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  1. The Role of Footing Reinforcement by Micropiles: an Experimental and Numerical Study
  2. Engineering Assessment and Recycling of Building Stones Produced from the Destroyed Buildings in Old Mosul City
  3. From in situ investigation to FEM analysis: Application of Al-Hadba minaret foundation
  4. Assessment the stones compatibility based on salt weathering tests
  5. Thermal stress and damage risk in the stones of Al-Ziggurat in Al-Nimrud city, Iraq
  6. Preliminary digital health record of limestone walls in Al-Ziggurat, Al-Nimrud city, Iraq
  7. Critical degree of saturation: A control factor of freeze–thaw damage of porous limestones at Castle of Chambord, France
  8. Weathering of limestone on Al-Ziggurat walls in the ancient Al-Nimrud city (Iraq)
  9. Coupled thermal–hygric characterisation of elastic behaviour for soft and porous limestone
  10. Effect of thermal stress, condensation and freezing–thawing action on the degradation of stones on the Castle of Chambord, France
  11. Climatic conditions and limestone decay in Al-Namrud monuments, Iraq: Review and discussion