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  1. Survey that present Lean education as a valuable learning by organizational leaders.
  2. Lean Principles in an Operating Room Environment
  3. The Möbius Strip of Lean Engineering and Systems Engineering
  4. What Lean Teaches Us About Ethics in Engineering
  5. Comparing Engineering Education Systems Among USA, EU, Philippines and South Africa
  6. Definition of a Protocol for Implementing Lean Production Methodology in Textile and Clothing Case Studies
  7. Why Require Ethics in Engineering?
  8. Design of a Lean Methodology for an Ergonomic and Sustainable Work Environment in Textile and Garment Industry
  9. Project Based Learning in First Year, First Semester of Industrial Engineering and Management: Some Results
  10. Lean production as promoter of thinkers to achieve companies' agility
  11. A Project Management Framework for Planning and Executing Interdisciplinary Learning Projects in Engineering Education
  12. Benefits of Lean Teaching
  13. Towards Eco-efficient Lean Production Systems
  14. Measurement Rounding Errors in an Assessment Model of Project Led Engineering Education
  15. Cellular Manufacturing
  16. Design of Product Oriented Manufacturing Systems