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  1. Integrated transcriptome, DNA methylome and chromatin state accessibility landscapes reveal regulators of Atlantic salmon maturation
  2. “Relationship Status” Changes Gene Expression in Corals & Symbiotic Algae
  3. Comparative transcriptomic analyses of Chromera and Symbiodiniaceae
  4. Genomes of the dinoflagellate Polarella glacialis encode tandemly repeated single-exon genes with adaptive functions
  5. Close relationship between coral-associated Chromera strains despite major differences within the Symbiodiniaceae
  6. Genomes of Symbiodiniaceae reveal extensive sequence divergence but conserved functions at family and genus levels
  7. Structural rearrangements drive extensive genome divergence between symbiotic and free-living Symbiodinium
  8. Polarella glacialis genomes encode tandem repeats of single-exon genes with functions critical to adaptation of dinoflagellates
  9. Transcriptomic insights into the establishment of coral-algal symbioses from the symbiont perspective
  10. Polygenic and sex specific architecture for two maturation traits in farmed Atlantic salmon
  11. Current Knowledge of Coral Diseases Present Within the Red Sea
  12. Multi-Tissue Transcriptome Profiling of North American Derived Atlantic Salmon
  13. Deciphering the nature of the coral–Chromera association
  14. The transcriptomic response of the coralAcropora digitiferato a competentSymbiodiniumstrain: the symbiosome as an arrested early phagosome