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  1. Investigating innovation capability and organizational performance in service firms
  2. The soft side of knowledge transfer partnerships between universities and small to medium enterprises: an exploratory study to understand process improvement
  3. Facilitating students’ (doctoral) transition to the workplace
  4. Environmental improvement initiatives in the coal mining industry: maximisation of the triple bottom line
  5. Integrating sustainable supply chain practices with operational performance: an exploratory study of Chinese SMEs
  6. Investigating “circular business models” in the manufacturing and service sectors
  7. Total quality environmental management: adoption status in the Chinese manufacturing sector
  8. Is your Brexit supply chain resilient enough? The British footwear manufacturers’ perspective
  9. Investigating the green impact of Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma
  10. Issues in Service Marketing in Emerging Economies
  11. Role of Operations Strategy and Big Data