow structure caused by a local cross-sectional area increase and curvature in a sharp river bend
  7. Sharp bends associated with deep scours in a tropical river: The river Mahakam (East Kalimantan, Indonesia)
  8. River scale model of a training dam using lightweight granulates
  9. Improved flow velocity estimates from moving-boat ADCP measurements
  10. Quantified turbulent diffusion of suspended sediment using acoustic Doppler current profilers
  11. On the use of horizontal acoustic Doppler profilers for continuous bed shear stress monitoring
  12. Sediment discharge division at two tidally influenced river bifurcations
  13. Impact of sound attenuation by suspended sediment on ADCP backscatter calibrations
  14. Discharge estimation in a backwater affected meandering river
  15. Tidal impact on the division of river discharge over distributary channels in the Mahakam Delta
  16. Discharge estimation from H-ADCP measurements in a tidal river subject to sidewall effects and a mobile bed
  17. Preliminary results of a finite-element, multi-scale model of the Mahakam Delta (Indonesia)
  18. Discharge estimation in a backwater affected meandering river
  19. Coupled ADCPs can yield complete Reynolds stress tensor profiles in geophysical surface flows
  20. Continuous measurements of discharge from a horizontal acoustic Doppler current profiler in a tidal river