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  1. Aging in the Digital Age: Public Beliefs About the Potential of Virtual Reality (VR) for the Aging Population
  2. Exploring the public's beliefs, emotions and sentiments towards the adoption of the metaverse in education: A qualitative inquiry using big data
  3. Promoting Social Justice and Women's Rights: Mitigating the Negative Impacts of Large Hydropower Projects on Tribal Women in the Hindu Kush Himalaya Region
  4. Green branding in fast fashion: examining the impact of social sustainability claims on Chinese consumer behaviour and brand perception
  5. Investigating gender as a moderator of extreme-context perception effects on behavioural tendencies towards fashion brands on Instagram in West Africa
  6. Climate change risks, sustainability and luxury branding: Friend or a foe
  7. Examining generational differences as a moderator of extreme‐context perception and its impact on work alienation organizational outcomes: Implications for the workplace and remote work transformation
  8. Beyond culture shock: entering the complex world of Global South expatriates’ adaptation
  9. The Metaverse and Web 3.0
  10. The role of social media engagement and emotional intelligence in successful employment
  11. Psychological Contract and Young Talent Retention in Vietnam: Development and Validation of a Hierarchical Reflective Structural Model
  12. Segmenting the Retail Customers
  13. Fashion Resale Behaviours and Technology Disruption
  14. Modelling Socio-Digital Customer Relationship Management in the Hospitality Sector During the Pandemic Time
  15. Factors affecting value co-creation through artificial intelligence in tourism: a general literature review
  16. Steering resilience in nursing practice: Examining the impact of digital innovations and enhanced emotional training on nurse competencies
  17. The new 3Ps of sustainability marketing: The case of fashion
  18. Barriers to the effective exploitation of migrants' social and cultural capital in hospitality and tourism: A dual labour market perspective
  19. What sort of collective bargaining is emerging in Nigeria?
  20. Breathing Life Into Marketing Scholarship Through Creativity Learning and Teaching
  21. Stress Amongst Private University Students in Malaysia
  22. Locus of control as a moderator of the effects of COVID‐19 perceptions on job insecurity, psychosocial, organisational, and job outcomes for MENA region hospitality employees
  23. No one is safe! But who’s more susceptible? Locus of control moderates pandemic perceptions’ effects on job insecurity and psychosocial factors amongst MENA hospitality frontliners: a PLS-SEM approach
  24. Who’s more vulnerable? A generational investigation of COVID-19 perceptions’ effect on Organisational citizenship Behaviours in the MENA region: job insecurity, burnout and job satisfaction as mediators
  25. Mission statement effectiveness: investigating managers' sensemaking role
  26. Pandemic pains to Instagram gains! COVID-19 perceptions effects on behaviours towards fashion brands on Instagram in Sub-Saharan Africa: Tech-native vs non-native generations
  27. “Let us define ourselves”: forced migrants’ use of multiple identities as a tactic for social navigation
  28. A triple-trickle theory for sustainable fashion adoption: the rise of a luxury trend
  29. A generational investigation and sentiment and emotion analyses of female fashion brand users on Instagram in Sub-Saharan Africa
  30. The Janus‐faced effects of COVID‐19 perceptions on family healthy eating behavior: Parent’s negative experience as a mediator and gender as a moderator
  31. Who’s more vulnerable? A Generational Investigation of COVID-19 Perceptions effect on Organisational Citizenship Behaviours: Job Insecurity, Burnout and Job Satisfaction as Mediators
  32. African migrants and stress coping strategies in Australia: Implications for social work
  33. Contemporary Discourses on Migrants: The Role of the Media
  34. Migration Practice as Creative Practice
  35. Narrative
  36. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Digital Business Sector
  37. Like a Cog in a Machine
  38. A generational study of employees’ customer orientation: a motivational viewpoint in pandemic time
  39. A motivational standpoint of job insecurity effects on organizational citizenship behaviors: A generational study
  40. Immigrant entrepreneurs in rural England – An examination of the socio- cultural barriers facing migrant small businesses in Lincolnshire
  41. The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence in Retail Innovation
  42. Trick or treat? – when children with childhood food allergies lead parents into unhealthy food choices
  43. Homesickness in developing world expatriates and coping strategies
  44. “We aren't your reincarnation!” workplace motivation across X, Y and Z generations
  45. The reincarnation of work motivation: Millennials vs older generations
  46. Developing and validating a new multi-dimensional scale for anti-social behavior in a higher education setting
  47. Effects of Wartime Crisis Perceptions on the Effectiveness of Political Advertising: The Moderating Role of Political Involvement
  48. Modelling parents’ unhealthy food choices for their children: the moderating role of child food allergy and implications for health policy
  49. How Knowledge Management Enhances Employee Performance in the Public Sector
  50. How Knowledge Management Enhances Employee Performance in the Public Sector
  51. Validating a new total quality management‐benchmarking measurement model in an international humanitarian setting
  52. Email is evil!
  53. Political advertising effectiveness in war-time Syria
  54. Total Quality Management Boosters and Blockers in a Humanitarian Setting: An Exploratory Investigation
  55. Assessing Patients’ Perception of Health Care Service Quality Offered by COHSASA-Accredited Hospitals in Nigeria
  56. Loneliness, Friendship, and Facebook Intrusion. A Study in Poland, Slovakia, Syria, Malaysia, and Ecuador
  57. When empathy hurts: Modelling university students’ word of mouth behaviour in public vs. private universities in Syria
  58. Teacher’s turnover intentions
  59. What Forms University? An Integrated Model from Syria
  60. E-mail Advertising in Syria: Assessing Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  61. Validating SERVPERF
  62. SERVPERF--Arabic Version
  63. Linking information motivation to attitudes towards Web advertising
  64. Relating patient satisfaction to nurses' job satisfaction, job security, and obedience OCBs
  65. Syrian Consumers: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behavioral Responses to Internet Advertising