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  1. Rejection sensitivity and sexual minority men’s social anxiety disorder: The moderating role of sexual identity strength
  2. Emotion regulation in context: Expressive flexibility as a stigma coping resource for sexual minority men.
  3. Rejection sensitivity across sex, sexual orientation, and age: Measurement invariance and latent mean differences.
  4. Development and Validation of Two Abbreviated Intraminority Gay Community Stress Scales
  5. Syndemic Profiles and Sexual Minority Men’s HIV-Risk Behavior: A Latent Class Analysis
  6. Prevalence of Bullying Among Youth Classified as LGBTQ Who Died by Suicide as Reported in the National Violent Death Reporting System, 2003-2017
  7. The Health Challenges of Emerging Adult Gay Men
  8. Misinformation, misperceptions, and healthcare provider communication about HPV among young gay men
  9. Human Papillomavirus Vaccination and Infection in Young Sexual Minority Men: The P18 Cohort Study