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  1. Front Cover: Understanding Polyarene Trifluoromethylation with Hot CF3 Radicals Using Corannulene (Eur. J. Org. Chem. /2018)
  2. Understanding Polyarene Trifluoromethylation with Hot CF3 Radicals Using Corannulene
  3. Electrostatic Interaction across a Single-Layer Carbon Shell
  4. Toward Full Zigzag-Edged Nanographenes: peri-Tetracene and Its Corresponding Circumanthracene
  5. Expansion of the (BB)Ru metallacycle with coinage metal cations: formation of B–M–Ru–B (M = Cu, Ag, Au) dimetalacyclodiboryls
  6. Giant exchange coupling and field-induced slow relaxation of magnetization in Gd2@C79N with a single-electron Gd–Gd bond
  7. Magnetization relaxation in the single-ion magnet DySc2N@C80: quantum tunneling, magnetic dilution, and unconventional temperature dependence
  8. Strong carbon cage influence on the single molecule magnetism in Dy–Sc nitride clusterfullerenes
  9. Carbide clusterfullerene DyYTiC@C80 featuring three different metals in the endohedral cluster and its single-ion magnetism
  10. Partial magnetic ordering in one-dimensional arrays of endofullerene single-molecule magnet peapods
  11. Experimental and DFT Studies of the Electron-Withdrawing Ability of Perfluoroalkyl (RF ) Groups: Electron Affinities of PAH(RF ) n Increase Significantly with Increasing RF Chain Length
  12. Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence in a Y3 N@C80 Endohedral Fullerene: Time-Resolved Luminescence and EPR Studies
  13. Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence in a Y3 N@C80 Endohedral Fullerene: Time-Resolved Luminescence and EPR Studies
  14. Nanoscale x-ray investigation of magnetic metallofullerene peapods
  15. Interplay of spin-dependent delocalization and magnetic anisotropy in the ground and excited states of [Gd2@C78]− and [Gd2@C80]−
  16. Spectroelectrochemical Approaches to Mechanistic Aspects of Charge Transport in meso-Nickel(II) Schiff Base Electrochromic Polymer
  17. π-Extended and Curved Antiaromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons
  18. Mononuclear Clusterfullerene Single-Molecule Magnet Containing Strained Fused-Pentagons Stabilized by a Nearly Linear Metal Cyanide Cluster
  19. Mononuclear Clusterfullerene Single-Molecule Magnet Containing Strained Fused-Pentagons Stabilized by a Nearly Linear Metal Cyanide Cluster
  20. Polycyclic heteroaromatic hydrocarbons containing a benzoisoindole core
  21. Rapid reversible borane to boryl hydride exchange by metal shuttling on the carborane cluster surface
  22. Record-high thermal barrier of the relaxation of magnetization in the nitride clusterfullerene Dy2ScN@C80-Ih
  23. (BB)-Carboryne Complex of Ruthenium: Synthesis by Double B–H Activation at a Single Metal Center
  24. Inside Back Cover: Synthesis and Isolation of the Titanium-Scandium Endohedral Fullerenes-Sc2TiC@Ih-C80, Sc2TiC@D5h-C80and Sc2TiC2@Ih-C80: Metal Size Tuning of the TiIV/TiIIIRedox Potentials (Chem. Eur. J. 37/2016)
  25. Synthesis and Isolation of the Titanium-Scandium Endohedral Fullerenes-Sc2TiC@Ih-C80, Sc2TiC@D5h-C80and Sc2TiC2@Ih-C80: Metal Size Tuning of the TiIV/TiIIIRedox Potentials
  26. Self-assembly of endohedral metallofullerenes: a decisive role of cooling gas and metal–carbon bonding
  27. Sc3CH@C80: selective 13C enrichment of the central carbon atom
  28. Structures and Stability of Fullerenes, Metallofullerenes, and Their Derivatives
  29. Copper Causes Regiospecific Formation of C4 F8 -Containing Six-Membered Rings and their Defluorination/Aromatization to C4 F4 -Containing Rings in Triphenylene/1,4-C4 F8 I2 Reactions
  30. Methane as a Selectivity Booster in the Arc‐Discharge Synthesis of Endohedral Fullerenes: Selective Synthesis of the Single‐Molecule Magnet Dy 2 TiC@C 80 and Its Congener Dy 2 TiC ...
