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  1. Sex offender registration and notification act with adolescents adjudicated for illegal sexual behavior: a therapeutic jurisprudence perspective
  2. Public perceptions of castle doctrine and stand your ground cases
  3. Adapting assessment processes to consider cultural mistrust in forensic practices: An example with the MMPI instruments.
  4. Improving Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Research on Sexual Abuse Perpetration
  5. A roadmap for preventing and responding to trauma: Practical guidance for advancing community-engaged research.
  6. Advocacy education and training in psychology
  7. Toward an Abolitionist Practice of Psychology: Reimagining Psychology’s Relationship With the Criminal Justice System
  8. The Same Dynamics, Different Tactics: Domestic Violence During COVID-19
  9. Chapter 13: Like a Lollipop: Toxic Masculinity and Female Sexual Pleasure in Hip-Hop
  10. Sick and Shut In: Incarceration During a Public Health Crisis
  11. Poly-victimization among Adolescents Adjudicated for Illegal Sexual Behavior: A Latent Class Analysis
  12. Influence of race and medical evidence on juror decisions about child sexual abuse
  13. Inclusive sexuality training for psychologists.
  14. Consensual non-monogamy in HBO hit series Insecure
  15. Hypermasculinity and childhood maltreatment impact sexual coercion in college males.
  16. The association between specific competence-related abilities and competence restoration treatment
  17. Childhood victimization and risky sexual behavior in college women
  18. Association between sexual victimization history and risky sexual behavior
  19. From Family Violence Exposure to Violent Offending: Examining Effects of Race and Mental Health in a Moderated Mediation Model Among Confined Male Juveniles
  20. Offence characteristics and cognitive functioning in juveniles adjudicated for illegal sexual behaviour
  21. Race and Victim Age Matter: Sexual Behaviors and Experiences Among Confined African American and European American Youth With Sexual and Nonsexual Offenses
  22. The Effects of Polyvictimization and Quality of Caregiver Attachment on Disclosure of Illegal Sexual Behavior
  23. Judicial Decision-Making and Juvenile Offenders: Effects of Medical Evidence and Victim Age
  24. Risk Assessment of Juveniles Adjudicated for Possession of Child Sexual Exploitation Material
  25. Underdiagnosing PTSD in Forensic Settings
  26. The Neuropsychology of Adolescent Sexual Offending
  27. Childhood Sexual Abuse in Adolescents Adjudicated for Sexual Offenses: Mental Health Consequences and Sexual Offending Behaviors
  28. Childhood Victimization, Poly-Victimization, and Adjustment to College in Women
  29. Polyvictimization, Childhood Victimization, and Psychological Distress in College Women