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  1. The 10-Year Partnership of a Library and a Radio Show
  2. Citation management software that supports collaborative research
  3. Behavioral Assessment of Hearing in 2 to 4 Year-old Children: A Two-interval, Observer-based Procedure Using Conditioned Play-based Responses
  4. F1000 Workspace
  5. Scavenger Hunt for Library Orientation
  6. Listening to YOUR HEALTH: Librarians and Physicians Collaborating on the Radio and Online
  7. Best Practices for Medical Libraries to Deliver Materials to Distance Learners
  8. Do people with rheumatoid arthritis develop illness-related schemas?
  9. Development and evaluation of musculoskeletal performance measures for an objective structured clinical examination
  10. The Relationship of Social Comparison to Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms and Affect
  11. The Effects of Unequal Covariances on the Tukey WSD Test