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  1. Face Image Segmentation Using Boosted Grey Wolf Optimizer
  2. An Enhanced Hunger Games Search Optimization with Application to Constrained Engineering Optimization Problems
  3. Multi-threshold image segmentation based on an improved differential evolution: Case study of thyroid papillary carcinoma
  4. Gaussian similarity-based adaptive dynamic label assignment for tiny object detection
  5. Improved Colony Predation Algorithm Optimized Convolutional Neural Networks for Electrocardiogram Signal Classification
  6. A vertical and horizontal crossover sine cosine algorithm with pattern search for optimal power flow in power systems
  7. An artificial bee bare-bone hunger games search for global optimization and high-dimensional feature selection
  8. Eres-UNet++: Liver CT image segmentation based on high-efficiency channel attention and Res-UNet++
  9. Multi-strategy ant colony optimization for multi-level image segmentation: Case study of melanoma
  10. RIME: A physics-based optimization
  11. Whale optimization with random contraction and Rosenbrock method for COVID-19 disease prediction
  12. Dynamic Individual Selection and Crossover Boosted Forensic-based Investigation Algorithm for Global Optimization and Feature Selection
  13. Elite levy spreading differential evolution via ABC shrink-wrap for multi-threshold segmentation of breast cancer images
  14. Image segmentation of Intracerebral hemorrhage patients based on enhanced hunger Games search Optimizer
  15. An enhanced ant colony optimizer with Cauchy-Gaussian fusion and novel movement strategy for multi-threshold COVID-19 X-ray image segmentation
  16. Dimensional decision covariance colony predation algorithm: global optimization and high−dimensional feature selection
  17. An adaptive quadratic interpolation and rounding mechanism sine cosine algorithm with application to constrained engineering optimization problems
  18. Boosted crow search algorithm for handling multi-threshold image problems with application to X-ray images of COVID-19
  19. A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm with decomposition and the information feedback for high-dimensional medical data
  20. ACSN: Attention capsule sampling network for diagnosing COVID-19 based on chest CT scans
  21. Class-aware sample reweighting optimal transport for multi-source domain adaptation
  22. Enhanced Gaussian bare-bones grasshopper optimization: Mitigating the performance concerns for feature selection
  23. Multi-level threshold segmentation framework for breast cancer images using enhanced differential evolution
  24. Performance optimization of water cycle algorithm for multilevel lupus nephritis image segmentation
  25. Enhanced Moth-flame Optimizer with Quasi-Reflection and Refraction Learning with Application to Image Segmentation and Medical Diagnosis
  26. Fireworks explosion boosted Harris Hawks optimization for numerical optimization: Case of classifying the severity of COVID-19
  27. An enhanced deep deterministic policy gradient algorithm for intelligent control of robotic arms
  28. Gaussian bare-bone slime mould algorithm: performance optimization and case studies on truss structures
  29. Hybrid kernel search and particle swarm optimization with Cauchy perturbation for economic emission load dispatch with valve point effect
  30. bSRWPSO-FKNN: A boosted PSO with fuzzy K-nearest neighbor classifier for predicting atopic dermatitis disease
  31. Salp swarm algorithm with iterative mapping and local escaping for multi-level threshold image segmentation: a skin cancer dermoscopic case study
  32. Multi-verse Optimizer with Rosenbrock and Diffusion Mechanisms for Multilevel Threshold Image Segmentation from COVID-19 Chest X-Ray Images
  33. Cauchy mutation boosted Harris hawk algorithm: optimal performance design and engineering applications
  34. Accurate iris segmentation and recognition using an end-to-end unified framework based on MADNet and DSANet
  35. Hierarchical Harris hawks optimizer for feature selection
  36. Slime mould algorithm: a comprehensive review of recent variants and applications
  37. A new machine learning model for predicting severity prognosis in patients with pulmonary embolism: Study protocol from Wenzhou, China
  38. Detection of pulmonary embolism severity using clinical characteristics, hematological indices, and machine learning techniques
  39. A Boosted Communicational Salp Swarm Algorithm: Performance Optimization and Comprehensive Analysis
  40. Spiral Gaussian mutation sine cosine algorithm: Framework and comprehensive performance optimization
  41. Mutational Chemotaxis Motion Driven Moth-Flame Optimizer for Engineering Applications
  42. Boosted backtracking search optimization with information exchange for photovoltaic system evaluation
  43. Horizontal and vertical crossover of sine cosine algorithm with quick moves for optimization and feature selection
  44. A machine learning framework for identifying influenza pneumonia from bacterial pneumonia for medical decision making