  31. Corannulene Molecular Rotor with Flexible Perfluorobenzyl Blades: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
  32. An Expanded Family of Dysprosium-Scandium Mixed-Metal Nitride Clusterfullerenes: The Role of the Lanthanide Metal on the Carbon Cage Size Distribution
  33. Surface Aligned Magnetic Moments and Hysteresis of an Endohedral Single-Molecule Magnet on a Metal
  34. Perfluoroalkylfullerenes
  35. Carbide clusterfullerenes with odd number of carbon atoms: molecular and electronic structures of Sc4C@C80, Sc4C@C82, and Sc4C3@C80
  36. Fullerene cyanation does not always increase electron affinity: an experimental and theoretical study
  37. A faux hawk fullerene with PCBM-like properties
  38. Magnetic anisotropy of endohedral lanthanide ions: paramagnetic NMR study of MSc2N@C80-Ih with M running through the whole 4f row
  39. Prato and Bingel–Hirsch cycloaddition to heptagon-containing LaSc2N@Cs(hept)-C80: importance of pentalene units
  40. 19F NMR-, ESR-, and vis-NIR-spectroelectrochemical study of the unconventional reduction behaviour of a perfluoroalkylated fullerene: dimerization of the C70(CF3)10− radical anion
  41. Synthesis and Structure of LaSc2N@Cs(hept)-C80with One Heptagon and Thirteen Pentagons
  42. Anion Radicals of Isomeric [5,6] and [6,6] Benzoadducts of Sc 3 N@C 80 : Remarkable Differences in Endohedral Cluster Spin Density and Dynamics
  43. Transition-Metal and Rare-Earth-Metal Redox Couples inside Carbon Cages: Fullerenes Acting as Innocent Ligands
  44. The Metallofullerene Field‐Induced Single‐Ion Magnet HoSc 2 N@C 80
  45. Cluster-size dependent internal dynamics and magnetic anisotropy of Ho ions in HoM2N@C80and Ho2MN@C80families (M = Sc, Lu, Y)
  46. X-ray induced demagnetization of single-molecule magnets
  47. Thermal [6,6] → [6,6] Isomerization and Decomposition of PCBM (Phenyl-C 61 -butyric Acid Methyl Ester)
  48. Endohedral fullerene with μ3-carbido ligand and titanium-carbon double bond stabilized inside a carbon cage
  49. Computational Studies of Endohedral Fullerenes: Bonding, Isomerism, Internal Dynamics, Spectroscopy, and Chemical Reactivity
  50. Metal Nitride Clusterfullerenes – New Advances and Challenges
  51. Clusters Encapsulated in Endohedral Metallofullerenes: How Strained Are They?
  52. Free-Standing Single-Atom-Thick Iron Membranes Suspended in Graphene Pores
  53. Single-Step Gas-Phase Polyperfluoroalkylation of Naphthalene Leads to Thermodynamic Products
  54. Tunneling, remanence, and frustration in dysprosium-based endohedral single-molecule magnets
  55. Magnetic moments and exchange coupling in nitride clusterfullerenes GdxSc3–xN@C80 (x = 1–3)
  56. Endohedral metal or a fullerene cage based oxidation? Redox duality of nitride clusterfullerenes CexM3−xN@C78–88(x = 1, 2; M = Sc and Y) dictated by the encaged metals and the carbon cage size
  57. Carbon Cage Vibrations of M@C82and M2@C2n(M = La, Ce; 2n = 72, 78, 80): The Role of the Metal Atoms
  58. Fullerene “Superhalogen” Radicals: the Substituent Effect on Electronic Properties of 1,7,11,24,27-C60X5
  59. Strain-Driven Endohedral Redox Couple Ce IV /Ce III in Nitride Clusterfullerenes CeM 2 N@C 80 (M = Sc, Y, Lu)
  60. Perfluoroalkyl [70]-Fullerenes as Robust Highly-Luminescent Fluorocarbons, or Position of One CF 3 Group Matters
  61. Electron Affinity of Phenyl–C 61 –Butyric Acid Methyl Ester (PCBM)
  62. C20H4(C4F8)3: A Fluorine-Containing Annulated Corannulene that Is a Better Electron Acceptor Than C60
  63. Growth of all-carbon horizontally aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes nucleated from fullerene-based structures
  64. Endohedral Fullerenes
  65. Topological Signatures in the Electronic Structure of Graphene Spirals
  66. Gd–Sc-Based Mixed-Metal Nitride Cluster Fullerenes: Mutual Influence of the Cage and Cluster Size and the Role of Scandium in the Electronic Structure
  67. Regioselective Sequential Additions of Nucleophiles and Electrophiles to Perfluoroalkylfullerenes: Which Cage C Atoms Are the Most Reactive and Why?
