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  1. Characterization of Solibacillus silvestris strain AM1
  2. Bioemulsifier (BE-AM1) produced bySolibacillus silvestrisAM1 is a functional amyloid that modulates bacterial cell-surface properties
  3. Effective remediation of fish processing waste using mixed culture biofilms capable of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification
  4. Microcosm-based interaction studies between members of two ecophysiological groups of bioemulsifier producer and a hydrocarbon degrader from the Indian intertidal zone
  5. Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification by novel heterotrophs in remediation of fish processing effluent
  6. Analysis of Midgut Bacterial Community Structure of <i>Neanthes chilkaensis</i> from Polluted Mudflats of Gorai, Mumbai, India
  7. Physicochemical characterization of a thermostable glycoprotein bioemulsifier from Solibacillus silvestris AM1