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  1. Fracture Behavior and Characterization of Lead-Free Brass Alloys for Machining Applications
  2. Effect of carbon nanotube enhanced adhesives on degradation of bonded joints in corrosive environments
  3. Thermal and electrical behavior of nano-modified cement mortar
  4. Optimisation and analysis of the reinforcement effect of carbon nanotubes in a typical matrix system
  5. Current injection phase thermography for low-velocity impact damage identification in composite laminates
  6. Real-Time Debonding Monitoring of Composite Repaired Materials via Electrical, Acoustic, and Thermographic Methods
  7. Carbon nanotube growth on high modulus carbon fibres: Morphological and interfacial characterization
  8. Interlaminar shear strength and thermo-mechanical properties of nano-enhanced composite materials under thermal shock
  9. Corrosion and environmental degradation of bonded composite repair
  10. Carbon Nanotube Enhanced Aerospace Composite Materials
  11. An Acoustic Emission Study for Monitoring Anterior Cruciate Ligament Failure Under Tension
  12. Enhanced bonded aircraft repair using nano-modified adhesives
  13. On the electrical properties of multi scale reinforced composites for damage accumulation monitoring
  14. Effect of dispersion conditions on the thermo-mechanical and toughness properties of multi walled carbon nanotubes-reinforced epoxy
  15. Stress Induced Changes in the Raman Spectrum of Carbon Nanostructures and Their Composites
  16. Carbon Nanotubes for Novel Hybrid Structural Composites with Enhanced Damage Tolerance and Self-Sensing/Actuating Abilities
  17. Acoustic Emission as a Tool for Damage Identification and Characterization in Glass Reinforced Cross Ply Laminates
  18. Acoustic structural health monitoring of composite materials : Damage identification and evaluation in cross ply laminates using acoustic emission and ultrasonics
  19. Low-velocity impact damage identification using a novel current injection thermographic technique
  20. Simultaneous acoustic and dielectric real time curing monitoring of epoxy systems
  21. Structural health monitoring of aerospace materials used in industry using electrical potential mapping methods
  22. Critical and subcritical damage monitoring of bonded composite repairs using innovative non-destructive techniques
  23. Dispersion monitoring of carbon nanotube modified epoxy systems
  24. Damage Assessment in Fibrous Composites Using Acoustic Emission
  25. Room vs. temperature studies of model composites: modes of failure of carbon fibre/epoxy interfaces
  26. Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing V
  27. Monitoring of resin curing and hardening by ultrasound
  28. Influence of fiber chemical coating on the acoustic emission behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete
  29. Acoustic emission characterization of the fracture process in fibre reinforced concrete
  30. Continuous Monitoring of Setting and Hardening of Epoxy Resin
  31. Monitoring of Failure of Composite Laminates using Acoustic Emission
  32. Innovative non-destructive evaluation and damage characterisation of composite aerostructures using thermography
  33. Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Carbon Fibre‐Reinforced Polymer Laminates With Nano‐ and Micro‐Fillers
  34. Effects of Fibre Geometry and Volume Fraction on the Flexural Behaviour of Steel‐Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  35. Rupture of anterior cruciate ligament monitored by acoustic emission
  36. Monitoring strain and damage in multi-phase composite materials using electrical resistance methods
  37. Effect of fiber surface conditioning on the acoustic emission behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete
  38. In service damage assessment of bonded composite repairs with full field thermographic techniques
  39. Mechanical degradation of cross-ply laminates monitored by acoustic emission
  40. On the fatigue life prediction of CFRP laminates using the Electrical Resistance Change method
  43. Cadaveric Study of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Failure Patterns Under Uniaxial Tension Along the Ligament
  44. Acoustic emission monitoring of degradation of cross ply laminates
  45. Impact and after-impact properties of carbon fibre reinforced composites enhanced with multi-wall carbon nanotubes
  46. Service induced damage in composite laminates: non destructive assessment, quantification and modeling
  47. Acoustic emission characterization of steel fibre reinforced concrete during bending
  48. Repair integrity monitoring of composite aerostructures using thermographic imaging
  49. Acoustic emission behavior of steel fibre reinforced concrete under bending
  50. In situdamage monitoring of cross-ply laminates using acoustic emission
  51. Multistage fatigue life monitoring on carbon fibre reinforced polymers enhanced with multiwall carbon nanotubes
  52. Acoustic emission of steel-fiber concrete under four-point bending
  53. Nano-enhanced aerospace composites for increased damage tolerance and service life damage monitoring
  54. Damage Monitoring of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Laminates Using Resistance Measurements. Improving Sensitivity Using Carbon Nanotube Doped Epoxy Matrix System
  55. Enhanced Fracture Properties of Carbon Reinforced Composites by the Addition of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
  56. Environmental degradation of carbon nanotube-modified composite laminates: a study of electrical resistivity
  57. Mode I interlaminar fracture of CNF or/and PZT doped CFRPs via acoustic emission monitoring
  58. Enhancement of the mechanical performance of an epoxy resin and fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites by the introduction of CNF and PZT particles at the microscale
  59. Anisotropic damage of alumina/alumina CFCCs under long term high temperature exposure: Investigations by ultrasonic stiffness measurements and quasi-static tests
  60. Interfacial damage modelling of composites
  61. Interfacial damage modelling of composites
  62. A simple model for the prediction of the fatigue delamination growth of impacted composite panels
  63. Use of FT-NIR spectroscopy for on-line monitoring of formaldehyde-based resin synthesis
  64. Ultrasonic Stiffness Matrix Measurements of Oxide/Oxide Composites
  65. Use of NIR for structural characterization of urea–formaldehyde resins
  66. Modelling the stress-transfer efficiency of carbon-epoxy interfaces
  67. Secondary Structure of Chorion Proteins of the Teleostean Fish Dentex dentex by ATR FT-IR and FT-Raman Spectroscopy
  68. Unification of fibre/matrix interfacial measurements with Raman microscopy
  69. Unification of fibre/matrix interfacial measurements with Raman microscopy
  70. Stress Transfer from the Matrix to the Fibre in a Fragmentation Test: Raman Experiments and Analytical Modeling
  71. A study of the stress-transfer characteristics in model composites as a function of material processing, fibre sizing and temperature of the environment
  72. Fiber/Matrix mechanical interaction in carbon fiber/bismaleimide model composites
  73. Remote Laser Raman Microscopy ReRaM. 1Design and Testing of a Confocal Microprobe
  74. Remote Laser Raman Microscopy (ReRaM). 1-Design and Testing of a Confocal Microprobe
  76. Effect of fibre sizing on the stress transfer efficiency in carbon/epoxy model composites
  77. Interfacial Measurements and Fracture Characteristics of Single and Multi-Fiber Composites by Remote Laser Raman Microscopy