  68. Spin Density and Cluster Dynamics in Sc 3 N@C 80 – upon [5,6] Exohedral Functionalization: An ESR and DFT Study
  69. Understanding High-Yield Catalyst-Free Growth of Horizontally Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Nucleated by Activated C 60 Species
  70. Redox-Active Scandium Oxide Cluster inside a Fullerene Cage: Spectroscopic, Voltammetric, Electron Spin Resonance Spectroelectrochemical, and Extended Density Functional Theory Study of Sc 4 O 2 @C 80 and Its Ion Radicals
  71. A multi-state single-molecule switch actuated by rotation of an encapsulated cluster within a fullerene cage
  72. A Platform for Specific Delivery of Lanthanide-Scandium Mixed-Metal Cluster Fullerenes into Target Cells
  73. Synthesis, Isolation, and Spectroscopic Characterization of Holmium-Based Mixed-Metal Nitride Clusterfullerenes: HoxSc3−xN@C80 (x=1, 2)
  74. An Endohedral Single-Molecule Magnet with Long Relaxation Times: DySc 2 N@C 80
  75. A Buckybowl with a Lot of Potential: C5-C20H5(CF3)5
  76. Correction to Organometallic Complexes of Graphene: Toward Atomic Spintronics Using a Graphene Web
  77. Titanium/Yttrium Mixed Metal Nitride Clusterfullerene TiY 2 N@C 80 : Synthesis, Isolation, and Effect of the Group-III Metal
  78. Bonding between strongly repulsive metal atoms: an oxymoron made real in a confined space of endohedral metallofullerenes
  79. Substituent effects in a series of 1,7-C60(RF)2 compounds (RF = CF3, C2F5, n-C3F7, i-C3F7, n-C4F9, s-C4F9, n-C8F17): electron affinities, reduction potentials and E(LUMO) values are not always correlated
  80. Structures and Stability of Fullerenes, Metallofullerenes, and Their Derivatives
  81. Organometallic Complexes of Graphene: Toward Atomic Spintronics Using a Graphene Web
  82. A Molecular Switch Based on Current-Driven Rotation of an Encapsulated Cluster within a Fullerene Cage
  83. The Structure of (H3O)2B12F12·6H2O - a CCP Lattice of B12F122- Anions Intercalated with a Nonplanar Network of O-H···O Connected O6 Rings
  84. Unique Ultralow 18π-Trannulenyl HOMO–LUMO Energy Gap of Photostable Emerald-Green D3d-2-Methylmalonato[60]fullerenes
  85. The State of Asymmetric Nitride Clusters in Endohedral Fullerenes as Studied by 14 N NMR Spectroscopy: Experiment and Theory
  86. Growth of catalyst-assisted and catalyst-free horizontally aligned single wall carbon nanotubes
  87. Dimerization of Radical-Anions: Nitride Clusterfullerenes versus Empty Fullerenes
  88. In Search of Fullerene-Based Superacids: Synthesis, X-ray Structure, and DFT Study of C60(C2F5)5H
  89. Nitrogen Directs Multiple Radical Additions to the 9,9′-Bi-1-aza(C60-Ih)[5,6]fullerene: X-ray Structure of 6,9,12,15,18-C59N(CF3)5
  90. Electrochemistry In Cavea: Endohedral Redox Reactions of Encaged Species in Fullerenes
  91. Poly(perfluoroalkylation) of Metallic Nitride Fullerenes Reveals Addition-Pattern Guidelines: Synthesis and Characterization of a Family of Sc 3 N@C 80 (CF 3 ) n ( n = 2−16) and Their Radical Anions
  92. Chemical tailoring of fullerene acceptors: synthesis, structures and electrochemical properties of perfluoroisopropylfullerenes
  93. Charge controlled changes in the cluster and spin dynamics of Sc3N@C80(CF3)2: the flexible spin density distribution and its impact on ESR spectra
  94. High-temperature and photochemical syntheses of C60 and C70 fullerene derivatives with linear perfluoroalkyl chains
  95. Latent Porosity in Potassium Dodecafluoro- closo -dodecaborate(2−). Structures and Rapid Room Temperature Interconversions of Crystalline K 2 B 12 F 12 , K 2 (H 2 O) 2 B 12 F 12 , and K 2 (H 2 O) 4 B 12 F 12 in the Presence of Water Vapor
  96. Unraveling the Electron Spin Resonance Pattern of Nonsymmetric Radicals with 30 Fluorine Atoms: Electron Spin Resonance and Vis−Near-Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry of the Anion Radicals and Dianions of C 60 (CF 3 ) 2 n (2 n = 2−10) Derivatives and...
