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  1. Modeling traveler’s speed-route joint choice behavior with heterogeneous safety concern
  2. Automatic Ship Object Detection Model Based on YOLOv4 with Transformer Mechanism in Remote Sensing Images
  3. Green smart grid predictive analysis to integrate sustainable energy of emerging V2G in smart city technologies
  4. Applications of unsaturated polyester resins in asphalt pavements
  5. Optimal Deployment of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Dedicated Lanes: A Trade-Off between Safety and Efficiency
  6. Pursuing higher acceptability and compliance for electric two-wheeler standardization policy in China: The importance of socio-demographic characteristics, psychological factors, and travel habits
  7. Exploring factors affecting the injury severity of freeway tunnel crashes: A random parameters approach with heterogeneity in means and variances
  8. Understanding drivers’ awareness, habits and intentions inside road tunnels for effective safety policies
  9. What Factors Would Make Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Crashes Fatal? Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
  10. Factors Affecting Injury Severity of Crashes in Freeway Tunnel Groups: A Random Parameter Approach
  11. Land-Use/Land Cover Changes Contribute to Land Surface Temperature: A Case Study of the Upper Indus Basin of Pakistan
  12. Impacts of COVID-19 on individuals’ mobility behavior in Pakistan based on self-reported responses
  13. Identifying Factors Contributing to the Motorcycle Crash Severity in Pakistan
  14. Home-Delivery-Oriented Agri-Food Supply Chain Alliance: Framework, Management Strategies, and Cooperation Stability Control
  15. Revisiting freeway single tunnel crash characteristics analysis: A six-zone analytic approach
  16. Crash analysis of expressway long tunnels using a seven-zone analytic approach
  17. Crash analysis of Chinese freeway tunnel groups using a five-zone analytic approach