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  1. Barriers to Follow-Up in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Programs
  2. Speaking Rate, Immediate Memory, and Grammatical Processing in Prelingual Cochlear Implant Recipients
  3. Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives of Siblings of Children With Cochlear Implants
  4. Music Perception and Speech-in-Noise Skills of Typical Hearing and Cochlear Implant Listeners
  5. Early Vocabulary Profiles of Young Deaf Children Who Use Cochlear Implants
  6. Effect of auditory status on visual emotion recognition in adolescents
  7. Effect of Hearing Loss on Peer Victimization in School-Age Children
  8. Inconsistent device use in pediatric cochlear implant users: Prevalence and risk factors
  9. A comparative study of psychosocial development in children who receive cochlear implants