  45. Multi-threshold image segmentation for melanoma based on Kapur’s entropy using enhanced ant colony optimization
  46. A horizontal and vertical crossover cuckoo search: optimizing performance for the engineering problems
  47. Directional crossover slime mould algorithm with adaptive Lévy diversity for the optimal design of real-world problems
  48. Information sharing search boosted whale optimizer with Nelder-Mead simplex for parameter estimation of photovoltaic models
  49. A Wavelet PM2.5 Prediction System Using Optimized Kernel Extreme Learning with Boruta-XGBoost Feature Selection
  50. Directional mutation and crossover boosted ant colony optimization with application to COVID-19 X-ray image segmentation
  51. Simulated annealing-based dynamic step shuffled frog leaping algorithm: Optimal performance design and feature selection
  52. Laplace crossover and random replacement strategy boosted Harris hawks optimization: performance optimization and analysis
  53. Mutational Slime Mould Algorithm for Gene Selection
  54. Extremal Nelder–Mead colony predation algorithm for parameter estimation of solar photovoltaic models
  55. Individual disturbance and neighborhood mutation search enhanced whale optimization: performance design for engineering problems
  56. Advanced orthogonal learning and Gaussian barebone hunger games for engineering design
  57. Boosted machine learning model for predicting intradialytic hypotension using serum biomarkers of nutrition
  58. Parameter estimation of static solar photovoltaic models using Laplacian Nelder-Mead hunger games search
  59. An efficient rotational direction heap-based optimization with orthogonal structure for medical diagnosis
  60. An evolutionary machine learning for pulmonary hypertension animal model from arterial blood gas analysis
  61. Multi-strategy ensemble binary hunger games search for feature selection
  62. Multilevel threshold image segmentation for COVID-19 chest radiography: A framework using horizontal and vertical multiverse optimization
  63. Hierarchical Harris hawks optimization for epileptic seizure classification
  64. INFO: An efficient optimization algorithm based on weighted mean of vectors
  65. An optimized machine learning framework for predicting intradialytic hypotension using indexes of chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorders
  66. Lupus nephritis diagnosis using enhanced moth flame algorithm with support vector machines
  67. Medical image augmentation for lesion detection using a texture-constrained multichannel progressive GAN
  68. Opposition-based ant colony optimization with all-dimension neighborhood search for engineering design
  69. Quantum Nelder‐Mead Hunger Games Search for optimizing photovoltaic solar cells
  70. Chaotic simulated annealing multi-verse optimization enhanced kernel extreme learning machine for medical diagnosis
  71. Generative Adversarial Networks in Medical Image augmentation: A review
  72. Multi-threshold image segmentation using a multi-strategy shuffled frog leaping algorithm
  73. Artificial Intelligence of Things-assisted two-stream neural network for anomaly detection in surveillance Big Video Data
  74. Optimized deep residual network system for diagnosing tomato pests
  75. Performance optimization of support vector machine with oppositional grasshopper optimization for acute appendicitis diagnosis
  76. Enhancing Secrecy Performance of Cooperative NOMA-Based IoT Networks via Multiantenna-Aided Artificial Noise
  77. Performance optimization of annealing salp swarm algorithm: frameworks and applications for engineering design
  78. Adaptive slime mould algorithm for optimal design of photovoltaic models
  79. Parameter identification of photovoltaic models using a sine cosine differential gradient based optimizer
  80. Directional mutation and crossover for immature performance of whale algorithm with application to engineering optimization
  81. Adaptive Harris hawks optimization with persistent trigonometric differences for photovoltaic model parameter extraction
  82. An efficient multilevel thresholding image segmentation method based on the slime mould algorithm with bee foraging mechanism: A real case with lupus nephritis images
  83. Detection of COVID-19 severity using blood gas analysis parameters and Harris hawks optimized extreme learning machine
  84. Estimating daily global solar radiation in hot semi-arid climate using an efficient hybrid intelligent system
  85. Gaussian kernel probability-driven slime mould algorithm with new movement mechanism for multi-level image segmentation
  86. Horizontal and vertical search artificial bee colony for image segmentation of COVID-19 X-ray images
  87. Image segmentation of Leaf Spot Diseases on Maize using multi-stage Cauchy-enabled grey wolf algorithm
  88. Performance optimization of photovoltaic systems: Reassessment of political optimization with a quantum Nelder-mead functionality
