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  1. Light exposure of laboratory animals
  2. Light exposure alertness and sleep
  3. In the Eye of the Beholder: Measuring and Standardising Light for Laboratory Mammals
  4. Beyond Lux: Methods for Species and Photoreceptor-Specific Quantification of Ambient Light for Mammals
  5. Education mediating the associations between early life factors and frailty: a cross-sectional study of the UK Biobank
  6. Brighter Time: A Smartphone App Recording Cognitive Task Performance and Illuminance in Everyday Life
  7. Associations between chronotype and employment status in a longitudinal study of an elderly population
  8. The effect of season of birth on brain epigenome-wide DNA methylation of older adults
  9. Early life factors and COVID-19 infection in England: A prospective analysis of UK Biobank participants
  10. Epigenetic Regulation of BMAL1 with Sleep Disturbances and Alzheimer’s Disease
  11. Interactions between season of birth, chronological age and genetic polymorphisms in determining later-life chronotype
  12. Seasonality and season of birth effect in the UK Biobank cohort
  13. Longitudinal change of sleep timing: association between chronotype and longevity in older adults
  14. Longitudinal sleep efficiency in the elderly and its association with health