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  1. Pioppino mushroom in southern Italy: an undervalued source of nutrients and bioactive compounds
  2. Inhibition of Aβ Amyloid Growth and Toxicity by Silybins: The Crucial Role of Stereochemistry
  3. New phosphorylating reagents for deoxyribonucleosides and oligonucleotides
  4. Stabilization vs. destabilization of G-quadruplex superstructures: the role of the porphyrin derivative having spermine arms
  5. Synthesis of β-l-2′-Fluoro-3′-thiacytidine (F-3TC) Stereoisomers: Toward a New Class of Oxathiolanyl Nucleosides?
  6. Traditional uses, chemical composition and biological activities ofSideritis raeseriBoiss. & Heldr.
  7. Toxin levels in different variety of potatoes: Alarming contents of α-chaconine
  8. Dietary phytochemicals and neuro-inflammaging: from mechanistic insights to translational challenges
  9. Bioactive Compounds of Aristotelia chilensis Stuntz and their Pharmacological Effects
  10. Polyphenolic Profile and Targeted Bioactivity of Methanolic Extracts from Mediterranean Ethnomedicinal Plants on Human Cancer Cell Lines
  11. Kinetic ESI-MS Studies of Potent Anti-HIV Aptamers Based on the G-Quadruplex Forming Sequence d(TGGGAG)
  12. Is Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni a Non Cariogenic Sweetener? A Review
  13. Fat Quality Influences the Obesogenic Effect of High Fat Diets
  14. A Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating the Efficacy of an Anthocyanin–Maqui Berry Extract (Delphinol®) on Oxidative Stress Biomarkers
  15. Tomato purée enriched with lyophilized tomato pomace
  16. Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitors isolated fromArtemisia roxburghiana
  17. Gymnema sylvestre R. Br., an Indian Medicinal Herb: Traditional Uses, Chemical Composition, and Biological Activity
  18. Synthesis of New Silybin Derivatives and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant Properties
  19. Valle Agricola lentil, an unknown lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) seed from Southern Italy as a novel antioxidant and prebiotic source
  20. Determination of theIn VitroandIn VivoAntimicrobial Activity on Salivary Streptococci and Lactobacilli and Chemical Characterisation of the Phenolic Content of aPlantago lanceolataInfusion
  21. Hairpin oligonucleotides forming G-quadruplexes: New aptamers with anti-HIV activity
  22. New silibinin glyco-conjugates: Synthesis and evaluation of antioxidant properties
  23. Triterpenoids from Gymnema sylvestre and Their Pharmacological Activities
  24. ChemInform Abstract: New Acylated Oleanane and Lupane Triterpenes from Gymnema sylvestre
  25. Ecotoxicological evaluation of caffeine and its derivatives from a simulated chlorination step
  26. Synthesis, biophysical characterization and anti-HIV activity of d(TG3AG) Quadruplexes bearing hydrophobic tails at the 5′-end
  27. C-4 Gem-Dimethylated Oleanes of Gymnema sylvestre and Their Pharmacological Activities
  28. New Acylated Oleanane and Lupane Triterpenes fromGymnema sylvestre
  29. Microwave-assisted oxidation of silibinin: a simple and preparative method for the synthesis of improved radical scavengers
  30. Sildenafil and tadalafil in simulated chlorination conditions: Ecotoxicity of drugs and their derivatives
  31. ChemInform Abstract: A Mild Approach to Diarylfuranones via Functionalized 2-Arylfurans.
  32. Phytotoxic activity of Cleome arabica L. and its principal discovered active compounds
  33. Isolation of lignans as seed germination and plant growth inhibitors from Mediterranean plants and chemical synthesis of some analogues
  34. A Rapid and Simple Chromatographic Separation of Diastereomers of Silibinin and Their Oxidation to Produce 2,3-Dehydrosilybin Enantiomers in an Optically Pure Form
  35. New Triterpenes fromGymnema sylvestre
  36. A mild approach to diarylfuranones via functionalized 2-arylfurans
  37. Molecular insights to explore abietane diterpenes as new LOX inhibitors
  38. Preclinical Profile of Bacopasides From Bacopa monnieri (BM) As An Emerging Class of Therapeutics for Management of Chronic Pains
  39. Preclinical Profile of Bacopasides From Bacopa monnieri (BM) As An Emerging Class of Therapeutics for Management of Chronic Pains
  40. Synthesis of Oligonucleotide Conjugates and Phosphorylated Nucleotide Analogues: An Improvement to a Solid Phase Synthetic Approach
  41. New Silybin Scaffold for Chemical Diversification: Synthesis of Novel 23-Phosphodiester Silybin Conjugates
  42. Chemical fate and genotoxic risk associated with hypochlorite treatment of nicotine
  43. ChemInform Abstract: Regiodivergent Synthesis of Trisubstituted Furans Through Tf2O-Catalyzed Friedel-Crafts Acylation: A Tool for Access to Tetrahydrofuran Lignan Analogues.