  89. Dispersed foraging slime mould algorithm: Continuous and binary variants for global optimization and wrapper-based feature selection
  90. Evolving kernel extreme learning machine for medical diagnosis via a disperse foraging sine cosine algorithm
  91. Solar photovoltaic model parameter estimation based on orthogonally-adapted gradient-based optimization
  92. Apple leaf disease recognition method with improved residual network
  93. Boosting whale optimization with evolution strategy and Gaussian random walks: an image segmentation method
  94. Individual Disturbance and Attraction Repulsion Strategy Enhanced Seagull Optimization for Engineering Design
  95. Differential evolution-assisted salp swarm algorithm with chaotic structure for real-world problems
  96. An effective model for predicting serum albumin level in hemodialysis patients
  97. Random reselection particle swarm optimization for optimal design of solar photovoltaic modules
  98. Multi-Threshold Image Segmentation of Maize Diseases Based on Elite Comprehensive Particle Swarm Optimization and Otsu
  99. Opposition-based moth swarm algorithm
  100. Boosted kernel search: Framework, analysis and case studies on the economic emission dispatch problem
  101. Elitist non-dominated sorting Harris hawks optimization: Framework and developments for multi-objective problems
  102. Gaussian Barebone Salp Swarm Algorithm with Stochastic Fractal Search for medical image segmentation: A COVID-19 case study
  103. Performance optimization of salp swarm algorithm for multi-threshold image segmentation: Comprehensive study of breast cancer microscopy
  104. Chaotic diffusion‐limited aggregation enhanced grey wolf optimizer: Insights, analysis, binarization, and feature selection
  105. RUN beyond the metaphor: An efficient optimization algorithm based on Runge Kutta method
  106. Gradient-based optimization with ranking mechanisms for parameter identification of photovoltaic systems
  107. Secret Sharing-based Personal Health Records Management for the Internet of Health Things
  108. Boosting quantum rotation gate embedded slime mould algorithm
  109. Boosting slime mould algorithm for parameter identification of photovoltaic models
  110. Delayed dynamic step shuffling frog-leaping algorithm for optimal design of photovoltaic models
  111. Evolutionary shuffled frog leaping with memory pool for parameter optimization
  112. A text GAN framework for creative essay recommendation
  113. An evolutionary Nelder–Mead slime mould algorithm with random learning for efficient design of photovoltaic models
  114. Metaphor-free dynamic spherical evolution for parameter estimation of photovoltaic modules
  115. Performance optimization of differential evolution with slime mould algorithm for multilevel breast cancer image segmentation
  116. Improvement and application of intelligent optimization algorithm
  117. Analysis of COVID-19 severity from the perspective of coagulation index using evolutionary machine learning with enhanced brain storm optimization
  118. Hunger games search: Visions, conception, implementation, deep analysis, perspectives, and towards performance shifts
  119. Evaluation of constraint in photovoltaic cells using ensemble multi-strategy shuffled frog leading algorithms
  120. Evolutionary warning system for COVID-19 severity: Colony predation algorithm enhanced extreme learning machine
  121. Ant colony optimization with Cauchy and greedy Levy mutations for multilevel COVID 19 X-ray image segmentation
  122. Laplacian Nelder-Mead spherical evolution for parameter estimation of photovoltaic models
  123. An enhanced Cauchy mutation grasshopper optimization with trigonometric substitution: engineering design and feature selection
  124. Elite dominance scheme ingrained adaptive salp swarm algorithm: a comprehensive study
  125. Multi-strategy Gaussian Harris hawks optimization for fatigue life of tapered roller bearings
  126. Evolving fuzzy k-nearest neighbors using an enhanced sine cosine algorithm: Case study of lupus nephritis
  127. MFeature: Towards High Performance Evolutionary Tools for Feature Selection
  128. Multilevel threshold image segmentation with diffusion association slime mould algorithm and Renyi's entropy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  129. Memetic Harris Hawks Optimization: Developments and perspectives on project scheduling and QoS-aware web service composition
  130. Parameters extraction of three diode photovoltaic models using boosted LSHADE algorithm and Newton Raphson method
  131. Chaos-assisted multi-population salp swarm algorithms: Framework and case studies
  132. Survival exploration strategies for Harris Hawks Optimizer
  133. Ensemble mutation-driven salp swarm algorithm with restart mechanism: Framework and fundamental analysis
  134. Chaotic random spare ant colony optimization for multi-threshold image segmentation of 2D Kapur entropy
  135. Dimension decided Harris hawks optimization with Gaussian mutation: Balance analysis and diversity patterns
