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  1. The faunal Ponto-Caspianization of central and western European waterways
  2. Tracking a killer shrimp: Dikerogammarus villosus invasion dynamics across Europe
  3. Direct habitat descriptors improve the understanding of the organization of fish and macroinvertebrate communities across a large catchment
  4. A functional vulnerability framework for biodiversity conservation
  5. Regional, multi-decadal analysis on the Loire River basin reveals that stream temperature increases faster than air temperature
  6. Invasion impacts and dynamics of a European‐wide introduced species
  7. Does global change increase the risk of maladaptation of Atlantic salmon migration through joint modifications of river temperature and discharge?
  8. Joint temporal trends in river thermal and hydrological conditions can threaten the downstream migration of the critically endangered European eel
  9. Sediment reworking by the burrowing polychaete Hediste diversicolor modulated by environmental and biological factors across the temperate North Atlantic. A tribute to Gaston Desrosiers
  10. The dimensionality and structure of species trait spaces
  11. Metabolic regime shifts and ecosystem state changes are decoupled in a large river
  12. Rebound in functional distinctiveness following warming and reduced fishing in the North Sea
  13. Effect of water warming on the structure of biofilm-dwelling communities
  14. Consistent but secondary influence of hydropeaking on stream fish assemblages in space and time
  15. A framework for pre-processing individual location telemetry data for freshwater fish in a river section
  16. An innovative bivariate approach to detect joint temporal trends in environmental conditions: Application to large French rivers and diadromous fish
  17. The effect of lateral connectedness on the taxonomic and functional structure of fish communities in a lowland river floodplain
  18. Interpretation of interannual variability in long-term aquatic ecological surveys
  19. The future of fish‐based ecological assessment of European rivers: from traditional EU Water Framework Directive compliant methods to eDNA metabarcoding‐based approaches
  20. Behaviour of Atlantic salmon smolts approaching a bypass under light and dark conditions
  21. Otolith shape analysis and daily increment validation of European chub
  22. Poleward shift in large-river fish communities
  23. Climate change effects in alpine catchments
  24. Monte-Carlo methods to assess the uncertainty related to the use of predictive multimetric indices
  25. Influence of temperature on population growth and body-size of nematodes species
  26. Environmental DNA reveals quantitative patterns of fish biodiversity in large rivers
  27. Otolith morphometry as tools to analyze the effects of a flash flood
  28. Physico-chemical thresholds in the distribution of fish species among French lakes
  29. Identification of Priority Areas for the Conservation of Stream Fish Assemblages: Implications for River Management in France
  30. Can Recent Global Changes Explain the Dramatic Range Contraction of an Endangered Semi-Aquatic Mammal Species in the French Pyrenees?
  31. Hindcasting modelling for restoration and conservation planning: application to stream fish assemblages
  32. Framework of diversity for prioritizing the conservation of fish assemblages