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  1. A novel approach for the next software release using a binary artificial algae algorithm
  2. Improving the similarity search between images of agricultural products: An approach based on fuzzy rough theory
  3. A common-weights approach for efficiency evaluation in fuzzy data envelopment analysis with undesirable outputs: Application in banking industry
  4. Improving of cache memory performance based on a fuzzy clustering based page replacement algorithm by using four features
  5. Solving the fully fuzzy multi-objective transportation problem based on the common set of weights in DEA
  6. A novel lexicographic optimization method for solving shortest path problems with interval-valued triangular fuzzy arc weights
  7. The fuzzy inference approach to solve multi-objective constrained shortest path problem
  8. Efficient improved ant colony optimisation algorithm for dynamic software rejuvenation in web services
  9. A novel approach for solving all-pairs shortest path problem in an interval-valued fuzzy network
  10. An effective computational attempt for solving fully fuzzy linear programming using MOLP problem
  11. On solving maximum and quickest interval-valued flows over time
  12. A duality approach for solving bounded FVLP