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  1. Towards semantic operationalisation of the business model: a step forward
  2. They are not all the same: Determinants of attendance across different sectors in a stadium
  3. Geographical Distribution of Economic Impact: Sporting Events in Small Cities
  4. Survival of Russian banks: how efficient are the control measures?
  5. Evaluating the performance of Spanish sport federations
  6. The Impact of Innovations on the Competitive Balance in the Kontinental Hockey League
  7. Implications for tourism management of including uncertainty in the estimation of the economic impact of sports events
  8. Are football clubs as pieces of art or as regular corporations? An empirical evidence of market valuation of football clubs in the big 5 leagues
  9. Wage Dispersion and Team Performance: The Moderation Role of Club Size
  10. Sports event portfolios: an innovative tool and a new management paradigm
  11. Testing the contestable market theory in eSports
  12. Shadow prices for intangible resources
  13. Fans in the ownership of Big Five leagues: lessons for better football governance
  14. Management in a complex scenario: World Cup, alternative stadiums and demand for tickets
  15. Profits may lead teams to lose matches, but scoring goals does not lead to profit
  16. Differences in the Behavior of Tourist Expenditure According to the Sports Category of the Event: Evidence for a Master and Absolute Championship
  17. Sport-event portfolios: An analysis of their ability to attract revenue from tourism
  18. At the stadium or at home: the effect of broadcasting matches
  19. Socio-economic factors that affect the demand for tickets
  20. Leagues, tournaments, and competitions
  21. The Impact of Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Financial Fair Play Regulation on Audit Fees: Evidence from Spanish Football
  22. The Impact of UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulation on Audit Fees: Evidence from Spanish Football
  23. Determinants of the spending of sporting tourists: The case of attendees at professional basketball
  24. Brand teams and distribution of wealth in Brazilian State Championships
  25. Acceleration effect of intangibles in the recovery of corporate performance after-crisis
  26. Fan preferences: one country, two markets and different behaviours
  27. Endogenous value creation: managerial decisions on intangibles
  28. Bridging the gap in competitiveness of Russian companies with intangible bricks
  29. Status-quo vs new strategy in intangibles
  30. Impacto económico del deporte: tema de interés creciente en la literatura científica / Economic Impact of Sport: Topic of Growing Interest for the Scientific Literature
  31. Sports scores, financial and administrative variables on the financial performance of football clubs
  32. Intangible-intensive profiles of companies: protection during the economic crisis of 2008-2009
  33. Beyond retrospective assessment. Sport event economic impact studies as a management tool for informing event organization
  35. Playoffs or Just League: A Debate in Brazilian Football
  36. Intangible-driven performance: company size matters
  37. intangibles profile of companies
  38. Reinventing the economics of sport
  39. Metrics for the elements of intellectual capital in an economy driven by knowledge
  40. On the regional economic effects of the Pope's journeys: evidence from the visit to Santiago de Compostela in 2010
  41. Value creation through intellectual capital in developed European markets
  42. The dynamics of intellectual resources during the economic crisis
  43. The Contribution of Intellectual Capital to Value Creation
  44. Parameters that Provide Higher Explanation Estimating Betas in the Portuguese Stock Market¹
  45. Management Tools for Evaluating Performance and Value Creation in Sports Organisations
  46. The relationship between intellectual capital quality and corporate performance: An empirical study of Russian and European companies
  47. Best Practices in Management Accounting
  48. The Influence of Economic Factors in Urban Sports Facility Planning: A Study on Spanish Regions
  49. Managing Football
  50. Economic impact of support in Spanish professional football
  51. A Model to Explain Support in Spanish Football
  52. Book reviews
  53. Does Sports Performance Influence Revenues and Economic Results in Spanish Football?
  54. Management Tools for Evaluating Performance and Value Creation in Sports Organisations
  55. Competitive Balance and Concentration Ratios in Economic Terms in Liga BBVA
  56. Sport Events as a Tool for City Marketing
  57. Sport Events as a Tool for City Marketing
  58. Economic Conditions and Changes in the Financial Valuation of a Brand (Coyuntura Económica y Variación en la Valoración Financiera de una Marca)