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  1. The effect of proximity between universities and research institutes and firms on firm innovativeness
  2. Creating Social Value Through Social Enterprise Marketing: Case Studies from Thailand's Food-Focused Social Entrepreneurs
  3. The Impact of Communication on Conflict between Expatriate and Local Managers Working in NPD Projects of MNC Subsidiaries: A Local Perspective
  4. Strategic alliance motivation for technology commercialization and product development
  5. The Individual's Perceived Environment as an Antecedent of Academic Entrepreneurship: Multiple Case Studies of Thai University Researchers
  6. A new model of strategic thinking competency
  7. Communities of Practice Purposefully Designed for Improving Business Performance
  8. Acculturation of local new product development team members in MNC subsidiaries in Thailand
  9. An empirical study on the preferences of adoptions in strategic technology alliances of entrepreneurships
  10. Functions and Inter-Relationships of Operating Agencies in Policy Implementation from a Viable System Perspective
  11. The required intensity and media-richness of communication among strategic partners in new product development projects
  12. The impact of total quality management on supply chain management and firm's supply performance
  13. Total quality management (TQM) strategy and organisational characteristics: Evidence from a recent WTO member
  14. Total quality management and supply chain management: similarities and differences
  15. Satisfaction with interpersonal and internet interactions in Thai corporate banking: an exploratory study
  16. The impact of total quality management on innovation
  17. An empirical study of the relationship between absorptive capacity and technology transfer effectiveness
  18. Managing knowledge through collaboration: multiple case studies of managing research in university laboratories in Thailand
  19. Key knowledge for IT-enabled business process improvement
  20. Managing knowledge for innovation: Multiple case studies of science-based R&D in Thailand
  21. The factors of making the first successful customer reference to leverage the business of start-up software company — multiple case study in Thai software industry
  22. Managing knowledge in new product and service development: a new management approach for innovative research organisations
  23. First set of innovations in PRC's Telecom industry
  24. Innovation networks in a complex product system project: the case of the ISDN project in Indonesia
  25. Managing the product development of China's SPC switch industry as an example of CoPS
  26. Strategies for service and market development of entrepreneurial software designing firms
  27. The co-option of low-income borrowers by informal credit suppliers: a credit delivery model for squatter housing
  28. Integrating 'Tech and Touch' to Achieve Widespread Internet Banking Acceptance in Asian Cultures: The Case of Thailand
  29. Technology Transfer Induced Technological Dependency and its Impact on Operational Decision-Making