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  1. Ecology and distribution patterns of Chara connivens (Charophyta, Characeae) on the Canary Islands – the first record from Fuerteventura
  2. Species of Ulva as indicators of salinity
  3. The influence of abiotic factors on the bloom-forming alga Ulva flexuosa (Ulvaceae, Chlorophyta): possibilities for the control of the green tides in freshwater ecosystems
  4. Ulva may be used as a refuge and a source of food by freshwater snails.
  5. Ecological preferences of freshwater Ulva flexuosa (Ulvales; Ulvophyceae): development of macroalgal mats in a Tulce fishpond (Wielkopolska Region, Poland)
  6. Differentiation of inland Ulva flexuosa Wulfen (Ulvaceae, Chlorophyta) from Western Poland
  7. Herbarium of freshwater Ulva
  8. Ulva flexuosa(Ulvaceae, Chlorophyta) inhabiting inland aquatic ecosystems: molecular, morphological and ecological discrimination of subspecies
  9. Morphological and ultrastructural studies on Ulva flexuosa subsp. pilifera (Chlorophyta) from Poland
  10. The accumulation of metal (Co, Cr, Cu, Mn and Zn) in freshwater Ulva (Chlorophyta) and its habitat
  11. Ulva flexuosa subsp. pilifera (Chlorophyta, Ulvophyceae) from the Wielkopolska region (West Poland): a new observation on the ultrastructure of vegetative cells
  12. Freshwater Ulva (Chlorophyta) as a bioaccumulator of selected heavy metals (Cd, Ni and Pb) and alkaline earth metals (Ca and Mg)
  13. Abiotic factors affecting the development of Ulva sp. (Ulvophyceae; Chlorophyta) in freshwater ecosystems
  14. The distribution of green algae species from the Ulva genera (syn. Enteromorpha; Chlorophyta) in Polish inland waters