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  1. Effects of alternating blood-flow restricted training and heavy-load resistance training on myofiber morphology and mechanical muscle function
  2. Key Components of Human Myofibre Denervation and Neuromuscular Junction Stability are Modulated by Age and Exercise
  3. Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Preserves Leg Lean Mass in Geriatric Patients
  4. Preserved capacity for satellite cell proliferation, regeneration, and hypertrophy in the skeletal muscle of healthy elderly men
  5. Molecular indicators of denervation in aging human skeletal muscle
  6. Using ultrasonography to detect loss of muscle mass in the hospitalized geriatric population
  7. Lack of muscle fibre hypertrophy, myonuclear addition, and satellite cell pool expansion with resistance training in 83‐94‐year‐old men and women
  8. Can electrical stimulation enhance effects of a functional training program in hospitalized geriatric patients?
  9. In acutely admitted geriatric patients, offering increased physical activity during hospitalization decreases length of stay and can improve mobility
  10. Skeletal muscle morphology and regulatory signalling in endurance-trained and sedentary individuals: The influence of ageing
  11. Inflammation Relates to Resistance Training–induced Hypertrophy in Elderly Patients
  12. Improved Functional Performance in Geriatric Patients During Hospital Stay
  13. Skin autofluorescence is associated with arterial stiffness and insulin level in endurance runners and healthy controls - Effects of aging and endurance exercise
  14. Matters of fiber size and myonuclear domain: Does size matter more than age?
  15. Age-related decline in mitral peak diastolic velocities is unaffected in well-trained runners
  16. Heat acclimatization does not improve VO2maxor cycling performance in a cool climate in trained cyclists
  17. Time course of natural heat acclimatization in well-trained cyclists during a 2-week training camp in the heat
  18. Novel Speed Test for Evaluation of Badminton-Specific Movements
  19. Effect of Heat and Heat Acclimatization on Cycling Time Trial Performance and Pacing
  20. Differential satellite cell density of type I and II fibres with lifelong endurance running in old men
  21. Life-long endurance exercise in humans: Circulating levels of inflammatory markers and leg muscle size