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  1. Why does Africa have the lowest number of Neurologists and how to cover the Gap?
  2. How New Technologies Could Help Improve Healthcare, Teaching, and Sensitization During Pandemics Like COVID-19
  3. Changes in migraine characteristics over 30 days of Ramadan fasting: A prospective study
  4. Pharmacotherapy of Multiple Sclerosis and Treatment Strategies
  5. Epilepsy surgery in Africa: state of the art and challenges
  6. The aquaporin4-IgG status and how it affects the clinical features and treatment response in NMOSD patients in Egypt
  7. Gender difference in health issues and cognitive functions among an Egyptian normal elderly population
  8. Ictal asystole: a case presentation
  9. Electroconvulsive therapy as a treatment option for intractable epilepsy: a case report
  10. Role of interleukin-6 in refractory epilepsy
  11. Role of serum TRAIL level and TRAIL apoptosis gene in multiple sclerosis and their relation with brain atrophy