  97. Spin-Flow Vibrational Spectroscopy of Molecules with Flexible Spin Density: Electrochemistry, ESR, Cluster and Spin Dynamics, and Bonding in TiSc 2 N@C 80
  98. Soluble Chlorofullerenes C 60 Cl 2,4,6,8,10 . Synthesis, Purification, Compositional Analysis, Stability, and Experimental/Theoretical Structure Elucidation, Including the X-ray Structure of C 1 -C 60 Cl 10
  99. Direct Arc-Discharge Assisted Synthesis of C 60 H 2 (C 3 H 5 N): A cis-1-Pyrrolino C 60 Fullerene Hydride with Unusual Redox Properties
  100. Metal Sulfide in a C 82 Fullerene Cage: A New Form of Endohedral Clusterfullerenes
  101. Inside Cover: Redox-Tuning Endohedral Fullerene Spin States: From the Dication to the Trianion Radical of Sc3N@C80(CF3)2 in Five Reversible Single-Electron Steps (Chem. Eur. J. 16/2010)
  102. Redox-Tuning Endohedral Fullerene Spin States: From the Dication to the Trianion Radical of Sc3N@C80(CF3)2 in Five Reversible Single-Electron Steps
  103. Electrochemical Tuning of Spin States of the Endohedral Metallofullerene Y@C82 as Probed by ESR Spectroelectrochemistry
  104. A Pseudoatom in a Cage: Trimetallofullerene Y 3 @C 80 Mimics Y 3 N@C 80 with Nitrogen Substituted by a Pseudoatom
  105. Photoelectron Spectroscopy of C 60 F n − and C 60 F m 2− ( n = 17, 33, 35, 43, 45, 47; m = 34, 46) in the Gas Phase and the Generation and Characterization of C 1 -C 60 F 47 − and D 2 -C 60 F 44 in Solution
  106. Dynamic HPLC study of C70 chlorination reveals a surprisingly selective synthesis of C70Cl8
  107. An endohedral redox system in a fullerene cage: the Ce based mixed-metal cluster fullerene Lu2CeN@C80
  108. Direct Perfluorination of K 2 B 12 H 12 in Acetonitrile Occurs at the Gas Bubble−Solution Interface and Is Inhibited by HF. Experimental and DFT Study of Inhibition by Protic Acids and Soft, Polarizable Anions
  109. Saturnene Revealed: X-ray Crystal Structure of D5d-C60F20 Formed in Reactions of C60 with AxMFy Fluorinating Agents (A=Alkali Metal; M=3d Metal)
  110. Sc 3 N@(C 80 - I h (7))(CF 3 ) 14 and Sc 3 N@(C 80 - I h (7))(CF 3 ) 16 . Endohedral Metallofullerene Derivatives with Exohedral Addends on Four and Eight Triple-Hexagon Junctions. Does the Sc 3 N Cluster Control the Addition Pattern or Vice Versa?
