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  1. Multiagent Model of Rail-Road Intersection with Connected Vehicles
  2. Human-Robot Motion Control Application with Artificial Intelligence for a Cooperating YuMi Robot
  3. Estimation of the Speed From the Odometer Readings Using Optimized Curve-Fitting Filter
  4. Knowledge System Supporting ITS Deployment
  5. Testing of SLAM methods in the Matlab environment
  6. Parallel Robot Controlled by PLC and its Digital Twin
  8. Road traffic modelling based on the hybrid modelling tool AnyLogic
  9. Sensor fusion for creating a three-dimensional model for mobile robot navigation
  10. Precise localization of the mobile wheeled robot using sensor fusion
  11. Cooperation of the T-shape road intersection and the near railway level crossing
  12. Design of an electronic odometer for DC motors
  13. A visual attention operator for playing Pac-Man
  14. Ramp - Metering Algorithms Evaluated within Simplified Conditions
  15. Control system for the haptic paddle used in mobile robotics
  16. Control of the mobile robot by hand movement measured by inertial sensors
  17. Mutual acoustic identification in the swarm of e-puck robots
  18. Development of a Weight-in-Motion Measurement System with an Optical Sensor
  19. System for Monitoring and Guarding Vehicles on Parking Areas
  20. Intelligent Real-Time MEMS Sensor Fusion and Calibration
  21. Searching for collisions between mobile robot and environment
  22. Classification of the road infrastructure objects based on mobile two-dimensional laser scanning
  23. Ergonomic remote control of the mobile platform by inertial measurement of the hand movement
  24. Internet of Things as Advanced Technology to Support Mobility and Intelligent Transport
  25. Knowledge-Based Approach to Selection of Weight-in-Motion Equipment
  26. Where Is The Smart Transport Going?
  27. Smart Cities as a university common talk: The case of UNIZA
  28. Improving the precision and speed of Euler angles computing from low cost rotation sensor data
  29. Algorithm for Analysis of Road Surface Degradation
  30. Challenges and Unwanted Features of the Smarter Cities Development
  31. Expert System as Prevention of Falls in Medical Centers.
  32. Creating a 3D parking area design via a mobile measurement platform
  33. Fusion of sensory data obtained by different equipment integrated in the mobile measurement platform
  34. How to predict location and for what to use it?
  35. Implementation of data from the mobile measurement platform to VANet application
  36. Road surface measurement and visualization based on data from the laser scanner
  37. 3D surface modeling based on data from the mobile measurement platform
  38. Road Surface Degradation – Measurement and Visualization
  39. Learning Search Algorithms: An Educational View
  40. Algorithm for Surface Creation from a Cloud of Points
  41. Inertial Navigation: Improving Precision and Speed of Euler Angles Computing from MEMS Gyroscope Data
  42. Building a Classifier of Pavement Roughness Measurement Methods and Devices
  43. Exploring Possibilities of Predictive Self-Programming Thermostats for Energy Savings
  44. Using Neural Networks for Route and Destination Prediction in Intelligent Transport Systems
  45. Slovak Level Crossings - Present State and Knowledge-Based Approach to Diagnostics
  46. Petri Net-Based Functional Representation of a Level Crossing
  47. Technical Devices Cooperation to Obtain Data for 3D Environment Modelling
  48. Slovak ETC System Implemented – What Next?
  49. GPS-Based Vehicle Localisation
  50. Present and future challenges of ICT for intelligent transportation technologies and services
  51. The Use of UML for Development of a Railway Interlocking System