  136. Towards augmented kernel extreme learning models for bankruptcy prediction: Algorithmic behavior and comprehensive analysis
  137. Harris hawks optimization: a comprehensive review of recent variants and applications
  138. Multi-core sine cosine optimization: Methods and inclusive analysis
  139. Double adaptive weights for stabilization of moth flame optimizer: Balance analysis, engineering cases, and medical diagnosis
  140. Orthogonal learning covariance matrix for defects of grey wolf optimizer: Insights, balance, diversity, and feature selection
  141. Random learning gradient based optimization for efficient design of photovoltaic models
  142. Correction to: Evolutionary competitive swarm exploring optimal support vector machines and feature weighting
  143. Evolutionary competitive swarm exploring optimal support vector machines and feature weighting
  144. Multi-objective optimization and multi-criteria decision-making methods for optimal design of standalone photovoltaic system: A comprehensive review
  145. A Robust Multi-Objective Feature Selection Model Based on Local Neighborhood Multi-Verse Optimization
  146. An Effective Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Non-Severe and Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients in a Rural Chinese Population: The Wenzhou Retrospective Study
  147. Chaotic Arc Adaptive Grasshopper Optimization
  148. Diagnosing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Efficient Harris Hawks-Inspired Fuzzy K-Nearest Neighbor Prediction Methods
  149. Evolutionary biogeography-based whale optimization methods with communication structure: Towards measuring the balance
  150. Human Short-Long Term Cognitive Memory Mechanism for Visual Monitoring in IoT-Assisted Smart Cities
  151. MOSMA: Multi-Objective Slime Mould Algorithm Based on Elitist Non-Dominated Sorting
  152. Spiral Motion Mode Embedded Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm: Design and Analysis
  153. A Principal Component Analysis-Boosted Dynamic Gaussian Mixture Clustering Model for Ignition Factors of Brazil’s Rainforests
  154. AI assisted Edge Vision for Violence Detection in IoT based Industrial Surveillance Networks
  155. Corn Leaf Diseases Diagnosis Based on K-Means Clustering and Deep Learning
  156. Early Recognition and Discrimination of COVID-19 Severity Using Slime Mould Support Vector Machine for Medical Decision-Making
  157. Multi-population following behavior-driven fruit fly optimization: A Markov chain convergence proof and comprehensive analysis
  158. Quantum-like mutation-induced dragonfly-inspired optimization approach
  159. A quantum-behaved simulated annealing algorithm-based moth-flame optimization method
  160. Advanced orthogonal moth flame optimization with Broyden–Fletcher–Goldfarb–Shanno algorithm: Framework and real-world problems
  161. Augmented whale feature selection for IoT attacks: Structure, analysis and applications
  162. Boosted hunting-based fruit fly optimization and advances in real-world problems
  163. Exploratory differential ant lion-based optimization
  164. Opposition-based learning Harris hawks optimization with advanced transition rules: principles and analysis
  165. Rationalized fruit fly optimization with sine cosine algorithm: A comprehensive analysis
  166. Evaluation of constraint in photovoltaic models by exploiting an enhanced ant lion optimizer
  167. Horizontal and vertical crossover of Harris hawk optimizer with Nelder-Mead simplex for parameter estimation of photovoltaic models
  168. An efficient Harris hawks-inspired image segmentation method
  169. Multi-population differential evolution-assisted Harris hawks optimization: Framework and case studies
  170. Orthogonal learning harmonizing mutation-based fruit fly-inspired optimizers
  171. Slime mould algorithm: A new method for stochastic optimization
  172. Ant colony optimization with horizontal and vertical crossover search: Fundamental visions for multi-threshold image segmentation
  173. AutoRWN: automatic construction and training of random weight networks using competitive swarm of agents
  174. A dynamic locality multi-objective salp swarm algorithm for feature selection
  175. An efficient double adaptive random spare reinforced whale optimization algorithm
  176. Chaotic oppositional sine–cosine method for solving global optimization problems
  177. Orthogonally adapted Harris hawks optimization for parameter estimation of photovoltaic models
  178. Orthogonally-designed adapted grasshopper optimization: A comprehensive analysis
  179. Orthogonal Nelder-Mead moth flame method for parameters identification of photovoltaic modules
  180. Parameters identification of photovoltaic cell models using enhanced exploratory salp chains-based approach
  181. A competitive chain-based Harris Hawks Optimizer for global optimization and multi-level image thresholding problems
  182. Advanced orthogonal learning-driven multi-swarm sine cosine optimization: Framework and case studies
  183. Boosted mutation-based Harris hawks optimizer for parameters identification of single-diode solar cell models