  111. Bonding in Endohedral Metallofullerenes as Studied by Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules
  112. Mixed Metal Nitride Clusterfullerenes in Cage Isomers: Lu x Sc 3− x N@C 80 ( x = 1, 2) As Compared with M x Sc 3− x N@C 80 (M = Er, Dy, Gd, Nd)
  113. Charged States of Four Isomers of C 84 Fullerene: In Situ ESR and Vis−NIR Spectroelectrochemistry and DFT Calculations
  114. Metal-Cage Bonding, Molecular Structures and Vibrational Spectra of Endohedral Fullerenes: Bridging Experiment and Theory
  115. Vibrational, electronic, and vibronic excitations of polar C 60 F 18 molecules: Experimental and theoretical study
  116. Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of the Dimeric Dicationic Fullerene Complex [(C 70 ) 2 ] 2+ (Ti 3 Cl 13 ) − 2
  117. An endohedral titanium(iii) in a clusterfullerene: putting a non-group-III metal nitride into the C80-Ih fullerene cage
  118. Electronic Structure of Sc[sub 3]N@C[sub 68] in Neutral and Charged States: An Experimental and TD-DFT Study
  119. Hindered Cluster Rotation and 45 Sc Hyperfine Splitting Constant in Distonoid Anion Radical Sc 3 N@C 80 − , and Spatial Spin−Charge Separation as a General Principle for Anions of Endohedral Fullerenes with Metal-Localized Lowest Unoccupied Molecular ...
  120. The Extended View on the EmptyC2(3)-C82Fullerene: Isolation, Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, and Spectroelectrochemical Characterization and DFT Calculations
  121. Carbon Pyramidalization in Fullerene Cages Induced by the Endohedral Cluster: Non-Scandium Mixed Metal Nitride Clusterfullerenes
  122. Synthesis and X-ray or NMR/DFT Structure Elucidation of Twenty-One New Trifluoromethyl Derivatives of Soluble Cage Isomers of C 76 , C 78 , C 84 , and C 90
  123. C1-(C84-C2(11))(CF3)12: Trifluoromethylation Yields Structural Proof of a Minor C84Cage and Reveals a Principle of Higher Fullerene Reactivity
  124. Charged States of Sc 3 N@C 68 : An In Situ Spectroelectrochemical Study of the Radical Cation and Radical Anion of a Non-IPR Fullerene
  125. The Isomers of Gadolinium Scandium Nitride Clusterfullerenes GdxSc3−xN@C80 (x=1, 2) and Their Influence on Cluster Structure
  126. ESR-Vis/NIR Spectroelectrochemical Study of C70(CF3)2−. and C70(C2F5)2−. Radical Anions
  127. Large mixed metal nitride clusters encapsulated in a small cage: the confinement of the C68-based clusterfullerenes
  128. 1,3,7,10,14,17,21,28,31,42,52,55-Dodecakis(trifluoromethyl)- 1,3,7,10,14,17,21,28,31,42,52,55-dodecahydro(C60–Ih)[5,6]fullerene
  129. The Role of an Asymmetric Nitride Cluster on a Fullerene Cage:  The Non-IPR Endohedral DySc 2 N@C 76
  130. Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Characterization, and DFT Study of Seventeen C70(CF3)nDerivatives (n=2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)
  131. Synthesis and Structure of Ag(1-Me-12-SiPh3-CB11F10):  Selective F12 Substitution in 1-Me-CB11F11-and the First Ag(arene)4+Tetrahedron
  132. Structure, Stability, and Cluster-Cage Interactions in Nitride Clusterfullerenes M 3 N@C 2 n (M = Sc, Y; 2 n = 68−98):  a Density Functional Theory Study
  133. Radical Trifluoromethylation of Sc 3 N@C 80
  134. Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and DFT Study of C 60 (CF 3 ) n Frontier Orbitals ( n = 2−18):  The Link between Double Bonds in Pentagons and Reduction Potentials
  135. 1,6,11,18,24,27,33,51,54,60-Decakis(trifluoromethyl)-1,6,11,18,24,27,33,51,54,60-decahydro(C60-Ih)[5,6]fullerene
  136. Discovering and Verifying Elusive Fullerene Cage Isomers: Structures ofC2-p11-(C74-D3h)(CF3)12 andC2-p11-(C78-D3h(5))(CF3)12
  137. Polarized IR studies of C60F18 single crystals
  138. Infrared spectrum and structure of 2-thienyl-N-methylfulleropyrrolidine
  139. C 78 Cage Isomerism Defined by Trimetallic Nitride Cluster Size:  A Computational and Vibrational Spectroscopic Study
  140. Entrapped Bonded Hydrogen in a Fullerene: the Five-Atom Cluster Sc3CH in C80
  141. Violating the Isolated Pentagon Rule (IPR): The Endohedral Non-IPR C70 Cage of Sc3N@C70
  142. X-ray structure and DFT study of C1-C60(CF3)12. A high-energy, kinetically-stable isomer prepared at 500 °C
  143. Vibrational Structure in the Electronic Spectra of C60 and Fullerene Derivatives as Studied by Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
  144. Trifluoromethyl Derivatives of Insoluble Small-HOMO−LUMO-Gap Hollow Higher Fullerenes. NMR and DFT Structure Elucidation of C 2 -(C 74 - D 3 h )(CF 3 ) 12 , C s -(C 76 - T d (2))(CF 3 ) 12 , C 2 -(C 78 - D 3 h (5))(CF 3 ) 12 , C s -(C 80 - C...
