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  1. Perceptions of General Attitudes towards Older Adults in Society: Is There a Link between Perceived Life Satisfaction, Self-Compassion, and Health-Related Quality of Life?
  2. Feasibility and preliminary evaluation of internet-based compassion and cognitive–behavioral stress-management courses for health care professionals: A randomized controlled pilot trial
  3. An internet-based compassion course for healthcare professionals: Rationale and protocol for a randomised controlled trial
  4. An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the lived experiences of older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden
  5. Group-based compassion focused therapy with adolescent girls
  6. An exploration of group-based compassion-focused therapy for adolescents and their parents
  7. Self-compassion in old age: internal consistency of the self-compassion scale-short form
  8. Group-based compassion-focused therapy for the parents of adolescents with mental health problems
  9. Most important negative life events in older adults bereaved of child, spouse or both.
  10. Effects on life satisfaction of older adults after child and spouse bereavement
  11. Mortality Risk in Older Adults