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  1. What happens when hospital wards are short of nursing staff?
  2. Relationships between healthcare staff characteristics and the conduct of vital signs observations at night: Results of a survey and factor analysis
  3. Are long nursing shifts on hospital wards associated with sickness absence? A longitudinal retrospective observational study
  4. Development of Breast Cancer Choices: a decision support tool for young women with breast cancer deciding whether to have genetic testing for BRCA1/2 mutations
  5. Systematic review of the empirical investigation of resources to support decision-making regarding BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing in women with breast cancer
  6. The association between nurse staffing and omissions in nursing care: A systematic review
  7. A fundamental conflict of care: Nurses’ accounts of balancing patients' sleep with taking vital sign observations at night
  8. “It’s Like We Don’t Exist”: Tailoring Education for Young Women Undergoing Surgery for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

  9. What impact does nursing care left undone have on patient outcomes? Review of the literature
  10. The measurement frequency and completeness of vital signs in general hospital wards: An evidence free zone?
  11. Nurse staffing and patient outcomes: Strengths and limitations of the evidence to inform policy and practice. A review and discussion paper based on evidence reviewed for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Safe Staffing guideline dev...
  12. Characteristics of shift work and their impact on employee performance and wellbeing: A literature review
  13. Oral Presentations
  14. Information requirements of young women with breast cancer treated with mastectomy or breast conserving surgery: A systematic review
  15. Development and testing of a text-mining approach to analyse patients’ comments on their experiences of colorectal cancer care
  16. Safe staffing for nursing in emergency departments: evidence review
  17. Information required for surgical decision making in young women with breast cancer