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  1. Activation of the cascade-system in small airways- a pilot study in asthma with small airway involvement
  2. What influence surfactant composition?
  3. Corrigendum
  4. Occupational exposure to vapor, gas, dust, or fumes and chronic airflow limitation, COPD, and emphysema: the Swedish CArdioPulmonary BioImage Study (SCAPIS pilot)
  5. Validity of physician-diagnosed COPD in relation to spirometric definitions of COPD in a general population aged 50–64 years – the SCAPIS pilot study
  6. Measures of bronchodilator response of FEV1, FVC and SVC in a Swedish general population sample aged 50–64 years, the SCAPIS Pilot Study
  7. New evidence of increased risk of rhinitis in subjects with COPD: a longitudinal population study
  8. Vital capacity and COPD: the Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study (SCAPIS)
  9. Potential of Mass Spectrometry in Developing Clinical Laboratory Biomarkers of Nonvolatiles in Exhaled Breath