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  1. Transnational freelancing: Ephemeral creative projects and mobility in the music recording industry
  2. Creating the Right ‘Vibe’: Emotional Labour and Musical Performance in the Recording Studio
  3. ‘Running a studio's a silly business’: work and employment in the contemporary recording studio sector
  4. Invisible Agents and hidden Protagonists: Rethinking Creative Cities Policy
  5. Sociological Perspectives on the Economic Geography of Projects: The Case of Project‐Based Working in the Creative Industries
  6. The world according to iTunes: mapping urban networks of music production
  7. US Hegemony and the Obama Administration: Towards a New World Order?
  8. Spaces and Networks of Musical Creativity in the City
  9. Global music city: knowledge and geographical proximity in London's recorded music industry
  10. How Global is the ‘Global Media’? Analysing the Networked Urban Geographies of Transnational Media Corporations