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  1. Reliability Analysis of Structures by Active Learning Enhanced Sparse Bayesian Regression
  2. Support vector machine in structural reliability analysis: A review
  3. Reliability analysis of underground tunnel by a novel adaptive Kriging based metamodeling approach
  4. Reliability analysis of structures by a three-stage sequential sampling based adaptive support vector regression model
  5. Reliability analysis of structures by iterative sequential sampling based response surface
  6. A generalized moving least square–based response surface method for efficient reliability analysis of structure
  7. Support vector regression based metamodel by sequential adaptive sampling for reliability analysis of structures
  8. Improved Adaptive Response Surface Method for Reliability Analysis of Structures
  9. Kriging Metamodeling-Based Monte Carlo Simulation for Improved Seismic Fragility Analysis of Structures
  10. Support vector regression based metamodeling for structural reliability analysis
  11. Metamodeling-Based Reliability Analysis of Structures Under Stochastic Dynamic Loads with Special Emphasis to Earthquake
  12. Support vector regression based metamodeling for seismic reliability analysis of structures