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  1. Solving the Henry saltwater problem by Multi-level Monte Carlo and multigrid methods
  2. Modeling of salinisation of coastal aquifers
  3. Weakly supervised multi-target regression problem with uncertain labels
  4. How to compute the Kullback–Leibler divergence if probability density function is unknown?
  5. Supervised classification when there is uncertainty about a part of the data
  6. MLMC method to estimate propagation of uncertainties in electromagnetic fields scattered from objects of uncertain shapes
  7. How to speed up the weakly supervised regression
  8. How to quantify uncertainties in the Elder-like problem
  9. How to compute level sets, histograms, maxima, minima in a very large data set?
  11. Cheap approximation of large unstructured dense covariance matrices
  12. We apply parallel hierarchical matrix technique to identify unknown parameters and do predictions
  13. Application of bayesian networks for estimation of individual psychological characteristics
  14. Computation of uncertain electromagnetic fields scattered from randomly perturbed objects
  15. New multi-linear algebra algorithms for analysis of large and high-dimensional data sets
  16. Semi-Supervised Regression using Cluster Ensemble and Low-Rank Co-Association Matrix
  17. How to speed up typical statistical tasks in high-dimensions and for large data sets
  18. Comparing theory based and higher-order reduced models for fusion simulation data
  19. Propagation of uncertainties in the geometry of airfoil profile into lift and drag
  20. Advanced linear algebra to generate random fields
  21. We solve a parameter estimation problem by computing the conditional expectation
  22. Solving inverse problems with Bayesian approach
  23. Low-rank tensor methods to solve PDEs with uncertain coefficients
  24. Analysis and estimation of tensor ranks of the stochastic Galerkin matrix
  25. Does stochastic Galerkin method requires modifications in the existing deterministic Galerkin code?
  26. Parameter identification in a probabilistic setting
  27. How we can massively speedup statistical interpolation (Kriging)
  28. Sampling from the low-cost surrogate model
  29. Bayesian Update of PCE coefficients
  30. A deterministic filter for non-Gaussian Bayesian estimation— Applications to dynamical system estimation with noisy measurements
  31. Parametric and Uncertainty Computations with Tensor Product Representations
  32. How to approximate covariance matrices and Karhunen-Loeve expansion with a linear complexity.
  33. Data Sparse Computation of the Karhunen‐Loève Expansion
  34. Domain Decomposition Based H-Matrix Preconditioners for the Skin Problem
  35. Expert knowledge about classes increase the quality of the classifier