  184. Gaussian mutational chaotic fruit fly-built optimization and feature selection
  185. A multi-strategy enhanced sine cosine algorithm for global optimization and constrained practical engineering problems
  186. Efficient multi-population outpost fruit fly-driven optimizers: Framework and advances in support vector machines
  187. Evaluation of Sino Foreign Cooperative Education Project Using Orthogonal Sine Cosine Optimized Kernel Extreme Learning Machine
  188. Parameters identification of photovoltaic cells and modules using diversification-enriched Harris hawks optimization with chaotic drifts
  189. Predicting Entrepreneurial Intention of Students: An Extreme Learning Machine With Gaussian Barebone Harris Hawks Optimizer
  190. Predicting Green Consumption Behaviors of Students Using Efficient Firefly Grey Wolf-Assisted K-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
  191. Predicting Cervical Hyperextension Injury: A Covariance Guided Sine Cosine Support Vector Machine
  192. Prediction Optimization of Cervical Hyperextension Injury: Kernel Extreme Learning Machines With Orthogonal Learning Butterfly Optimizer and Broyden- Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno Algorithms
  193. Rationalized Sine Cosine Optimization With Efficient Searching Patterns
  194. Predicting Di-2-Ethylhexyl Phthalate Toxicity: Hybrid Integrated Harris Hawks Optimization With Support Vector Machines
  195. Application of Machine Learning to Stomatology: A Comprehensive Review
  196. Autonomous Robot Navigation Using Moth-Flame-Based Neuroevolution
  197. Binary Harris Hawks Optimizer for High-Dimensional, Low Sample Size Feature Selection
  198. Efficient Moth-Flame-Based Neuroevolution Models
  199. Link Prediction Using Evolutionary Neural Network Models
  200. Evolutionary and Swarm-Based Feature Selection for Imbalanced Data Classification
  201. Salp Chain-Based Optimization of Support Vector Machines and Feature Weighting for Medical Diagnostic Information Systems
  202. Harmonized salp chain-built optimization
  203. An efficient chaotic mutative moth-flame-inspired optimizer for global optimization tasks
  204. An opposition-based sine cosine approach with local search for parameter estimation of photovoltaic models
  205. Multi-strategy boosted mutative whale-inspired optimization approaches
  206. Time-Varying Hierarchical Chains of Salps with Random Weight Networks for Feature Selection
  207. Harris hawks optimization: Algorithm and applications
  208. Efficient boosted grey wolf optimizers for global search and kernel extreme learning machine training
  209. An intelligent system for spam detection and identification of the most relevant features based on evolutionary Random Weight Networks
  210. Feature selection using binary grey wolf optimizer with elite-based crossover for Arabic text classification
  211. Efficient Hybrid Nature-Inspired Binary Optimizers for Feature Selection
  212. A balanced whale optimization algorithm for constrained engineering design problems
  213. An Evolutionary Gravitational Search-based Feature Selection
  214. Clustering analysis using a novel locality-informed grey wolf-inspired clustering approach
  215. Ant Lion Optimizer: Theory, Literature Review, and Application in Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Networks
  216. Dragonfly Algorithm: Theory, Literature Review, and Application in Feature Selection
  217. Grey Wolf Optimizer: Theory, Literature Review, and Application in Computational Fluid Dynamics Problems
  218. Multi-verse Optimizer: Theory, Literature Review, and Application in Data Clustering
  219. Salp Swarm Algorithm: Theory, Literature Review, and Application in Extreme Learning Machines
  220. An enhanced associative learning-based exploratory whale optimizer for global optimization
  221. An efficient salp swarm-inspired algorithm for parameters identification of photovoltaic cell models
  222. Chaos-Induced and Mutation-Driven Schemes Boosting Salp Chains-Inspired Optimizers
  223. Predicting Intentions of Students for Master Programs Using a Chaos-Induced Sine Cosine-Based Fuzzy K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
  224. Binary dragonfly optimization for feature selection using time-varying transfer functions
  225. Asynchronous accelerating multi-leader salp chains for feature selection
  226. An efficient binary Salp Swarm Algorithm with crossover scheme for feature selection problems
  227. An efficient hybrid multilayer perceptron neural network with grasshopper optimization
  228. Evolutionary Population Dynamics and Grasshopper Optimization approaches for feature selection problems
  229. Enhanced Chaotic Grey Wolf Optimizer for Real-World Optimization Problems
  230. An efficient modified grey wolf optimizer with Lévy flight for optimization tasks
  233. Gaussian bare-bones water cycle algorithm for optimal reactive power dispatch in electrical power systems
  237. An efficient chaotic water cycle algorithm for optimization tasks