  44. A novel synthetic strategy for monosubstituted cyclodextrin derivatives
  45. Regiodivergent synthesis of trisubstituted furans through Tf2O-catalyzed Friedel–Crafts acylation: a tool for access to tetrahydrofuranlignan analogues
  46. Determination of photostability and photodegradation products of indomethacin in aqueous media
  47. New C-23 modified of silybin and 2,3-dehydrosilybin: Synthesis and preliminary evaluation of antioxidant properties
  48. Lignans from Phillyrea angustifolia L.
  49. Plant Polyphenols and Their Anti-Cariogenic Properties: A Review
  50. A new aromatic component fromOxalis pes-caprae
  51. ChemInform Abstract: Lactone Diterpenes from the Aquatic Plant Potamogeton natans
  52. Fatty Acids Released by Chlorella vulgaris and Their Role in Interference with Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata: Experiments and Modelling
  53. Structures of new phenylphenalene-related compounds from Eichhornia crassipes (water hyacinth)
  54. Phytotoxic Aromatic Constituents ofOxalis pes-caprae
  55. Phenyl Cinnamate Derivatives fromOxalis pes-caprae
  56. Chemical Characterization of New Oxylipins from Cestrum parqui, and Their Effects on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth
  57. Revised structures of phenylphenalene derivatives from Eichhornia crassipes
  58. Photochemical behaviour of musk tibetene
  59. Lignans by photo-oxidation of propenyl phenols
  60. TG, FT-IR and NMR characterization of n-C16H34 contaminated alumina and silica after mechanochemical treatment
  61. Cinnamic Ester Derivatives fromOxalis pes-caprae(Bermuda Buttercup)#
  62. Lignans, neolignans and sesquilignans from Cestrum parqui l'Her.
  63. Phytotoxicity of Secondary Metabolites fromAptenia cordifolia
  64. Synthesis of dimeric phenylethanoids isolated from olive oil mill wastewaters
  65. Isolation of Seed Germination and Plant Growth Inhibitors from Mediterranean Plants: Their Potential Use as Herbicides
  66. Apteniols A—F, Oxyneolignans from the Leaves of Aptenia cordifolia
  67. Cinnamic acid amides and lignanamides from Aptenia cordifolia
  68. Isolation and characterization of new lignans from the leaves of Cestrum parqui
  69. Terpenoids and phenol derivatives from Malva silvestris
  70. Phenols and lignans fromChenopodium album
  71. Apteniols A–F, oxyneolignans from the leaves of Aptenia cordifolia
  72. Structural characterization of phytotoxic terpenoids from Cestrum parqui
  73. Structure Elucidation and Phytotoxicity of Ecdysteroids fromChenopodium album
  74. C 13 Norisoprenoids from Brassica Fruticulosa
  75. Dimeric phenanthrenoids fromJuncus acutus
  76. A new xyloside fromChenopodium album
  77. Chenoalbicin, a Novel Cinnamic Acid Amide Alkaloid fromChenopodium album
  78. Isolation and Phytotoxicity of Apocarotenoids fromChenopodiumalbum
  79. Low Molecular Weight Phenols from the Bioactive Aqueous Fraction ofCestrum parqui
  80. Low-molecular-weight components of olive oil mill waste-waters
  81. Bioactivity of Phenanthrenes from Juncus acutus on Selenastrum capricornutum
  82. Cinnamic acid amides from Chenopodium album: effects on seeds germination and plant growth
  83. Lignans and Neolignans fromBrassicafruticulosa:  Effects on Seed Germination and Plant Growth
  84. Benzocoumarins from the rhizomes of Juncus acutus
  85. New dimeric phenanthrenoids from the rhizomes of Juncus acutus. Structure determination and antialgal activity
  86. Synthesis of Degraded Cyanogenic Glycosides From Sambucus Nigra
  87. Solid-State Photodimerization of Steroid Enones†
  88. Phenanthrenoids from the wetland Juncus acutus
  89. A new dimeric 9,10-dihydrophenanthrenoid from the rhizome of Juncus acutus
  90. Potential allelochemicals from Sambucus nigra
  91. Antialgal furano-diterpenes from Potamogeton natans L.
  92. Toxicity evaluation of natural and synthetic phenanthrenes in aquatic systems
  93. Two New Polyhydroxylated Sterols from Ruppia maritima
  94. Lactone diterpenes from the aquatic plant Potamogeton natans
  95. Solid-State Photodimerization of Cholest-4-en-3-one
  97. Antialgal ent-labdane diterpenes from Ruppia maritima
  98. Minor Bioactive Dihydrophenanthrenes fromJuncus effusus
  99. Stratioside II - a C13 Norterpene Glucoside fromPistia stratiotes
  100. Tetrahydropyrene Glucosides fromJuncus effusus
  101. Effusides I-V: 9,10-dihydrophenanthrene glucosides from Juncus effusus