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  1. Through-chip microchannels for three-dimensional integrated circuits cooling
  2. Morphological modulation of the PBI membrane and performance optimization for Li-metal battery
  3. 3D Lithiophilic CuZrAg Metallic Glass Based‐Current Collector for High‐Performance Lithium Metal Anode
  4. Phoxonic bandgap modulation in optomechanical crystals with shifting hole
  5. Cobalt-based MOF nanoribbons with abundant O/N species for cycloaddition of carbon dioxide to epoxides
  6. Ballistic, superdiffusive, and diffusive heat transport regimes in a rough nanowire
  7. Guiding heat with nanostructures to create adjustable nanoscale hot spots
  8. Controlled Synthesis of Perforated Oxide Nanosheets with High Density Nanopores Showing Superior Water Purification Performance
  9. Understanding the Surface Reconstruction on Ternary WxCoBx for Water Oxidation and Zinc–Air Battery Applications
  10. Model for hot spots and Q -slope behavior in granular niobium thin film superconducting rf cavities
  11. Photo-promoted in situ reduction and stabilization of Pd nanoparticles by H2 at photo-insensitive Sm2O3 nanorods
  12. Ternary Mo2NiB2 as a Superior Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting
  13. Thermoelectric properties and low thermal conductivity of nanocomposite ZrTe5 under magnetic field
  14. Anisotropic Landau level splitting and Lifshitz transition induced magnetoresistance enhancement in ZrTe5 crystals
  15. Role of fluttering dislocations in the thermal interface resistance between a silicon crystal and plastic solid He4
  17. Heat conduction tuning by wave nature of phonons
  18. Thermal conductivity of phononic membranes with aligned and staggered lattices of holes at room and low temperatures
  19. Heat guiding and focusing using ballistic phonon transport in phononic nanostructures
  20. Impact of limiting dimension on thermal conductivity of one-dimensional silicon phononic crystals
  21. Heat flux induced blueshift of dominant phonon wavelength and its impact on thermal conductivity
  22. Thermal resistance at a solid/superfluid helium interface
  23. Geometrical tuning of thermal phonon spectrum in nanoribbons
  24. Thermal resistance at constrictions in 2D mesoscopic ribbons at low temperatures
  25. Kapitza resistance between superfluid helium and solid: Role of the boundary
  26. Pressure dependence of the thermal contact resistance at the Si/He interface