  145. Equilibrium Phase Diagram of Polymerized C60and Kinetics of Decomposition of the Polymerized Phases
  146. Deviation from the Planaritya Large Dy 3 N Cluster Encapsulated in an I h -C 80 Cage:  An X-ray Crystallographic and Vibrational Spectroscopic Study
  147. A Facile Route to the Non-IPR Fullerene Sc3N@C68: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, and Density Functional Theory Computations (IPR=Isolated Pentagon Rule)
  148. Reaction of C60 with KMnF4
  149. Gadolinium-Based Mixed-Metal Nitride Clusterfullerenes GdxSc3−xN@C80 (x=1, 2)
  150. Thermally Stable Perfluoroalkylfullerenes with the Skew-Pentagonal-Pyramid Pattern:  C 60 (C 2 F 5 ) 4 O, C 60 (CF 3 ) 4 O, and C 60 (CF 3 ) 6
  151. Vibrational Structure of Endohedral Fullerene Sc3N@C78 (D3h′): Evidence for a Strong Coupling between the Sc3N Cluster and C78 Cage
  152. Infrared, Raman, and DFT Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of C 60 F 36 and C 60 F 48
  153. Electronic Structure and Spectroscopic Studies of D 3 d -C 60 Cl 30 , a Chlorofullerene with a [18]Trannulene Ring, and Its Relation to Other [18]Trannulenes
  154. Synthesis, Characterization, and Theoretical Study of Stable Isomers of C70(CF3)n (n = 2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
  155. 1,6,12,15,18,23,25,41,45,57-Decakis(trifluoromethyl)-1,6,12,15,18,23,25,41,45,57-decahydro(C60–I h)[5,6]fullerene
  156. Tetrabutylammonium salt of the B24F224− anion. Two B12F112− icosahedra linked by a 2c–2e BB bond and surrounded by a sheath of CH· · ·FB hydrogen bonds
  157. High-Temperature Synthesis of the Surprisingly StableC1-C70(CF3)10 Isomer with apara7-meta-para Ribbon of Nine C6(CF3)2 Edge-Sharing Hexagons
  158. Poly(trifluoromethyl)fullerene Radical Anions. An ESR/Vis−NIR Spectroelectrochemical Study of C 60 F 2,4 and C 60 (CF 3 ) 2,10
  159. Seven-Minute Synthesis of PureCs-C60Cl6 from [60]Fullerene and Iodine Monochloride: First IR, Raman, and Mass Spectra of 99 mol % C60Cl6
  160. Preparation and Crystallographic Characterization of C60Cl24.
  161. A [70]Fullerene Chloride, C70Cl16, Obtained by the Attempted Bromination of C70 in TiCl4
  162. Synthesis and structures of C60 fullerene chlorides
  163. Spectroelectrochemical Properties of Some Polymers of Polythiophene Series
  164. Understanding mechanochemical coupling in kinesins using first-passage-time processes
  165. Preparation and Structural Characterization of Two Kinetically Stable Chlorofullerenes, C60Cl28 and C60Cl30
  166. Vibrational Spectra of Chloro‐ and Bromofullerenes
  167. Preparation and crystallographic characterization of C60Cl24
  168. Relative stability of polymerized phases of C60: Depolymerization of a tetragonal phase
  169. Raman, Infrared, and Theoretical Studies of Fluorofullerene C 60 F 20
  170. Vibrations of bromofullerene C60Br24: C60 cage confined into static bromine sphere
  171. Raman and infrared spectroscopic study of C60F18, C60F36 and C60F48
  172. The First X-ray Crystal Structures of Halogenated [70]Fullerene: C70Br10 and C70Br10⋅3 Br2
  173. Bromination of [60]Fullerene. I. High‐Yield Synthesis of C60Brx(x=6, 8, 24)
  174. Sublimation of hydrofullerenes C60H36 and C60H18
  175. Fullerenes